Welcome back to When Hope Calls Week, everyone! It’s…Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week, and you’ve made it! Congratulations! Well, if you’ve been following the blog for the past few weeks, you might remember that I hinted at some big things coming. And if you caught Monday’s post, you’ll know I promised a big surprise. Now, it’s not as big as when Paul Greene dropped into town, that was iconic. It’s not an interview with one of the cast, that would be amazing! But this is still pretty darn awesome!

I have been invited to take part in the Hallmarkies Podcast to preview and review When Hope Calls! So from now until the end of October, all the #MondayMusings here at #HookedHeartie will be in the form of a podcast! Isn’t it cool? I was so excited and honored to be asked! Thank you so much, Rachel Wagner! So I “hope” 😀 you enjoy it too! There are three different ways to watch or listen to the preview show. One is below, and I’ve listed the other two in the comments; one is YouTube if you’re a visual person like me. I hope you like our speculations for When Hope Calls!



Post Script: 😉 Even though I’ve now done two posts this week, it’s Christian Michael Cooper’s (Timmy) birthday on Friday, so I might just have to squeeze another post in. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


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