Hi there, Hearties! What? What’s that you say? Oh! You’re curious about the title and the tagline saying “surprise”? Well, I’ll tell you if i can get my hands to stop shaking from the excitement!

We’re going to be discussing the movie “Valentine in the Vineyard”. Same old, same old, right? Nope! We’re talking about it all right, but in a very different way! You know I’m always on the lookout for new ways to keep the blog fresh. How, you ask? Why, from the perspective of Mr. Madison Smith, who played Gabe, as well as Roy on When Calls the Heart! That’s right! I have had my very first WCTH actor’s interview! It was so exciting! And he was so kind, easy going, and generous! Okay, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here is “my little chat” with Madison Smith.

Hi, Madison! Thank you so much for agreeing to this. It’s very exciting, and I know your time is valuable.

I’m so happy to talk with you! Thanks for talking with me!

Q: Let’s start with When Calls the Heart. Roy’s an interesting character in that at first, the audience dismisses him as a total jerk. But we gradually see that he’s dealing with several very complex emotions. What was your process in creating that character, and revealing just enough to keep things going? What did you like and dislike about playing Roy?

A: I loved playing Roy, he was such an intricate character filled with deep regret and huge self doubt. And luckily I had the benefit of knowing where his story was going when I got cast, or I’m sure I would have hated him as much as the audience first did. For me, playing someone like Roy was a little hard because it meant I had to look into my own regrets and insecurities. But in a way, it was kind of therapeutic. I had to tap into them to give a real performance, and as hard as they were, I’m still very proud of those days on set.

Q: What was challenging, and what was thrilling, about being in a period piece? Do you prefer period or modern in general?

A: Being in a period piece was awesome. I loved every second of it! There is just something about jumping to a different time in history that’s just so thrilling about being an actor. I wouldn’t say I prefer either modern or period, I love being on set no matter when the story takes place, but that was a great experience.

Q: How long were you in makeup for the effect of the landslide injury?

A: The Landslide Injury took about an hour, I think. I think the funniest part about that scene is I was, at first, really playing up the pain; and our Director Neill Fearnley came up to me, and said, “I like what you’re doing, but let’s tone down the pain just a little bit. It seems like you got your arm chopped off on Game of Thrones”. I had a good laugh, but ended up doing the take that’s in the final show.

Q: Had you held a baby before playing Roy? (Am I allowed to ask about your personal life?) Do you have any younger siblings, or older siblings that gave you nieces and nephews?

A: I don’t mind answering questions like that. And oh yeah! I’ve held babies many times. As for my family, I have one younger brother and a slew of cousins and second cousins.

Q: Speaking of siblings, you’ve now played the younger brother of both Brendan [Penny] and Rachael [Leigh Cook]. Were there any significant differences in your experience? Was one much more pleasant than the other? 😉

A: Yeah, I started referring to myself as “Hallmarks little brother”! I loved being younger brother to both Brendan and Rachael! And both were so different and amazing in their own ways. But the best part was I got to be the snarky smart aleck younger brother to both of them. And that was maybe the best part about being cast in “Valentine in the Vineyard” because I got to work with Rachael again. I really hope we get to do another one!

Q: “Valentine in the Vineyard” is the 3rd installment in the “Vineyard Series”, but the only one you were in. Was it difficult joining a very familiar cast that late in the game? How did you tackle it?

A: It actually wasn’t difficult at all. I’ve known Marcus Rosner, who plays my older brother Marco, [and Charles in WCTH] for almost 8 years now; I did “Frozen in Love” with Rachael just one year before filming “Valentine in the Vineyard”, and Brendan was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and acting alongside him was a treat.

Q: You may have joined late, but you had some of the best lines in the whole film, and your chemistry/banter with the other actors was totally palpable! My favorite non-romantic scene was the “gotcha moment” when Gabe got Nate to admit being engaged. What was your favorite and least favorite scene to film?

A: Oh that scene’s absolutely my favorite! It was actually one of the ones I had in my audition, and I loved getting a chance to finally do it on set. And as for my least favorite scene: although I love how it turned out, and shooting it was fine, mine and Brendan‘s feet were absolutely freezing in the dirt when we were doing the barefoot scene in the garden. So I probably have to say that one, but not for any other reason then my feet were very, very, very cold.

Q: I’m so sorry about the cold feet (wait that’s what everyone else was getting! 😀 Okay bad joke!) But seriously, what month did you film it? I imagine November or December?

