Hey, everybody. I know this is a crazy hour to be posting for Wednesday, but I was determined to post today, no matter how late, even if it killed me! Some semblance of normalcy is exactly what we need right now, right? Well, I’ve got a fun one for you today. In celebration of Niall Matter’s new Aurora Teagarden movie “Heist and Seek”, his new movie coming “Country at Heart”, and his very first interview with my friends at the Hallmarkies Podcast, I’ve got an oldie and a goodie. We’re going back to Niall’s very first role with Hallmark: “Stop the Wedding”. It was aired just today too, so I found it very fitting.

Niall Matter. You remember him, right? In his own words in the podcast interview, his stint of playing the proud, sad, and stubborn Shane Cantrell on “When Calls the Heart” was “brief”. When Jack died, SEVERAL Hearties tweeted that Shane would be a wonderful person with whom Elizabeth could fall in love. Niall and Erin had already played a couple very successfully, and their chemistry was undeniable. Then they could be an instant family. I, myself, thought the same thing in the beginning of our emotional roller coaster. Well, come to find out, that had been the intention in the beginning. Apparently, he was hired as a possible replacement for Jack as Elizabeth’s love interest, but Daniel Lissing came back for Season 5. Something funny I figured out: two men who came on the show as possibilities for a second love in Elizabeth’s life, (i.e. Paul Greene and Niall Matter), both date Faith Carter. Shane obviously did it for a significantly shorter period, but still did it nonetheless.

So now, let’s talk “Wedding”. Niall also mentioned in his interview that he’d been doing so much SyFy, and he was ready to cut his teeth at rom com. He picked a great script to start with! Playing Alan Thicke’s son was an opportunity to jump at! And from his performance, you’d never know he was new at playing a romantic hero; he was fabulous! There are two aspects that I’d say are my favorite about this film. The first would have to be the meet cute. They have two, really. There’s the first time they see each other when Anna’s coffee is spilled all over Clay. Whose fault it is…well, that all depends on who you talk to. But then, Clay shows up at her aunt’s door, makes the very strange assumption that ANNA is his father’s new fiancée, and proceeds to try paying her off to call off the engagement. Hours later when he angrily questions, “Why didn’t you tell me who you were?”, she immediately fires back with, “Oh, I didn’t really have time. You were so busy negotiating your bribe.” That meet cute starts a whole movie of banter and quick-witted conversation.

The second, and best thing about this movie, in my opinion, is the amount of kissing that went on. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we get one kiss in the last 5 minutes, and we let out a shocked cheer if we get 2 kisses in one movie. What do we get in THIS one: we get not one, not two, but THREE instances where we get some very sweet and adorable kisses. Anna even says, “No more kissing” because they have to get to his dad’s and her aunt’s wedding before it goes on without them. I couldn’t believe me eyes! I just wish we had more like that. It’s nice to see a romantic relationship in progress, rather than watching them always trying to jump start.


Stop the Wedding | Hallmark Channel Photo credit: hallmarkchannel.com

Well, there are a million other things I could say about this movie, but I’m afraid it’s past my bedtime. With all the reruns Hallmark has been airing, you should be able to see it, if you haven’t already. And you NEED to see it if at all possible. I’ll see you all Friday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom.

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