Happy Halloween, #Hearties! Welcome back to Podcast Week, and welcome to our last #FallHarvest themed post for the year! This year, I’ve decided to not fight the early Christmas madness, and try to make it until after Thanksgiving to post Christmas content. 😉 I had Chridtmas on before Thanksgiving last year, but I protested harder. 😀 But, I just couldn’t bear to do too much before HALLOWEEN, so I’m standing my ground, and posting one more autumn post before the #HookedHeartie Christmas season begins.

Now, I did warn you that I might have to invoke family privilege here at the end, and I’m cashing that in! For your listening and/or watching enjoyment, I present the Hallmarkies Podcast of the Fall Harvest Recap, featuring talk about “Love Fall and Order” right in the middle. This movie had personal significance for me for several reasons, which I’ll let you listen to yourself. But here are some fun tidbits from talking to Clare Niederpruem the director, and my sister-in-law Shelly. By the way, this picture of Shelly was from her filming of a Balsam Hill commercial. So if you watch the right one, and you don’t blink, you just might spot her.


Photo credit: Clare’s Facebook, Shelly’s Facebook               

– Shelly stayed at her daughter’s apartment, so she got to walk to set.
– Shelly said the catering was amazing! The salmon was better than some restaurants
– Clare’s of the opinion that this is definitely one of the funniest movies she’s been involved with.
– Clare’s favorite scene was Gregory Harrison’s monologue.
– Clare loved working with Greg. He was there for a week, and made a great dad because he has daughters himself.
– Shelly said Erin was lovely to work with. She tried to convince Shelly to buy the business suit that was her costume because it looked so good on her.
– Shelly told me Erin had a trick for not losing her wedding ring during filming, at least their scene. She would safety pin it to the inside of her pants waistline.

Photo credit: Crown Media 



Have a safe and happy Halloween! We’ll see you Friday for the start of the Christmas season…here. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom

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