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Hey, Hearties! I’m back to bring you today’s #WonderWednesday featuring Kevin McGarry for his birthday week. The actual big day was yesterday; did you remember to send him a birthday message? 😉 That’s okay. You can leave a comment below, and hopefully he’ll see it. 😀 Now remember, as we have yet to see him onscreen as Constable Grant, there’s nothing to “remember”, so a #FlashbackFriday post won’t be occurring for Kevin this year. But I’ll be back on Monday!

Now, onto Kevin’s spotlighted project. This is actually the very first thing I ever saw with him in it. When I was a little girl, I saw bits and pieces of the movie “Big”; for YEARS I referred to Tom Hanks as “the guy from ‘Big’ “. I managed to not say it out loud, but I admit to thinking, “There’s the guy from ‘Signed Sealed Delivered” the first several times I saw him after that. I also distinctly remember seeing him come into frame on my television, and saying, “Hello! Man, he’s good looking!”

And that reveals it! “Signed Sealed Delivered: From Paris with Love”. This is the first movie (besides the Christmas special) to come after the TV series, so I know they wanted it to be a hit. In case you’re unfamiliar with this very special show, it’s the story of four sweet and quirky-in-their-own-way postal workers who work in the Denver Dead Letter Office. They’re given a special “task force” status to use the means necessary to restore dead letters to their owners; the call themselves “The Postables”. Shane, the tech savvy and street wise newcomer, calls Oliver, the “human antique” of a department head, a “singing detective, philosopher, poet”. He is, what you’d call, extremely formal. And photographic memory Rita and Norman, who Shane gives “5 minutes to be weird”, somehow “always make sense” to each other.

So every story has a letter they’re trying to deliver, and Martha Williamson has an incredible knack for weaving said stories to mirror, or compliment, what’s going down in the Postables’ lives. Here, Kevin plays Joey, a restaurant owner who accidentally mails his wife divorce papers when he thinks she’s being unfaithful; he drops them in the box when he impulsively runs off to help a carjacking victim. They got lost in the mail, but our persistent postal detectives find them anyway. Problem is, Joey doesn’t want the divorce anymore, and desperately tries to persuade “Mr. Stickler for the Rules” Oliver not to deliver the filthy and dreaded manila envelope.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s “free spirited”, (aka flighty, wishy-washy, and not so bright,) estranged wife returns from Paris after a two-year absence. The especially awkward thing about the situation is Oliver has been reluctantly falling in love with Shane over the course of the series, and wants her back as little as she wants to commit to the sacred vow they made. And then there’s Shane: witty, child-like and playful without being childish, thoughtful, wise, and AWARE! There are some amazing examples! First of all, Shane is the first one to discover Holly in the DLO (Dead Letter Office); she’s walking around like she owns the place as if nothing has happened, while Shane stands there dumbfounded. When Oliver enters, the camera’s on him mumbling a very shocked, “Hi.” It cuts to Holly saying “Hi” in an attempt to sound seductive, then the frame expands to include Shane with a very uncomfortable and terrified “Hi”. Obviously, Holly is oblivious to the goings on.

The other example is more verbal. Early on, Holly says to Oliver, “I’ve always been a poet, I just didn’t know it.” Oliver chuckles, and asks her if she did that on purpose. She has NO IDEA what he’s talking about, even AFTER he explains it to her! Shane, on the other hand, soothes his troubled soul after an evening with Holly. She assures him there’s nothing wrong with him; he’s just a man “who believes in spring and doing the right thing.” She then, ON HER OWN, says, “Hm. Spring, thing.”

Now for the scenes with Kevin. Once again, Martha’s writing is flawless. She covers all the stages of marriage except old age in just a few minutes; she does the same with the phases of a fight, and there’s nothing unnatural or rushed about it. There’s the introduction and initial flirtation, the wedding day, the high of the new marriage, the hard times and miscommunications, everything coming to a head and blowing up, the explanation, and then the reconciliation. Not only is the writing fabulous, but the actors pull it off so naturally. Kevin especially had a great look on his face that expressed painful memories of the past, but he’s still in love with his wife. You can also see his ego get knocked down a few pegs when he thought he was right…but he wasn’t. And when he realizes just how wrong he is, the regret in his eyes in almost palpable.

The problem with these movies is I wrote down almost every line as witty, clever, poignant, and/or worthy of review. Not only that, but the dialogue is so good at bringing things up from before to bring the plot full circle The tagline was one of the particularly powerful ones, but you really have to see it yourself, as there’s no way I could do it enough justice. So check it out, and enjoy our new Mountie in a restaurant owner role. 😀 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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