Hey, everybody! How are you all doing today? After looking at the official Facebook fan page, I can’t help but notice that there is a certain amount of angst (I love that word!) among Hearties regarding a particular man in red serge. I’ve never seen so much panic surrounding one single character in my life…probably because this is the only TV show with which I’m involved on Facebook. That MIGHT have something to do with it. But seriously, I thought this subject was worth addressing, given the amount of Heartie concern there is. It’s definitely something we’re “wondering” about.

Now I admit: amidst my plethora of emotions during Season 4 Episode 7, (the proposal,) my mother and I were speculating on all the possibilities of why Jack/Dan was departing. Was there a family emergency while they were filming, and he had to leave hastily? Was there a scheduling conflict for another project, and he had to go film elsewhere? Then, when we didn’t even see a shot of him on the battlefield, or ANYTHING for the rest of the season, I let my imagination run wild. WAS he leaving the show??? It couldn’t be.

I calmed myself with talking it out logically. There’s no way the writers and producers would be so cruel as to make us wait THAT long for Jack to propose, only to kill him off! That just wouldn’t happen! Hallmark doesn’t work that way! But, it WAS scary, and I wondered if we would see Jack again.

Imagine my relief when I read online this past summer that our beloved Mountie WOULD be back at Christmas. Phew! I could breathe again. And even though I already knew, I had to giggle when I saw an interview, and Dan said in that adorable Aussie accent, “Spoiler alert! I’m back!”

So now, several fans are asking the same questions: Where is Daniel Lissing? Is he leaving the show? Is he coming back? How can he do this to us?

Well for anyone who is still wondering, or you just need extra reassurance, let me be the one, (or one of the ones,) to give it. Daniel Lissing aka Jack Thornton WILL be coming back to Elizabeth, back to Hope Valley, and back to us – his viewers. How do I know this? I could be cute, and say I’m psychic, but I won’t. I have seen photographic evidence that he was there filming Season 5. Dan, Erin, and others have posted MANY pictures and videos on various social media sites that feature Dan in both scenes being filmed and behind-the-scenes “antics”. And many of the scenes seem very normal and calm, not just dramatic plot-twisters.

So rest assured, my friends, Season 5 will not be Jack-less. I confess I don’t know HOW much he’ll be in, given the fact that, after viewing previews, he’s probably not there at the start; but he WILL be there.

Just remember the immortal words of our dear Papa Heartie aka Brian Bird, one of the executive producers: EGBOK. Everything’s Gonna Be OK. So let’s all remember to breathe. Actually it will be more like panting while we wait for mid-February to finally get here. But still, let’s just breathe; and when the time comes, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy watching our favorite show!

And tune in on Friday! I should have another short story ready.

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