WE’RE BACK, HEARTIES!!! Wow, technology, right? Oh my goodness, what a bug my site caught! But it’s feeling much better now, and much less cranky, so it’s letting me post again. 😉 And boy, do I have to tell you, WHAT A WAY TO COME BACK!

For starters, my new logo is officially in place! What do you think? It won the vote by a LANDSLIDE! So, it is now the new face of Hooked Heartie, or co-face, I should say. 🙂

Now secondly, as most of you know, two of my podcasting partners (from the Hallmarkies Podcast) and I have begun a separate feed called The Hearties Hotline, a podcast that is strictly about When Calls the Heart, and it’s just for you. It’s “your connection to Hope Valley”.

We launched the podcast just last week with our introductory episode, which included birthday messages to Erin. And today, we have for you an absolutely inspiring and heartfelt conversation of which we were privileged and honored to be a part. We spoke with the man himself, Mr. Brian “Papa Heartie” Bird, himself. And it was so nice, we did it twice. This is Part 1, and Part 2 will be coming your way soon. I won’t even try to sum it up for you, I don’t want to take a bit of the experience away from you. But know that it was inspiring, and empowering, and full of joy and hope. So enjoy! And man, is it good to be back! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let YOUR hope blossom!

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