Hi, there! Wow! Halfway through the week! Well, no reason to stand on ceremony, right? Let’s cut to the chase. This being the final Wednesday in August, (sigh! Goodbye, August!), and this was Garage Sale Mystery month, we’ll talk about…the final chapter of Garage Sale Mystery: Murder in D Minor. No additional WCTH cast and crew beyond the core family, Frank, and Neill Fearnley, (I’m telling you, they’ve GOT to have Sarah Strange guest star, and “complete the ring” so to speak,) there was a new character I really like. That character is Dean. Isn’t he fantastic? I laugh so hard every time he is on the screen! Since this is the first time we’ve seen him, I suspect this is his only appearance in a GSM movie, but does his character light up a room! When Jenn finds him lying unconscious on the floor, I was so upset! I was certain he was dead, and that seemed like a HUGE loss! I was quite relieved to find out he hadn’t been killed. Then I cracked up all over again when he shows up at Rags to Riches in all his glory on wheels. Favorite line has to be when he’s talking to Jenn: “Take it easy? What do you know about that?!” To which Jenn must reply, “Touché.” But it is a toss-up between that and his reaction to Howie saying it’s time to go. His huge groan with something to the effect of “Just when it’s getting good!” He is just a joy to watch, and you can’t help but smile when you catch a glimpse of him.

I want to talk about Jenn herself for a minute. It occurred to me I don’t talk about just her much. First of all, that blue blouse she was in is STUNNING! That was a FANTASTIC costume choice! Tasteful, elegant, flattering, shimmering…it made her even more lovely, and she’s rather lovely already. Character-wise, there were some fun things with this plot. One thing I noticed is when she and Frank go see Mr. Siles together. Frank asks her to go along because she knows antiques and the lingo that goes with them. Lots of times I wonder why she’s going along on an investigation, and would that be entirely appropriate. But the writers and Lori gave her presence a real purpose…and a magnifying glass in her purse. I’d never seen that before, had you? She becomes more Holmes-like with every passing installment.

One other aspect about Jenn was her lack of pride. Not lack in confidence, mind you, just pride. Several times in these types of movies, we see the main female character get a little puffed up, refuse outside help, then get in over her head, and need help anyway. Even though Jenn takes chances she shouldn’t sometimes, she’s VERY quick to call Frank when she’s threatened, or feels so. And unlike many other characters like her, she doesn’t turn down Frank’s offer to have a unit stationed outside her store AND home. I honestly thought she would, and I was pleasantly surprised when she accepted.

Kids’ turn! I was proud of Logan using his strength to help improve a weakness; we need more teenagers like that in the world! That coach was ticking me off though. What’s wrong with a student having a good idea to improve the team? He redeems himself at the end by scarfing down a huge slice of humble pie, and I’m glad he was smart enough to give Logan the chance he deserves. And the way he starts the whole “Look at me” campaign is just hilarious!

And Hannah. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. She’s quite the powerhouse in this film, isn’t she? She really speaks that athlete’s language, telling him about her “game plan”, and makes him listen. And even though she smiles and giggles at him a little, (WHERE WAS BRETT?!), she doesn’t let him charm her into letting him off easy. Their best interaction is: “You sure you can stand me 3 hours a day?” “As long as they’re paying me.” You go, girl! And the bangs are grown out. I think I like her better without, what do you think?

Okay, plot talk! The opening was superb! I was instantly drawn in. The melancholy piano music, which I can only guess is Fantasia in D Minor is an instant mood-setter. I was confused by the whole note-and-code thing though. I’m a piano player, a piano TEACHER, and I could NOT follow that conversation. Maybe because I’m not a code breaker as well as a musician. Speaking of the piano, did any of you catch the WCTH Easter egg? The piano itself. It’s a 1910 player piano. Hmm… 😉

There was one plot point that I had to chuckle at was Frank finding Siles. Frank NEVER finds the body! Yeah for being a police detective! AND he arrested TWO criminals! Busy boy! Man, I really didn’t know who the killer was going to be, and they held out until the bitter end! I did suspect the granddaughter, but I thought that choice was too obvious; they’d been moving away from the obvious choice, so I thought there was no way. Oops!

Well, time to fly! Have a great rest of your week, Hearties. I really hope it turns out well and enjoyable, and not too stressful. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom.

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