Hello, Hearties! Happy Wednesday, and welcome to #WonderWednesday! I’m SO glad you could join us, because this is a VERY special post! As most of you know, Sunday was the birthday of not one, but two of our wonderful and talented stars: Ben Rosenbaum (Mike Hickam) and Andrea Brooks (Faith Carter). If you’ve tuned in to the blog in the past year, you know I like to spotlight the stars for their birthday. Well, last year, I didn’t find out about these two until their birthday had passed. 🙁 I vowed I would blog about them the following year, and here we are! But even better, we get to hear from THEM! Ben and Andrea generously gave of their time, and consented to a special interview with me so I could REALLY highlight them! Then Ben, brilliant man that he is, had the idea that they should answer for each other, and see how well the “birthday twins” know each other. So without further ado, may I present Ben and Andrea, and their “knowledge” about one other!


Ben [writing about Andrea]

1. What has been her most embarrassing moment on set?

Andrea is a pretty cool cat who’s not easily embarrassed in my experience… which is good because a lot of her scenes are with Paul Greene who has the energy of a mischievous puppy on set and loves pranking people! Andrea is super fun and can hang with the goofiest, but she’ll always snap back to professional mode when she’s needed in a scene.

2. What is her favorite part of being Faith? Most challenging part?

From the beginning I think Andrea’s favorite part of playing Nurse Faith was portraying a woman with a strong sense of purpose and the drive to help others. I remember Andrea telling me early on that when she got the role she jumped right into researching period accurate medicine to bring authenticity to her performance; so much so that I think I remember her telling me she made herself a little queasy in the process! She’s a dedicated actor!

3. If she could write one storyline for her character, what would it be?

I am envisioning an episode in which an outbreak of some illness renders many in the town out of commission—including Dr. Carson! Now Faith has to rally the healthy members of the town and organize the medical response to save the day!

4. What is her favorite place to eat?

Matchstick coffee is a favorite spot for food and coffee. It’s a double whammy.

5. What is her favorite non-WCTH project she’s been in?

Andrea is currently on another SUPER successful series right now, so she’s living the actor dream of balancing two awesome jobs at once! Super Girl takes place in a world with super heroes and is set in the present day, so it obviously makes for a pretty different experience playing in that world. Very cool to get to do both!

6. What is her favorite movie?

Andrea and I have a lot of shared interests, so I’m going to assume she and I have the same favorite film: The Shawshank Redemption. That’s obviously not a family friendly movie recommendation, so don’t rent that one with your kids!

7. What is her favorite vacation spot or activity?

Andrea is a very well-traveled individual. She has a genuine wanderlust and interest in seeing new lands and cultures (i.e. backpacking across a foreign country), but I know she’s also happy to be relaxing in the beauty of some tropical island on a beach…

So I’m going to say her ideal vacation would be climbing a volcano immediately followed by a visit to the hot springs and a stay at the beach in Costa Rica.

8. Who calls or texts first to wish the other Happy Birthday?

Definitely Andrea. I’ve resorted to texting her in advance so I’m not always coming in second, but on the actual day she still beats me to it every time.

9. What is her hidden talent?

She’s super smart, so I’m going to say she builds battle bots and operates them in amateur underground robot combat tournaments. That’s just a guess, but it sounds like it might be right… right?

10. If she could give one piece of advice to anyone, what would she say?

“Don’t go swimming within 30 minutes after eating!”



Andrea [writing about Ben]

1. What has been his most embarrassing moment on set?

Well… This definitely does not count as an embarrassing story for Ben, but it involves both of us (and it’s embarrassing for me). This one time after work, a group of the cast mates were hanging out. While on route to our next location, I almost walked directly into a huge pole. By this I mean… I was literally inches away from smashing my face and causing some serious damage. Ben swooped in like Superman and stepped between the pole and myself. THANK YOU BEN!

2. What is his favorite part of being Mike? Most challenging part?

Ben is an extremely talented actor and he has impeccable comedic timing. I know for a fact that he has a lot of fun with the humorous Hickam moments.

3. If he could write one storyline for his character, what would it be?

It would definitely involve Hickam saving the day!

4. What is his favorite place to eat?

Ben loves 33 Acres in Vancouver! We both love the number 3 for a lot of reasons!

5. What is his favorite non-WCTH project he’s been in?

Ben has done a lot of theatre throughout his career. I imagine his favorite non-Hallmark related project would be something from the stage. Also- He worked on American Horror Story! That’s pretty neat!

6. What is his favorite movie?

I feel like I should know this answer. I’m going to make an educated guess and say an Errol Morris documentary? Thin Blue Line perhaps?

7. What is his favorite vacation spot or activity?

I can see it now! Ben… in Spain… surrounded by amazing architecture… while playing chess… with an espresso in hand.

8. Who calls or texts first to wish the other Happy Birthday?

I’ll give this one to Ben. He wished me a happy birthday a few days BEFORE March 3rd. Next year I’ll message him a week before, and I’ll win.

9. What is his hidden talent?

Ben can juggle!! He’s quite good. Just ask Hrothgar (aka the fabulous Ned Yost). Ben is also an expert chess player. Seriously. You should challenge him.

10. If he could give one piece of advice to anyone, what would he say?

“Go for it!”


Thank you both SO MUCH! All the #Hearties hope you had incredible birthday celebrations…besides an incredible WCTH episode. Well, they didn’t too badly, don’t you think? Next week we’ll find out what the other thought, and hopefully discover the real answers. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom! 

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