We’re at #WonderWednesday, Loretta style! If you missed Monday, we are celebrating Loretta Walsh’s birthday a little belatedly since we were smack dab in the middle of Christmas in July when July 9th occurred. 🙂 We also talked about much Loretta loves the theatre. While I adore her for that, (I majored in Theatre in college,) I admit it gave me a challenge to overcome. The #WonderWednesday installment of a person’s spotlight week reviews one of their non-WCTH projects. With her, that is a little difficult because, well, I can’t just fly to Vancouver to write a review of one of her productions. And her roles on camera are a little limited. But I FOUND one!

You know, when I was little, I watched bits of pieces of the movie “Big” with my “big” brothers. From that day on, and for the LONGEST time, Tom Hanks was “the guy from ‘Big’” for me. While I have somewhat outgrown that, and I’m old enough to look up names now, there’s still that little giggle of delight that unconsciously escapes my mouth when I see a cast member from WCTH on another show. I just love seeing them play different roles.

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And on that subject, I have to add how proud it made me to watch Loretta in this program. I was watching “Night at the Museum” with the audio commentary once, (a resulting action from lots of down time, zero energy, no cable, and consistently full hands after my oldest was born,) and something struck me. The director, Shawn Levy, talked about the attitudes of actors he’s met with. Some, he said, get a guest spot on “Gilmore Girls” (just an example, not an actual experience with one of them,) then declare “I don’t do auditions”. Obviously, that was very distasteful to Shawn. Then, in walks Bill Cobb, Mickey Rooney, and Dick van Dyke. These three actors have been in SO much, two of them in some of the most iconic films in American history! If anyone had a right to demand skipping the audition process, it’s them. And they came into that audition fully prepared, no favors expected, and ready to put their best foot forward.

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That’s how I picture actors like Loretta. “When Calls the Heart” may be Hallmark Channel, but it’s got a HUGE following and fan base. Loretta’s character is not exactly small either. And here she is, not the least bit afraid to appear in a kids’ show. It’s fabulous! The show is called “Project MC2”. (Funny enough, her partner in crime, Johannah Newmarch played a villain in this same series. I rest my case on BOTH of their team – playing attitudes. Amazing, in a word.)

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It’s actually a very cute show; helpful, educational, and very clever and entertaining. Another Hallmark favorite, Danica McKellar helped create it to help young girls see how much fun STEM can be (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). My daughter also happens to love it, so it made for good quality family time. If you have a daughter between the ages of 8-13, or somewhere there abouts, I highly recommend it.

The basic premise is five teenage girls make up a juvenile secret agent team, and use STEM to solve their dilemmas. Danica plays the agent they report to. Loretta is in the final season, including the series finale. Coincidental part is Jay Hindle, (Nigel, Viola’s fiancé in WCTH Season 2) shows up as one of the girl’s long-lost father. Who’s thinking “it’s a small world” right about now?

So Loretta plays Charlotte Adele, a dairy farmer who is very…enthusiastic about the environment, and protests the huge water purifying company that came to town. That being the case, she becomes the girls’ prime suspect when a bomb fueled by fertilizer almost goes off at the huge water bottling plant.

In order to test Charlotte’s fertilizer against a sample of the fertilizer from the bomb, the girls devise a rather sneaky plan. 😉 Adrie’s family, (the team member from Spain,) owns a business called Café Atoms. Catchy, huh? So, they tell her she’s won an all-you-can-eat buffet; two of the girls serve her, two go test the fertilizer, and the last one is doing something else mission-related. So Charlotte sits at a table, hand on hip, eyeing the menu critically. Apparently, “I can’t decide” is her problem, not because of lack of appropriate choices, but her insatiable appetite, and her glee at finally winning something. She laments with a pinched, sour face, and a total Southern farmer accent: “Only thing I ever won in my life was a ham, and I had to give it back. I’m a vegetarian. The idea of hurting another creature, makes me wanna cry.”

Well, the problem isn’t in the lack of choices, but in the lack of food. Charlotte is so taken with the “culinary chemist” Adrie, that she cleans her out. There’s a really well done, and disgusting-looking shot of stack after stack of filthy dishes, then the camera pans to Loretta, eyes closed, savoring the last bite of her latest dish. The two teenagers gape in shock and horror, and Adrie whispers in exasperation, “How can a person THAT size eat the ENTIRE contents of a walk-in fridge???” Well, if nothing else, it’s a compliment to Loretta’s girlish figure.

The last thing we hear from Loretta is the title of today’s post. We find out the big businessman is the big bad wolf masquerading as a sheep. He’d been stealing the town’s water supply, causing a drought, then bottling it, and selling it as HIS water with brain-enhancing minerals. As Adrie would say, “No bueno.” So the girls ask Charlotte if they can use her farm equipment to take the water back. Since she never knew she was a suspect, and Adrie brings along a little dessert for her, she readily agrees. And after hearing what happened, Charlotte curbs her tongue, and calls the bad guy a “son of a rooster”! 😀

I hope you enjoyed more proof of how versatile Loretta is. I still have a hard time understanding how any Australian could make their accent completely disappear; that was always the accent I had the hardest time with. Have a great evening, and we’ll see you Friday for a Flo moment. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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