A: We filmed in November and December. Cool part was I filmed “Frozen In Love” with Rachel exactly a year before.

Q: What are the chances we’ll get another movie to wrap up the Gabe and Shay story? They were adorable! Great witty conversations too!

A: I really like shooting the scenes with Stephanie Bennett. I’ve known her a long time and getting a chance to finally work with her on set was a blast. I really hope that we get to see you where Gabe and Shay’s storyline goes. Even when we’re on set, me and Steph kept talking about how awesome it would be to do a sequel following those two characters. If Hallmark gives us the go, we will be there!

Q: One of your lines in “Valentine in the Vineyard” is, “What does it say about me that I can be swayed by pasta?” So, what IS your favorite food?

A: Easy question! It’s tropical Hawaiian pizza from Panago pizza, a pizza place in Canada, with Italian garlic dip and cheesy cheddar dip. I can polish off an entire large, no problem, so I’ve now had to force myself to just order smalls so I don’t turn out 1000 pounds at the end of the year.

Q: While we’re on favorites, what is your favorite project you’ve worked so far?

A: Well some of my best experiences have definitely been on the Hallmark Channel. I got to work with some amazing actresses that I have been a fan of for years, like Rachael Leigh Cook and Taylor Cole, and the characters I get to play are always so much fun. But the last year has been fantastic. Not only have I worked with Hallmark but I did a series regular run on the CBS show “Salvation” which also had Taylor Cole as a recurring guest star; and I did a web series early last year called Narcoleap, which actually just got nominated for a Canadian award. We were nominated for Best Web Series or Program, Fiction. It’s a huge, huge honor, and we are so excited!

Q: You have become quite a familiar face on Hallmark! You’ve done a series, a mystery movie, and movies for Winterfest, Fall Harvest, and Valentine’s Day. Which genre have you liked best? Any aspirations to do a Christmas project?

A: It’s tough to choose a favorite. It’s just such a great experience being on set no matter when or who you’re with when you’re working with Hallmark. As for a Christmas movie, I think anybody would be excited to be in one of those.

Q: You scored quite the role in the “Psych” finale. Everyone remembers the finale the most. Even though you didn’t share scenes with people outside of Corbin Bernsen and college classmates, it was a pretty star-studded episode. Who did you work with (ever) that left you starstruck? Who would you like to work with someday?

A: “Psych” was one of my favorite shows, so to be in the finale was a dream come true. And on that note, that was the most I’ve ever been starstruck for sure. I was such a big fan of the show that when I finally got to meet James and Dulé, it was almost like I blacked out. I actually ended up introducing myself to Billy Zane twice because the first time I didn’t remember doing it. It was definitely a low point for me that day on set. I was pretty embarrassed. My hope is I wouldn’t get starstruck now, but I guess we’ll see if I’m ever lucky enough to work with some of the industries greats like Leonardo DeCaprio or Robert De Niro.

Q: You’ve been in comedies, romantic comedies, mysteries, and dramas. What do you think you’re better at? Comedy or drama? Do you sing? We can add musical to the list.

A: I don’t know if musicals are going to be added to that list. I think even my dog doesn’t think I’m a good singer. As for my favorite though, I just love getting a chance to act. I think every scene should have some comedy, drama, truth, and fun and whether it’s a drama or comedy I’m working on, I’m having a blast on set.!

Q: Finally, the most important question of all! What did YOU do for Valentine’s Day?

A: Me and my fiancé unfortunately had scheduling conflicts on Valentine’s Day. So we did ours on the 12th. We said no gifts, so I bought her a bottle of wine and a singe red rose. She then proceeded to blow my mind with an amazing scavenger hunt that took me all over the city! It was amazing. Then we finished with a nice dinner out and a movie. Greatest non-Valentine’s Day ever!

Thanks for talking with me! I’m so glad everybody really liked “Valentine in the Vineyard”, and fingers crossed we get to expand on the story further!

Thank YOU for being my very first WCTH actor interview; it’s groundbreaking for me! Some of these answers are hysterical! I was laughing my head off! Have a fantastic rest of your day!

Well, Hearties, I hope you enjoyed that, because I certainly did! I especially loved the story about the landslide injury and Game of Thrones. Hilarious, right? Loved it! Well, time for me to be on my way. See you Friday for the conclusion of Crossing Wires! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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