Hellooooooooo, Hearties! You’ve made it to Wednesday! If you tuned into Monday’s post, then you saw I was looking for votes as to whether I should review Kevin McGarry’s “Winter Love Story” or Chris McNally’s “A Winter Princess”. Thank you to everyone who put in your two cents. Unfortunately, SOME of you, (yeah, you know who you are!) actually said “both”. Thanks for the help! So based on votes, and my own logic, (ahem!) here is the conclusion: today we’ll give Chris and the Royals a turn since I’ve already discussed Kevin’s “Winter Castle”. Then, as we have one more Wednesday, we’ll come back to the pair of writers. 😀

First off, I’m thinking Chris has to be a really fantastic actor! Most, if not all, of the behind-the-scenes and interviews I’ve seen with him reveal Chris to be pretty quiet and reserved. But shout “Action!”, and he is completely at ease and deeply emotional. Just proves that talent comes in all kinds! His character is also well done! He wanted to leave the family business, but not bitterly; he’s smart but discreet; has a good head for business, but stays personal and loyal.

That loyalty is what fuels what I believe to be one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. The emotion in Jesse’s voice when he tells Carly that he desperately wants her to stay, but “can’t be the reason [Carly] leaves [hers]”…I had to rewind it. I was so moved!

One particular detail I was so happy to see addressed is the accent. I watched a few previews, and I wondered why Carly had no accent, especially if she was supposed to be from Europe. Then upon their second meeting, Jesse questions Carly as to why she speaks with a North American accent. Her answer: four years of American boarding school. Brilliant!

Let me give a quick shout-out to the two gentlemen who portray Gus and Emile. They both played characters in December Bride: Layla’s suspicious brother, and Cooper the neighbor, respectively. I still say “Gus” (real first name is Casey), needs his own lead role in a Hallmark movie. He’s certainly played his fair share of supporting characters. And both of them did pretty well with accents!

I hate to back out early, but I fear exhaustion is overtaking me. But there is one more scene I’d like to highlight. Any guesses? Three words: fire, hands, warm. Jesse warming Carly’s hands is one of the sweetest and chemistry-filled scenes in the whole film. Warming hands, I think, is one of the most intimate romantic gestures for a new couple, and it’s not used as often as I think it should be. So good on all of you!

Well, good night, everyone. Pleasant dreams, and I’ll see you Friday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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