Who got the pun? I have a sneaking suspicion that the title of this movie was a play on words with the 1997 song Truly Madly Deeply. Did you think that? Clever really, since it’s probably been about a decade since I’ve even thought about that song. The plot is also very reminiscent of the Hallmark film All of My Heart: baker with a dream meets a businessman with a plan, and the two of them inherit shared property that they have to figured out what to do with. We also have our WCTH connection in the form of Milo Shandel who plays Mr. Jenkins the banker in WCTH, and Stanley Cardillo the lawyer here. He plays that kind of role so perfectly. You can see why he gets cast in them.

It’s funny: in the first 2 minutes, Nikki DeLoach’s character, Natalie, says that when she discovered baking, it was magic. My 4-year-old overheard, and “sweetly” asked, “Is that REAL magic???” Ah, the innocence of youth! And speaking of innocence, what about that question to test the man out? The fool-proof one that the best friend, Sam, (played by Karen Holness, Hattie in SSD: Higher Ground) agrees will get her hired by the FBI. “If you could have 1 superpower, flying or invisibility, what would it be?” So apparently, if a man answers “invisibility” it means he’s sneaky, and not trustworthy. Good to know!

The friends, Sam and Nick, are hilarious, aren’t they? It’s so sweet when the bakery is being inspected, and Nick and Sam seem just as invested as Natalie and Eric. They’re so cute together too! I love when the plot includes the best friends falling for each other too. Everyone and everything is so much happier! Nick becomes so comfortable with Natalie by the end of the movie, that he’s calling her “Nat”. His best line? “I burn water.” Then we have Sam. She’s just awesome! One of my favorite parts that illustrate her personality is right after Natalie spills the coffee all over Eric. You see her shocked reaction, but then you don’t see her face for the rest of the interaction. What you do see is her hand with a napkin and pen ready for Natalie to write her phone number on so she can pay for Eric’s dry cleaning. You also see Sam handing Nat a cupcake literally 1 second after she insists on giving Eric a free one to make up for the ruined suit. She’s totally synced with her best friend, and knows her next move almost before Natalie does. THEN she smirks, and reminds Natalie that she just gave her number to a MAN! Of course, there is the “best friend code” of subtle eye cues and head movements; now THAT is fool-proof!

Now let’s talk about our main attraction: Dylan and Nikki. They had really great chemistry; not too cold, not too syrupy. For instance, when they’re both heading to see Stanley Cardillo, I like how easygoing they both are. Or when she tries to fish for a comment about how uptight Courtney is, he teases her a bit, then completely agrees. They both readily acknowledge when they’re caught in an awkward situation.

And they’re very real. Take Dylan’s character Eric. When his daughter whines about wanting the crusts off her sandwich, what is his answer? A very clever one: “when you’re with me, you get the whole sandwich.” It fails, but good try! And Natalie at the bank, she doesn’t suddenly know all the financial jargon. She reminds me of me if I had to go to the bank alone. The best part about them happens when they have their climactic argument. The third party, Courtney, practically sold the bakery when they both told her to take it off the market, and Natalie thinks Eric went behind her back. The misunderstanding is cleared up right away; Eric doesn’t waste any time in telling her he had no such intention. She realizes she was wrong, but still fired up and shaken up. So instead of being too proud to communicate, and it goes on and on, it just turns into a regular argument because both people got angry. AND they both understand that they both overreacted, and promptly apologize the next day. Above all, they are both very generous with their words to each other, and very willing to give each other some slack. What a healthy Hallmark couple!

Hump Day has come and gone, so I will see you Friday for the next installment of #FanFictionFriday. No, it probably won’t be the last one. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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