Sing like no one is listening

Love like you’ll never be hurt

Dance like no one is watching

Live like it’s heaven on Earth

Good words to live by! Good thing it’s so catchy, because it’s the first line in the movie. Well, hello! Welcome to your Hump Day Heartie pick-me-up, and that is a #WonderWednesday review of Niall Matter’s movie Love at First Dance. Turns out he wasn’t the only WCTH actor in the film. Jason Cermak, who played Dr. Burns, plays the assistant Gavin. He takes over as partner in the company,  and it’s very implied that he will take over as the man in Adriana’s life later on.

My favorite part has to be the pond. I grew up watching The Karate Kid quite a bit; a positive side effect of having 5 older brothers. So when Niall’s character, Eric, asked Hope: “Are you Mr. Miyagi-ing me?”, I burst out laughing!  Whoever wrote this scene must have been a big Daniel Larusso fan, 🙂 and VERY clever! I’ve never thought of dancing in water to feel the natural ebb and flow to get a good rhythm. But it sure worked! And Eric let his guard down long enough to not only give Hope a spontaneous dip, but to also quote the famous line: “Wax on! Wax off!” I’m just surprised he didn’t take his jacket off too. The rolled-up pants with a suit coat on was quite the look.

A huge problem with this movie: I didn’t hate Adriana, the fiancée. She is a very reasonable person, and not a witch at all. She’s not hard on Eric, the way Hallmark’s “other women” usually are, she’s just absent.  She and Eric seem to agree on several things, particularly on the wedding size, the music they should have, and that their mothers are both as crazy as any bridezilla. I noticed one of her mannerisms is that she plays with her engagement ring,  A LOT! She really does it when she talks about Eric. I think that was an excellent way for the actress to display the insecurities her character feels about marrying Eric. They sure did take their time! Eric says they started dating in their 20’s, and it’s been on the fast track since. I hardly call 10+ years FAST! You’d think 2 such high-powered professionals could figure out a little more quickly that they don’t belong together, but…I guess then we wouldn’t have a movie. But I’m definitely with Adriana when she said she looks like a cake! 😉

Speaking of actresses, I was so happy to hear so much theater talk in this movie, not to mention how much Eric loves it! A man after my own heart! And watching the ballet couple dance the piece Hope choreographed was so lovely; I was especially fond of the lift behind the dancers’ backs.  

All the dancing was fun to watch. I didn’t have a choreographed first dance at my wedding because my husband would have rather chewed nails than take dance lessons. However, I do love dancing, especially watching people more talented than I am. While watching, I wondered how much dance experience/training the actors have. Obviously, the ballet dancers were professionals, but what about the others? Did the 2 bridal couples Hope trained have previous dance experience, or were they actors who received training for the roles? What about Niall Matter and Becca Tobin? They definitely both looked their parts: capable dance teacher and clumsy student. I just wonder how much practice they went through. Their background music of “Love, Love, Love” was a fantastic choice to illustrate their moves and them coming together.    

I’ll close with some of my favorite quotes, ones that I haven’t already mentioned anyway.

  • “You’re not in a suit of armor” – clever way to tell Eric to loosen up
  • “I don’t do anything halfway” – also good words to live by
  • “I would’ve paid money to see those two dance.” – big compliment coming from a person of means who is also a theater geek
  • “Sometimes we need to be reminded not to think” – VERY true
  • “That must’ve been painful, being misunderstood” – Eric immediately assumes that Hope didn’t cancel her wedding maliciously. Sweet.
  • The whole conversation of “reading the books” of their futures. Just funny!
  • “Would you LIKE some moral support” – subtle way to show concern and interest
  • “My name’s not on the list” – in the beginning and the end. An inside joke that ties everything together
  • Judge a book by its cover, you might miss a good story.

I left that one for last because it’s the most profound. A good reminder for us all to look deeper in all aspects of life. I’m just glad all of you always find it in your hearts to look deeper into my blog posts. So once again, thank you! Now I’m off to go celebrate my 10-year anniversary. See you Friday for another Fatherly Moment.

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