Important words to live by, aren’t they? They’re from today’s topic, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Hey, all! How is everyone doing? I want to start off with a fantastic announcement! Drum roll please! The Hooked Heartie Facebook page has reached…50 LIKES!!!!!


Thanks to you, we’ve hit a milestone. I just want to take this moment to say thank you to all of you who take time out of your day to support my little blog, and help it grow. So please keep it up! Keep reading, keep sharing, keep clicking the links. And if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see discussed here, PLEASE tell me! I’d love to hear what you want to hear; wink, wink.

I thought a good topic for today’s #WonderWednesday would be a Hallmark Valentine’s movie. Seeing as how it’s the month of love, that month is wrapping up, and I haven’t reviewed a single one…it’s about time, huh? This is the movie I wanted to review ON Valentine’s Day, but couldn’t. So I’m doing it now

The movie is Cooking with Love. Did you see that one? I found it positively charming. And QUIZ TIME! Who can name the WCTH actors before you read them? Without the ability to trade and grade, or to have Mrs. Clements check your work, I’m counting on all of you to use the honor system. (I know! “Oh, Kami, you’re SO hysterical!” I can hear some of you now!)

The answers are:

1) Christian Michael Cooper. He plays Cody here (a “Little Gourmet ” contestant), and Timmy on WCTH. Interesting tidbit: on IMDB it said he was “a very social, attention-drawing child from the moment he was born”. I find it funny that in everything I’ve seen him in, his characters are shy and withdrawn. On the other hand, take it from someone who’s done it before: it takes a lot of sociability to PLAY a timid person.

2) Preston Vanderslice. You remember, that absolutely adorable Mountie who brought Elizabeth news of Jack in Season 4. Here, he plays Jeremy, the devious snake trying to take away Kelly’s well-deserved position as head of the “Little Gourmet” show. Kind of sad, isn’t it? He made such an endearing good guy, but the other roles I’ve seen him in have been jerks. I hope they cast him as a good guy again soon!

3) Ali Leibert. I admit, including her was iffy. We haven’t technically seen her on WCTH. But thanks to promos and previews, we know she is playing Sophia Connally (spelling?), Rosemary’s “dear friend” who seems to take quite a shine to Dr. Shepherd in future Season 5 episodes. Here she plays Kelly, the producer of “Little Gourmet”, and obviously, the love interest! Fun thing about her: in everything I had seen her previously on Hallmark, she always played the supporting role; i.e. best friend, sister, etc. But at Christmas and now Valentine’s, it appears she finally paid her dues enough to get a lead role. I was happy for her! And that dress she wore on the Valentine date…oops, I mean “work thing”. It was so FLATTERING! Long-sleeved, flowing skirt, not too tight so it looked painted on, and the perfect hue of red. She was, in a word, STUNNING! Too bad Brett Dalton was stuck in the chef’s coat, because they would have KILLED with him in a suit!

Who got them right? Don’t worry, I trust you. Now onto the burning question, what did you think of that Chef Stephen Harris? I was surprised to see Brett Dalton. I was introduced to him for the first time when I saw him playing Ward on Agents of Shield, which has a VERY different tone than Hallmark. He was so handsome, and had a great presence. Whenever he was on screen, your eyes were just drawn to him. While I’m very familiar with the fact that ABC and Hallmark hire lots of the same actors, I never would have picked him from a line-up as someone who would star on this network.

I loved it though! His character had the best one-liners. Yes, I know they’re scripted, but Brett delivered them with great timing! When they were trying to hairspray his cowlick down, dismissing it as a “thing”, he gruffly responded, “My hair is NOT doing a thing!” When Kelly is trying to get him to smile on camera, with the reason being the audience needs to fall in love with him, Stephen sarcastically quips, “Are you falling in love with me?” Kelly, of course, shoots right back with a quick, “Nope!”

These are my favorites though: on Valentine’s Day when Stephen buys Kelly yellow roses representing friendship, she says, “Oh, so we’re friends now?” He comes back with, “I’m just as surprised as you are!” The most poignant line he said was, “ I can say goodbye to New York, but I don’t think I could say goodbye to you.”

Once again, we struck gold with the plot! There was no petty misunderstanding that separated Steve and Kelly after they had come so far. And Kelly could have taken him leaving her show and going to New York that way. But her character is secure and sensible enough to not let feminine hormones take her on a preemptive roller coaster. Spared us so much angst! Then it all works out in the end!

To conclude, I’ll slip in a “note” about the music. (HA HA! See what I did there!) For those that don’t know, my greatest love after acting is music. I play the piano tolerably, and I LOVE to sing! I have a great appreciation for how music can make or break a movie. Well, I have this to say about the music for this movie: “Recipe for Making Love” was the perfect song to include in this movie! There couldn’t have been a finer choice. It fit the theme, the jazzy rhythm matched the fun-loving feel of the film, and they fit it into the film at the perfect moment.

Well, everybody, Happy Hump Day! I hope amidst all the gray clouds outside, (at least here in Texas,) a little patch of sunshine broke through. See you Friday!

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