Howdy, Hearties, from down here in Texas!

Well, it’s the end of an era: the last Wednesday before our summer vacation starts here. That being the case, and because it’s #WonderWednesday, I wanted to take the opportunity to touch base with all of you, my wonderful readers. I’m wondering about your wishes.

It’s been 6 months (and a few days) since I started this blog! I can hardly believe it’s been half a year already! Crazy how times flies when you’re having fun! And it HAS been fun; SO MUCH FUN! I hope it’s safe to admit to you that this blog was all my husband’s idea. Shocking, isn’t it; especially since he’s not even a fan of the show! But thankfully, he’s always been supportive of how happy watching the series makes me. I had recently (re)discovered my love for writing when I started trying my had at fan fiction; who knew? I started posting it on the fan page, then my dear friend Sarah and I started collaborating ideas, and creating stories together. Hearties seemed to like them, so we kept going. And now, thanks to all of you, we’re toying with the idea of authoring a book together. Look what you created!

Anyway, I’m digressing. My husband noticed how alive writing was making me, and he suggested making it a more permanent part of my life. I thought he was nuts! I had never even FOLLOWED a blog, much less written one. But both of us started doing lots of research, and here we are! I still have a lot to learn, but it’s been such a growing experience! 

In the spirit of “growing”, how do YOU think I can make the blog better? What are topics you’d like me to discuss? What are the movies you’d like me to review? What are your favorite moments and episodes you’d like me to flashback to, or expand? Would you, yourself, like to be a spotlight for #MeetYouMonday? Do you have an idea for a fan fiction story you’d like me to write, and see if I can capture your vision on #FanFictionFriday? Do you have any brilliant thoughts about how the blog should be expanded?

You, my readers, are the reason I still HAVE a blog; you’ve been so supportive! So I want to thank you by giving back, making it more about you. After all, you’re the ones reading it, right?

Well, lots of things to “wonder” about on this #WonderWednesday. But we’re moving into summer, and in so doing, my greatest wish is to move forward! And I want to do it with you! Good night, sweet Hearties! 

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