SEASON 7!!! YIPPEE!!! #Season7WillBeHeaven! Are you thrilled?! We get yet another year with some of our favorite characters! I cannot contain my excitement! I will, however, hold off on my predictions, at least until Season 6 gets a chance to finish. 😉 And boy, did they pick a GREAT movie in which to make the announcement! Wouldn’t you agree?

I was talking to a friend who missed the premiere of Bottled With Love. She asked if it was going to re-air sometime this week so she could catch it, and I said, “Oh, undoubtedly!” I then told her that the film lived up to ALL the hype, and that it was FANTASTIC! She asked what separated it from all the rest, and what caused Hallmark to treat it like a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. I had that classic “about to say something then nothing comes out” look, the “trying to think of something to say” look. For the life of me, I couldn’t pinpoint what made it so different, that incredible! So I went back and watched it again, (oh darn!) to find out. While I still can’t quite put my finger on what makes it “different” from other Hallmark movies like it, (my best guess is everything was just stepped up a notch,) I definitely reminded myself what I loved, and saw several things I missed from tweeting. 😀

To start off, it had Jill Morrison in it. (Carla) Who doesn’t love a surprise pop-up of her?! And you can’t get much happier than playing an ice cream parlor owner!

Alright, let’s move to the characters of Nick and Abby. To start off with THEM, I really enjoyed how easy they were with each other once they got past their dislike for each other. This is only full blown in one scene, but it’s precious! She hands him coffee, he reaches around to help her pull on her jacket while they’re walking, they’re going over the plan, (actually agreeing,) and they’re finishing one another’s sentence as they move…it was just so natural and genuine!

Okay, usually I save this for last, but I just can’t this time. YOWZA! That man can KISS! When he went in for the kiss on the cheek, I completely lost my breath. With the way his eyes were searing into her soul, the way he moved in like he was TOTALLY aiming for her mouth but respectfully goes for her cheek at the last possible moment…HELLO! Pass me an oxygen tank! I’ve always thought that Andrew Walker, like Daniel Lissing, is an actor who could have chemistry with a block of wood; he’s that good of an actor. Fortunately, when you have a costar like Bethany Joy Lenz, who gives 100% in reactions, chemistry, and material, it makes it THAT much better. Did you see her face when he went for her cheek??? Holy moly!

And that takes me to the final scene. First of all, who did the totally cliché “Aww!” while trying to fan away the tears? Me! I admit it! A completely Jack-esque candlelit path, a note on a silver platter, the coveted three-word sentence that is not used often enough…and that LETTER! Now that I think about it, (writing really does clear the brain!), I think that was the missing piece of the puzzle in all the other movies with this kind of plot. We see the man find out, we see the big reveal, we see them fall in love; but we don’t see the man open up and be vulnerable. And then to hear Nick say all the ways Abby had inspired him, ending with, “You opened your heart, and now you’ve opened mine too.” Who WOULDN’T fall in love with that???

Then to top it off, THAT KISS! Neither one of them was holding anything back, (in an appropriate way, of course); you could feel the passion. Even though it was a “one-kiss wonder”, it sure didn’t feel like it! I have to admit, as much as I love Hallmark movies, sometimes the kisses can be a tiny bit on the stiff side. Uh…yeah, not a problem here!

Wow! Um, give me a moment to get my heart rate back to normal. Phew! I’m good now. Now let’s backtrack a bit. One aspect that I think made the plot so different was that both characters are from a corporate company. We’re so used to “Save the Garden,” “Save the Bookstore,” “Save the House,” or whatever lost cause is there in the story. But these two are from a big company. We get the perspective of those kinds of employees, employees who are working just as hard to excel in the field they believe in…even if their opinions don’t always match on which deals to make. 😉

Something else I really loved is all the hilarious one-liners, and heartfelt words, especially the letters. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:
1. Someone who’s flawed but open
2. This is ridiculous! Technically I’m about to pollute.
3. Who pollutes nowadays?
4. You had a few things bottled up there.
5. Both your letter and the sentiments inside are safe with me
6. I’m a guy. I’m supposed to be tough. Was I supposed to admit that?
7. I’m a hugger!
8. Nothing great comes without a little risk

Here’s my final thought for the night: giddiness. When was the last time you watched a TV show or a movie when a character who wasn’t a child was legitimately giddy? And I’m not just talking about excited; I mean giddy to the max. Think about it. Bethany Joy Lenz had this down so perfectly. She was completely relieved, then totally tickled when she found out ReelTraveler was 36. She was practically dancing in her seat. I especially enjoyed the way she blended giddiness with trepidation when she screamed as she hit “Send” agreeing to meet him the next day. Then the pancakes! Have you ever seen anything sweeter than Abby’s reaction to pancakes? Hallmark Channel tweeted out the question asking the fans what are your pancakes? What makes you that happy any time? They wouldn’t have been able to ask that if Bethany Joy Lenz hadn’t been spot on. So what’s yours?

Not only was she giddy, HE was! You don’t see a grown man actually get giddy very often, even in a Hallmark movie. But Nick went into full-blown giddiness. He was giddy at the thought of meeting mlbeantown until he realized who she was; but it’s REALLY noticeable at the estate. When Abby comes up with the idea of him running the place, Nick looked like a child looking into a candy store window and seeing Santa sitting below a shelf of sweets. And then he actually jumped up a down a little bit when Mr. Wilmore said he liked the idea of Nick running his operation. Giddiness is such a child-like and genuine reaction that it can b e ruined if it isn’t done right. And this #Heartie and #Hallmarkie says 10 out of 10!

Well, I think I answered my friend’s question! Yahoo! It wasn’t even my intention. I think I got a little giddy writing about the movie. 😉 Must have cleared the cobwebs. Have a wonderful night and day tomorrow, everyone! See you Friday for Part 2 of Romance: Quarantined. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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