Hello, hello, hello! Happy Hump Day! I hope your week is going smoothly, and you have the fortitude to make it to the weekend. Before we get to today’s topic, there’s a list that I thought you might be “wondering” about, or at least slightly interested in. I’ve been watching “Psych” lately, since it came on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries, (and I heard Pascale Hutton was in the pilot). I can also watch it without my husband grumbling too much, hee hee. Anyway, to my surprise, “Psych” was filmed in Vancouver, not California. And you wouldn’t believe how many WCTH actors are in this show, never mind Hallmark regulars. I’ve just finished Season 5, and here’s the list:

 Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) – S1 E1
 Steve Bacic (Spurlock) – S1 E4
 Anne Marie DeLuise (Aunt Caroline) – S1 E4
 Chelah Horsdal (Cat Montgomery) – S1 E13
 Terence Kelly (Sam Bailey) – S2 E7
 Karin Konoval (Aunt Agatha) – S2 E12
 Jill Noonan (Carla) – S3 E9
 James Brolin (Judge Black) – S4 E3
 Lynda Boyd (Mrs. Thatcher) – S4 E3
 Devon Weisel (Viola) – S4 E9
 Alex Zahara (Beau’s Father) – S4 E14
 Adam Greydon Reid (Mr. Stoneman) – S5 E3
 Derek Hamilton (DeWitt Graves) – S5 E5

Quite a list, isn’t it? This crowd really gets around. And add this to the mix: in S2 E1, the character of Shawn says, “For the love of Lori Loughlin!” while watching a particularly frustrating part of a TV show. It made me giggle so hard!

Now for today’s #WonderWednesday movie. On some recent visits to the official fan page, I noticed quite a few people were re-watching Erin’s movie, “Chance at Romance”, or were seeing it for the first time. It seemed to have a very good impression on several, so I thought that would be a fun choice. And who doesn’t love Patricia Richardson with her quick wit, loveable sarcasm, and motherly nature?

First of all, can you believe Erin plays a CHEF! After WCTH and “Cookie Cutter Christmas”, we’ve seen her be pretty incompetent in the kitchen. Then here, she plays someone who makes 48 pot pies in one sitting, and starts an online Pot Pie of the Month Club. I bet she really enjoyed portraying someone with that specific skill. Those pot pies would definitely be worth $3 each at an auction, and they might even beat out Rosemary’s chicken fried steak. Watching those scenes made me crave one horribly. And Sam (Erin) works at a café of all places! The very beginning, her bustling around with a coffee pot, it reminded me of something Abigail said to Clara: “Keep the coffee cups filled, and they won’t squawk.” That looked to be exactly what she was doing. But the plot doesn’t tip the scale too much, as Erin’s character is incredible with kids!

What a whiz kid he is! You only come across a genius 12-year-old once in a blue moon; and on top of it, Donny is a ruthless schemer! That’s a very dangerous combination! And when a father is aware of how crafty his son is, is it a wise decision to put him in charge of a website? You got to give him credit though. He knows how to pick ‘em, and he can sweet talk a woman better than his dad…at least at first.

And that profile he came up with! It reminds me of a resume for a secretary position. But Donny is very business-minded, so I guess it fits. I was actually curious as to what was on Sam’s personality profile that deemed her “PERFECT” in Donny’s eyes. It’s only flashed for a second, and all we really see are a glimpse of his written notes/reactions. So I paused the movie at just the right moment, and here’s what I found:

 Sam likes baking, tulips, black licorice, and art. Donny wrote “Yes!” (I had wondered how Donny knew her favorite flower and candy since that’s never mentioned.)
 Sam’s eyes are blue. Donny wrote “good”.
 Sam has no allergies. Donny wrote “great!” (Very helpful for living in the country.)
 Sam likes classic country music, classic rock, and top hits. Donny put brackets around country music, and wrote “Nice”
 There’s no comment attached to this one, but I found it amusing. Under “Dislikes”, Sam put: “Men who are too attached to their mothers, bad dates.” Both must stem from her string of bad luck, especially Joel.

Ryan McPartlin was a surprise choice in this role for me. I’ve only ever seen him in roles where he’s a perpetual Peter Pan, or slightly on the ditzy side. Here, he’s a widower, a father with a career, and even slightly famous. It just took me a moment to get used to it. One thing I totally LOVED was the scene when he shaved. So many male actors, (and the characters they play,) are covered in scruff. Whiskers seem to be “the thing” in several films, especially Hallmark films. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a clean-shaven girl. I can’t imagine a man who doesn’t have an actual beard not shaving before his wedding…or that kind of thing. So I very much appreciated Heath (Ryan) shaving as part of his “dress to impress process”. But how disappointing that he was named after the candy bar instead of Wuthering Heights. Hee hee.

I’ll end with a note about the photography. Whoever they hired to snap those shots was a good choice. They really captured an already-beautiful woman, and made her exquisite. She wasn’t a bad model either! Heath’s favorite picture was the one of her in the pink shirt looking down. That one is gorgeous. I think if I had to pick one, I’d pick one with the pies since it’s her favorite thing to do.

Well, lovelies, the time has come. I hope you’ll come back on Friday, because I’ll be posting another short story! And it might be the last for a while because I like to fill in gaps between seasons with my stories. Make sure you read last Friday’s story first though. Toodooloo!

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