Well, Hearties, it’s the final Wednesday in June. Luckily, there’s one more Saturday, so we will be able to view the premiere of one more #JuneWeddings movie, which also happens to star ANOTHER actor from WCTH. Then I’ll review that movie at another time. For now, let’s concentrate on Wedding March 4, starring Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett. The first thing I noticed about this film is the pace was well set. The dialogue, especially the humor, was quick-paced, but not lightning speed. The best example of this, in my opinion, is the two phone conversations Mick and Olivia have right beside each other: easy transitions, no holes or gaps, and ending in the perfect exclamation of “WHAT?!”


The dialogue also offered some of the best marriage counseling I’ve heard in a long time: apologize and talk about it…in that order…bring doughnuts. I tell you, it’s a good thing the writers don’t have to pay commission to doughnuts or red velvet cake, because they’d be paying a fortune! This is the second #JuneWeddings movie where doughnuts have been a focused topic, and the third for red velvet cake! Methinks some scribes are experiencing cravings!


To start off with PEOPLE, Jack and Josie are not the only WCTH crossovers; far from it! There ended up being NINE people who work(ed) both projects: 1) Jack Wagner – Bill, Mick 2) Josie Bissett – AJ, Olivia 3) Andrew Walker – Billy Hamilton, Rob Atwell, 4) Christine Chatelain – Laurel Miller, Kelsey Atwell, 5) Blair Penner – Peter (Faith’s fiancé), Eric (Grace’s fiancé), 6) Larissa Albuquerque – Katie Yost, Intern, 7) Paris Abbott – Deborah, Maddy, 8) This young lady’s name isn’t listed, but she plays a student, then an intern, AND 9) Peter DeLuise – Director. A LOT more than I had anticipated!


Once again, Kavan and Pascale did a lovely job introducing the show. I really liked how Kavan quipped, “Knowing Jack, there’s music involved.” And there was! I was actually surprised by Jack in this one. He and Josie talked on Home & Family about how much looser Mick is in this installment, but he is REALLY loose! It is obvious from the very beginning. Mick is singing at his favorite spot, the pond, when Olivia comes up behind him. He goes from singing the word “whoa” to exclaiming it in admiration for her. It was so effortless and CUTE! I don’t know if I’ve ever described one of Jack’s characters as “cute” before. And then he has a romantic candlelight dinner set up for them? Only every woman’s dream!


He’s still cutting edge though. I have two favorite examples of this. The first is the smug smirk he gets on his face when he asks Olivia if she’s had an important conversation with Grace, and Olivia looks like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar. The other is Mick’s interactions with Duke, the cook. They have such great chemistry! When Mick is passing looks to Duke so he’ll keep secrets from Olivia, it’s so seamless! Then when Mick brags, “I am a wedding coordinator rockstar!”, Duke doesn’t miss a beat before coming back with, “I’ll update your resume!” I really like how naturally the actors play the history and friendship between their characters. While I’m on Duke, I just want to add that I truly learned something new when he explained to the interns that wooden spoons are for stirring, and metal spoons are for serving. That, and it was absolutely adorable seeing him and the interns chopping opinions in swimming goggles!


Okay! Let me just say, ROB IS SOOOO CUTE! On Home & Family, Andrew Walker commented that his character was very patient; probably more so than he is in real life. After watching the movie, I’d have to agree! Rob reminds me of how a modern-day Jack would act, something every Heartie LOVES! He knows her well enough to guess the type of wedding dress she bought, he can sense when she’s upset, he asks her on a date right before they get married, and he makes a big deal about not looking at the wedding dress. My favorite part though, is the two of them at the barn; they act like a couple deeply in love who’s about to get married. Shocking, isn’t it?! It’s also a scene early in the movie before the stress and cold feet take over. She totally calls him out for not knowing what the heck a hydrangea is, and he totally admits it. Then listening to him tell their story, including the daisies…who could hold back a smile? And he puts the icing on the cake by rubbing their noses together right before giving her a perfect kiss: not too timid, not too passionate. Sigh!


I’ll close with my other favorite part, something that could have been disastrous if it had been handled differently. Do I have you on the edge of your seat yet? The revelation that Mrs. Atwell’s mother had taken over THEIR wedding all those years ago. I was rolling my eyes at Amy trying to make her wedding identical to Rob’s parents’. But then to find out that NOTHING had been their decision? I gasped…hard! And of all the reactions Rob could have had, he picks the best one for a healthy marriage: laughter. It was PERFECT! The way he tries to hold it in, then snorts! But the best was him leaning into her shoulder, laughing hysterically. Amy was able to laugh at herself, and realize she needs to make their wedding their own. Good girl!


Good night, everyone! Join me Friday for the final Fatherly Moment.

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