Good morning, Hearties! Are all of you in the USA, (or celebrating elsewhere,) ready for tomorrow? I’ve got cleaning and baking to do myself; gotta be prepared to watch the Macy’s parade without interruption, right? 😉


In the spirit of the anniversary milestone we reached yesterday, I thought I would share a memory post instead of a brand-new one. I am so grateful for the past, and the lessons we can learn from it.

This one also didn’t get very many visits last year, and heaven knows this film deserves it. So here is one of my first #WonderWednesday Christmas movie reviews: Home for Christmas Day!



Here you are on another fun-filled #WonderWednesday. Okay honestly, this might spur some tears because of the subject. We’ll be discussing my personal nomination for best Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film of 2017. The jury is still out on Hallmark Channel; I think we all know what it will be! And the nomination goes to: Home for Christmas Day. While the connection is, admittedly, a bit sketchy, (only one WCTH actor, and that’s Antony Konechny, who played Douglas Burke,) the story just spoke to me. It called to me, “Write about me, Kami! You must!” While we’re on the topic of Konechny, can we talk typecasting?!! A soldier leaving for war, and then reported dead? Where have we heard THAT before! But I gotta say, he is top-notch at playing “country boy turned soldier sporting a killer smile all the way”. And I love his name; I have a brother named Tyler.

Speaking of names, are there any 18-year-olds today named Betsy? I certainly haven’t met any; it strikes me as an older name. But there’s nothing “old” about that adorable actress who played her. She was perfect the whole way through! She played the outspoken and determined teenager to a T. I especially think she was great at the whole “high school girl freak out” thing. Those scenes were so sincere, it brought back lots of memories for me; I don’t know about you. since I’m talking about being perfect for a role, who else thinks it’s Catherine Bell’s destiny to play military roles? First, she’s a Marine in JAG, (which I loved!), then she’s an Army wife in DING DING! Army Wives. Now she’s played an Army widow. She definitely knows how to play the military! And fun fact for you: that picture of Catherine Bell holding a baby girl and laughing is her and her real daughter years ago during those long-lost JAG days.

Now, let’s talk relationships. They did a super job establishing them. The writers and actors alike could have rushed through them, and cut to the chase of him shipping out. But they took the time to really make you love the characters so you took the journey with them. For example, Jane and Jackson being old friends and so comfortable with each other was so obvious; particularly when he came into the house she was showing, and started waving the muffin aroma toward the client in true Cliff Huxtable fashion. The other perfect “friend moment” was when it looked like Jackson was leaning in for a kiss. Then he bent right past her lips to her ear, and mischievously whispers, “It sounds like the solenoid switch.”

A detail that makes movie and TV relationships really feel real, other than history, is the touching. I’m not talking about kissing, although if you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m always in for a good smooch! But kisses are an obvious choice for romantic connection. The little things they do in this movie like Tyler rubbing his hand up and down Betsy’s arm, and Jackson putting his hand to Jane’s head when he hugs and comforts her…Sigh! It’s just so sweet, and makes it so genuine

Okay, time for moments. This is chalk full of them! I’ll give you the highlights, i.e. my favorites. First one is when Tyler races to the rink, completely panicked that he’d missed Betsy while trying to get someone to cover his duty for him. It’s fun to see a guy you’re totally crushing on completely out of breath because of you. And the lighted path they walked on was so magical!

Moment #2: Jane apologizing to Tyler. She had enough guts not only to go to the base, but to not take no for an answer until she talked to him. Having had her own experience with the Army, she knows better than to leave unfinished business undone.

Moment #3: when they announce Tyler is dead at the concert. It’s timed perfectly, and breaks your heart into a million pieces. The performer in me says Betsy shouldn’t have left the stage when she has a solo, then I think, HELLO! HER BOYFRIEND WAS JUST ANNOUNCED DEAD! Who’s to say I wouldn’t have walked away. One other good thing about this is you can’t say it’s petty drama or a silly misunderstanding keeping the couple apart. It’s a very real situation. I’m big on that, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Moment #4: Jane’s “aha” moment that she’s been doing it all wrong. She’s so humble about it, and begs Jackson to forgive her, then tells Betsy what love really means.

Final moment: of course it’s the reunion. I thought my heart was going to thump out of my chest! Her shock, his quip about interrupting, his explanation, her finally getting the motivation to move, and that beautifully desperate hug that reunites them. PASS ME THE TISSUES!


Well, there you have it! My first memory post! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you, even if you’re not celebrating it this time of year! I will see you Monday for our Martin Cummins Week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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