Well, we’re halfway to discovering the outcome of the very intense episode we got a sneak peek of via the preview. We’re finally going to find out more about Lucas! Those scenes they showed are STILL “haunting” me! I don’t know HOW I’m going to make it until Monday morning. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

And speaking of the tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious Mr. Bouchard, Chris McNally is on a bit of a hot streak, wouldn’t you say? He was the star of a beautiful movie on Saturday, then he was very prominently featured in the last episode, and now appears to be the focus of the episode coming up. The man is on a roll. So I thought, what could be more appropriate than to review Sailing Into Love, capitalizing on his run of popularity? 😀 Plus I had to feature the nickname Chris is going to have AT LEAST until the end of the summer, if not longer. 😉

First off, I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes stories I heard Chris McNally and Leah Renee tell, in case you haven’t heard them. You may remember Leah from movies such as A Snow Capped Christmas with Niall Matter, or Hallmark’s Love by the Book. But she’s been MIA for quite a while. Well, now we know why. She took a break to have her children. Her son, Wyatt, was born in the summer of 2016, and her daughter, Lennon, was born in the fall of 2018. And this is her first movie back. Yeah for her!

Chris had some rather entertaining stories! Being the great actor that he is, he did research before filming; he watched other movies filmed on the water to get a feel for it. Unfortunately, he watched Adrift, which is about being shipwrecked; so then he was terrified.

If that wasn’t enough, the poor man was playing hurt, or sick, rather. That scene when he’s dangling up high painting or repairing the mast? If you listen closely, you can hear his voice go a little gravelly. He said he was, “pretty sick that day”. But he pulled it off amazingly well. He’s a trooper!

One thing they both talked about was how they got to film on an actual boat. While that creates an amazing effect, it comes with several challenges. Chris described the one we should all know, but don’t really think about. In scenes with just the pair of them on the boat, all we see is the two of them. But behind the camera is a ton of equipment and about 30 crew members trying not to fall off. 🙂 That must be the reason why any time Christine’s entire wedding party was shown on the boat, it was a drone shot. Only way everyone could stay on board.

Now for the plot: I loved the first meeting! I admit to not always adoring every move Hallmark makes plot wise, but the meetings are always SPOT ON in EVERY movie for me! My personal favorite is Christmas in Love, with Daniel Lissing slipping on the ice, then getting face planted by a car door. But Claire grabbing Captain Handsome to keep him from falling off the dock, only to have a bucket of fishing bait dumped all over her…Kodak moment right there!

This one kind of broke some molds, in a good way. I usually am a fan when that happens, and this time was no exception. First of all, there were, count ‘em: 1, 2, 3 “falls” when they end up close together, and they happened at different points in the story, so it very clearly illustrated the stage in their relationship. The first one ended in fish guts when they first met, so neither one of them enjoyed it much. The second was essentially the first time they went out alone together, so it was awkward, but slightly enjoyable. Then the third was when they were working together to pull one of Claire’s students out of the water, (whose name is Jack, by the way,) and she once again keeps him from falling in the water. This time it’s full-on smiles.

This isn’t a mold, but it’s a great scripting technique. Did you catch it? Her friends keep calling Tom “your captain”, and she keeps insisting, “He’s not my captain.” She does it about 3 times. Then finally, her friend Christine says, (when Tom is standing before them in his naval uniform,) “You’re captain really is handsome!” There’s no refuting!

Next mold: this film is not what my friend Sarah and I have dubbed a #OneKissWonder . Any time the couple kiss in the middle of the movie, it automatically goes up 10 points on the Hooked Heartie meter.

Probably the best mold that was broken: lack of miscommunication and folding under. Tom comes right out and asks Claire several clarifying questions to make sure things are going the way they should. When he senses something IS wrong, he kindly, and without nagging, won’t stop until he knows the problem. There was a point when he wondered if he should step aside for the ex-boyfriend, but luckily, his first mate, Mick, encourages him to fight for her. He doesn’t know how, but knows he should. Appearing in full uniform was a great way to do it! And then, when Tom witnesses what he thinks is Claire making up with Jason (the ex), he does not walk away dejected and pouting. He walks right up to her, and says, “Don’t do it…Don’t get back together with Jason. It saved a lot of time, and a lot of heartache! It turns out it wasn’t necessary because she had already rejected Jason, but it was an amazing move by Tom nonetheless!

Well, as usual, I have about fifty other things I’d love to say about this movie, but I must go. So I take my leave with the promise of returning on Monday with an overview of that much – anticipated episode. Until then, my dear friends! Please keep sharing, retweeting, clicking on those ads, and doing your Amazon shopping through the link at the bottom so we can keep having our lovely times together. I so appreciate your support! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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