Wow! We are halfway through Jack Wagner’s birthday week, which means the month is almost over! Whoa baby! Where did October go? And next month will mark an official full year of the blog being up and running! Hooray for milestones!

Now, back to celebrating the man of the hour…uh week…even though his birthday already passed. Hee hee. And welcome to that man’s special edition of #WonderWednesday. You are NEVER going to guess which project I decided on. If you guessed one of the Wedding March movies…BEEP! Wrong! Thank you for playing. Actually, believe it or not, it isn’t a Hallmark movie; although it is something that currently airs on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. And that is the series Monk. Remember him? Everyone’s favorite obsessive-compulsive defective detective? Did you know/remember that Jack guest starred on an episode? I didn’t until I had watched WCTH, then went back and watched reruns. It was one of those “point at the TV and mouth falls open” moments. So fun when that happens.

Jack is in the episode called Mr. Monk and Sharona in the final season. If you don’t know the story, Sharona was Adrian Monk’s assistant from 2002-2004, then she moved back to New Jersey and remarried her ex-husband. So, in the final season, Sharona comes back to San Francisco to settle the lawsuit of her uncle’s “accidental” death on the golf course of his country club. She knocks on Adrian’s door just as vacuum dust shoots in his face. So being the neat freak he is, Adrian starts screaming! Sharona comes in, quickly assesses the situation, and helps him wash out his eyes at the sink. This is the funny part. When his eyes are clean, he blinks, and looks at Sharona. Obviously she’s not his assistant Natalie. He washes his eyes again, while she’s giggling to herself at his antics. When he finishes, she simply says, “Hello, Adrian.” There are a MILLION things he could have said, but he goes with, “What year is this?” SO FUNNY!

Here’s where Jack comes in. He plays Perry Walsh, the uncle’s golfing buddy, and one of the witnesses to his fall, but guess what! He actually killed him! He’s the murderer! It was a little strange seeing Jack as the villain, but he sure did an excellent job of it! The plan is frighteningly brilliant. They run a con on the country club, and Uncle Howie pretends to trip on a step that’s actually broken. Perry and his caddie run to go help him. Gary the caddie tries to call 911, but his phone is dead. (Turns out Perry switched the battery.) So when Gary runs for help, Perry kills Howie for having a thing with his wife.

When the trio asks him about it, I had to laugh. To the question that maybe Howie had faked his fall, Perry answers, “I don’t know if he’s that good of an actor.” I always love hearing actors (their characters) talk about acting; makes it almost ironic. But Adrian figures everything out in true Monk fashion: visiting both apartments, and noticing that a missing novel in a series Carolyn Walsh is reading is at Uncle Howie’s place. Problem is, Sharona wants to know what happened, and she foolishly won’t wait until they’re out of the Walsh residence. Perry discovers them in the closet, overhears almost everything, throws them out, and lawyers up. Needless to say, the Captain was not happy!

He warns Monk in the beginning that having Sharona and Natalie around each other was a dangerous idea. He uses a strange analogy: “they’re like bourbon and vodka. I love them both, but they don’t mix…they will tear you apart like saltwater taffy.” They almost do because they’re both trying to mark their territory, trying to show who knows the better way to take care of Mr. Monk. But they finally decide to act like adults, and work together instead of compete against each other. And here’s the clincher: THEY take Perry Walsh down. The one incriminating bit of evidence that lawyers couldn’t make go away is Perry’s fingerprints on the phone battery. So Perry’s running to get the cellphone from the unsuspecting Gary, and Natalie and Sharona chase him down in a golf cart. I am woman, hear me ROAR!

The most fun part is the golfing. You know from Monday, (unless you knew before,) that Jack is an AVID golfer. And remember that he won at least one competition at the professional level. So when Monk and the ladies walk into Perry’s office, there is a sea of golfing trophies. I laughed out loud! It’s so fun when they put little Easter eggs like that in actors’ projects. I’m betting many of those trophies were actually his!

Well, now that we’ve explored this “other side” of Jack Wagner, we can go back to talking about him as a protagonist. Whew! THAT’S over! 😉 Good night, everybody. I shall see you on Friday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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