Gooooooood moooooooorning, Heeeeeeaaaartiiiiiiiies! I know it’s not morning anymore by the time I post this, or when you read it. But who can resist such a jovial introduction?! I was s recently watching another series, (PLEASE forgive me!) and one of the characters said this: “Writing’s like putting a message in a bottle, and tossing it out into the ocean. You don’t know where it’s gonna end up. But when somebody picks it up, and it has meaning for them, there’s nothing like that feeling. It’s very powerful! I didn’t know how powerful.” I have to tell you, I really didn’t know how powerful writing could be when I was doing the writing. I thought that was for other people. But all of you, coming back here day after day, week after week, thinking what I have to say is important enough to read; I’m overwhelmed. So many of you have left encouraging and touching comments, saying how the posts have made your day or touched your heart. I just wanted you to know the impact it’s had on me, and I’m grateful!

We’re going to do something different with today’s #WonderWednesday, actually a few different things. We’ll spice things up. I know I say that a lot; just trying to keep my readers interested! 😉 So first of all, here are those long-awaited (yeah, right!) answers to the Season 3-4 “Whose Line is it Anyway”; the final edition…for now at least.


  1. Rosemary and/or Jack. Bonus is Rosemary’s column “Ask Mary Rose”
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Jack, Elizabeth
  4. Clem Besser, Jack
  5. Jack, Elizabeth
  6. Elizabeth, Jack
  7. Rosemary, Mr. Pope
  8. Rosemary, Lee
  9. AJ Foster, Bill
  10. Jack, Lee
  11. AJ, Bill
  12. Cody, Cyrus
  13. AJ, Bill
  14. Elizabeth, Jack
  15. Robert, Jack

Did you do better or worse this time? I know there was a lot of Jack and Elizabeth, but their lines were really good this time around; I couldn’t pass them up.

The second different thing I want to try is telling you about a special event: the South Texas Hearties Tea. I was privileged to get to spend a few hours with some very sweet ladies. The best part was how varied we were in backgrounds, current life situations, and ages; yet we were all drawn together by this wonderful program. I had never met any of them before; yet I was greeted with smiles and hugs. We chatted comfortably, getting to know each other, and ate at a beautifully set table. The admin of the group made us heart magnets, and another member had assembled small care packages of cookies and teas. I told her I would make good use of the herbal tea she had given. We each brought a teacup that had a story behind it, so we shared the different histories. They even let me read one of my stories out loud at the end of our visit. It was truly a rewarding experience, and I was so happy I was able to attend such a delightful event before my baby came.

The other thing I thought would be fun today is cover Kavan’s interview on Home and Family. I’ve included interviews before in other posts, but never really made them the focus. And this is a funny one to use as a first. Mark and Debbie, (and Kavan!) sure did use a lot of adjectives for Lee, and Kavan himself: handsome, dapper, talented, funny, “the town dandy”, splash of color. Between the character and his own personality, he deserved every one of them. I’ve noticed this before, of course, because I’m an actor as well. But it really struck me how different Kavan is from Lee. He really does create a new personality for the character; one more testament to his talent! And on a side note, they played a game where the teams are given clues, and have to name the proper super models. I thought he was dead meat, but he utterly shocked me, and held his own! I never dreamed Kavan Smith would be so knowledgeable about the wide world of fashion!

I loved his commentary on the clip and the show. He’s so funny! “Slamming the pants!”, “She’s been wearing the pants since day one!”, being forced into colorful clothing, and all that talk about being in competition with Pascale and the laughter! And if you missed it, Kavan talked about how he has a Twitter account, but the Twitter page of “Lee Coulter’s Plaid Pants” has more followers than HE does. He called it “an ego smack!” I don’t blame him; that really is a little sad!

I also really enjoyed him breaking down the work he does as “pretend to do stuff”. He didn’t think he’d be a professional chef (if he weren’t an actor,) because “the job is too hard. I’m an actor for a reason.” Those of us who have followed him outside of WCTH know that he played a chef in Hallmark’s Wedding Bells. (Maybe I’ll do that movie next Wednesday.) So I, for one, found that whole conversation hysterical!

 Did you know he could REALLY cook? I didn’t! But apparently he can! He grew up with a Thai nanny, (since he was 5,) and she exposed him to cooking. It’s even a tradition for him to cook for the cast at the end of every season. Debbie said he posts pictures of “beautiful food” that he’s made on Twitter, and he even cooked a Red-eye Gravy Ham and Grits on the show. My favorite part was when Kavan twirled the tongs. The rest of the cast was very impressed with the pistol-twirling action, that they asked him to do it again.    

Well, Hearties, it’s DEFINITELY not morning anymore. Hope you don’t mind. Did you like the change of pace? Well, come back on Friday, and see what’s in store! Good night!

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