I think today’s blog would be best started with a tweet from Lori Loughlin:

It’s Wednesday. You got this! #WednesdayWisdom.

Yeah, that about sums it up. Very wise indeed, Lori. So how IS everyone’s Wednesday going? Other than my oldest staying home from school with a cold, we’re going along pretty normally here. Wow! I didn’t even do that on purpose. I just think it’s funny I would choose those kinds of words because they describe the whole sentiment of the movie we’re reviewing today. We’re doing a real classic! It’s the one that first introduced me to the names Janette Oke and Michael Landon Jr. And I was reminded of how good it was when it was recently featured in a movie event on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries on Saturday. Can you guess? It’s the first in a long, beautiful saga: Love Comes Softly.

The best thing about this film is it shows how low-key, everyday life can become something so lovely, and even romantic. Two people can fall in love while going about daily work. “Sometimes love isn’t fireworks. Sometimes love just comes softly.”

If you don’t know the story, a woman named Marty travels West (quite reluctantly,) with her husband, Aaron. The very morning after they reach their land, Aaron goes after a runaway horse, and is killed in a fall. You can imagine Marty’s shock and horror when just hours before, she had promised to remind Aaron that they could “get through anything”, as long as they were together. Everything happens in a flash. The funeral is the following morning, then a man named Clark Davis tentatively approaches with a startling proposal. He admits it’s crazy, and far from the right time or place; but he says both their situations will be solved if they marry. Marty will have a roof over her head when winter comes, and Clark’s daughter, Missie, will have “a woman’s hand” in her life. The preacher is leaving the area that day, and not returning until spring; so it’s now or never. A new friend reminds her that now is not the time to be “crying over wants. Your life’s about needs now.” So a distressing Marty agrees to marry a complete stranger.

Clark reminds me a lot of Jack. It stands to reason, since they were created by the same author, but seriously! Clark is older and simpler, but he is a good and noble man; a quiet hero. He’s gentle and careful with Marty, and even in the beginning of their arrangement, he bends over backwards to make her comfortable. She can’t seem to reciprocate at first, and she often lashes out with anger or impatience in her grief. But he knows what it’s like to lose a spouse, and he patiently lets her heal. Oh, and he also does some very simple things…delivering her baby (Aaron’s child) when no one else can get to her!

I think one of the best illustrations of this happens one night right as Clark walks in the door. Missie, who is not as understanding of Marty’s presence in her home, makes the poor woman run circles around the cabin. Marty’s trying to cook dinner, Missie tells her the fire is dying, Marty asks her to stoke it, and Missie says she’s not allowed to, (which is a lie). Marty goes to the fire, then Missie announces something’s burning. Marty rushes back to the stove to try to save the food, then burns HERSELF. Dinner is ruined. And all this after she had been sprayed by a skunk that morning! Clark comes inside just in time to hear Marty’s “Ouch!” What does he do? Frontier men came home from a hard day’s labor, and expected there to be supper waiting. And a meal could hardly be thrown together in 15 minutes the way it can now. Ever the saint, he immediately sits her down to spread butter on the wound, (a common remedy back then for taking the sting out,) and wrap her hand. He could have said, “Okay, all better. Now you can cook.” But he gets right back up, and says, “I’ll go see what we have for supper in the icebox.”

After being taken such good care of physically, emotionally, and spiritually too, you can imagine that Marty falls in love with Clark. How could she not? He had promised to pay her passage in a wagon train back East come spring, and she actually leaves with it, much to both Clark’s AND Missie’s dismay. But when Clark is on his knees begging his Father in Heaven to help him understand His plan, he finds the note Marty had written him asking him to ask her to stay. It had accidentally fallen under his bed. He races into the cabin, tells Missie to stay put, and takes off on horseback to bring her back. He does, and they live happily ever after…for this movie, at least.

Good night Hearties. And remember, you got this! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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