Hello there, Hearties! Long time, no see! And that is completely my fault. My schedule just EXPLODED last week, so a few things fell through the cracks; I’m sorry. At least I was still visible with the Signed Sealed Delivered podcast, “Deliver Me a Podcast”, but it feels like forever since I’ve been able to write anything When Calls the Heart related.

So, since it’s #WonderWednesday, let’s talk about something we’re all wondering about. This morning, our wonderful Papa Heartie, Mr. Brian Bird, posted this very pot-stirring picture with this caption, “Uh… Hearties…my heart is in my throat…and I can’t get it to go back where it belongs. Wow.”


That doesn’t stir our WCTH appetite at all, does it? Only times 1,000! My friend, podcasting partner, and fellow Heartie Kaycee Simpson started having some fun with it. So, I thought I’d share it with you, plus a few switch-ups and embellishments. But the core idea was all her!


No description available.

The title of this script is “Honestly, Elizabeth”. How many contexts can that one phrase have? Only about a million! But Kaycee and I have been exploring how this particular phrase can accompany different meanings with different characters. Let’s ponder this, shall we?

How would Rosemary use “Honestly, Elizabeth”? How about something like this: “Honestly, Elizabeth, this dance has gone on long enough! Just make a choice.”

This one with Lee can actually turn into a short conversation.
Lee: Honestly, Elizabeth, when ARE you going to build that house Jack planned on your land?
Elizabeth: When are YOU going to build Rosemary the biggest house in Hope Valley? Or her theater?
Lee: Touché.

Bill: Honestly, Elizabeth, I need more quality time with the little man, here. So why don’t you go out on a date with Nathan so I can?

Nathan: Honestly, Elizabeth, stop walking away, and let me kiss you!

Allie: Honestly, Elizabeth, I mean, Mrs. Thornton, can’t you see Uncle Nathan is the best choice?

Lucas: Honestly, Elizabeth, I’ve taken you on two non-dates, and gave you the library. Can’t you understand I’ll do whatever it takes to win your heart.

Fiona: Honestly, Elizabeth, what job do you think I should take next? I want your opinion.

Ned Yost: Honestly, Elizabeth, you’re not pregnant anymore. These grocery choices need help.

Florence: Honestly, Elizabeth, I can’t believe you’re even considering that Mr. Bouchard. His choices are…quite provocative.

Molly: Honestly, Elizabeth, this whole situation is bordering on scandalous.

Henry: Honestly, Elizabeth, is Abigail still back East?

Little Jack: Honestwy, Ewizabef, Mama, I want cookie!

Mike: Honestly, Elizabeth, can you really not see that I’ve been crazy about you all this time?

Carson: Honestly, Elizabeth, there’s no diagnosis for this situation. You’re on your own.

Faith: Honestly, Elizabeth, I’ll be home in 3 weeks; we’ll talk then.

Clara: Honestly, Elizabeth, the cooking is perfectly under control for the café. So, tell Bill no goulash! Have some pie.

Jesse: Honestly, Elizabeth, if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in Lee’s office. Thank you!

Opal: Honestly, Mrs. Thornton, Mountie Jack would want you to be happy.

Jack: Honestly, Elizabeth, I love you with all my heart, but you have so much to give. Please, find love again.

Well, now we just need to wait a few months, (okay several!) before we see how accurate any of these are. What are YOUR thoughts on what people would say? Comments on the blog are still glitchy, so please comment your thoughts on the post itself.

And one more thing: keep your eyes open. There’s a very special WCTH podcast coming your way in September. But that’s all you’re getting out of me for the time. Just keep Wednesdays open. And with that, I bid you good night! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!

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