Hello again, #Hearties, and welcome to #WonderWednesday. Given the fact that we just celebrated Easter, I thought “Easter Under Wraps” was an appropriate choice for a movie review today. Plus it’s Hallmark’s very first Easter movie! It HAS to be discussed! WCTH connection is a little thin, but there’s a fun chain of events. I feel a little silly that I didn’t see these things before; it’s amazing what hair color and style do to a person’s appearance! Most of them were brought to my attention by my dear friend. Yes, that one; none other than Sarah. Thank you, Sarah!

There are two WCTH actors. One is Blair Penner. I didn’t recognize him until my second time through, but at least I recognized Jim on my own. His hairstyle and facial hair made him look completely different! He plays Chaz, one of the flashy, modern, competing chocolate makers. In WCTH, he’s Peter, Faith’s fiancé.

The second is Aaron Craven, who plays Carter in this film, portrayed half of the devious duo who drove off with Rosemary in the back of the car in Season 2. Remember how Jack ran off to rescue her? He is married to Kate Isaac. Kate played Eleanor Roberts in Season 5, Lee’s late silent business partner’s wife, (try saying that 5 times fast!), who tried to get Henry to fall back into his evil ways, and cheat the sawmill. She was also in “Bottled with Love”, as Nick’s (Andrew Walker) sister. “Bottled with Love” premiered the Saturday before “Easter Under Wraps”, then re-aired right before “Easter” premiered. Just a fun little Easter egg for you, if you’ll pardon the pun. 🙂

While we’re on Easter eggs, I’ll keep going with the Florence Easter egg. Did you hear it? “Florence, but you can call me Flo”. 🙂 I tweeted “We’ve got another Flo people!” I was looking for a Molly, but alas! 😉

Speaking of tweeting, I realized on my second run-through just how much I missed while I was LIVE tweeting. I thought the chemistry was a little lacking, then I realized that I hadn’t been paying attention! Brendan Penny and Fiona Gubelmann had some amazing moments! With his sweet strength and her infectious smile, (and how adorable she looked in that “Katniss braid”,) there was something almost tangible in those scenes. Probably one of my favorites is toward the beginning, when Bryan first starts to realize he’s attracted to Erin/Veronica. He’s trying to teach her the true art of chocolate. He says, “Chocolate is beauty to all the senses,” he even shows her how you can hear the best chocolate. But let’s be honest. With the way his eyes were boring into hers, he was NOT talking about the candy.

There were also lots of fun, flirty, and clever moments. Like when Bryan was complaining that all the executives “sit in their corporate towers” and “never come down to consult”…open mouth, insert foot! If he’d only known with whom he was sitting! Or when Bryan told Erin to close her eyes to help focus her taste buds. She says, “I’m getting strong notes of…chocolate, then almost winks when she peeks out and smiles at him. Bryan, if you’re going to tell a girl to close her eyes so you can stare at her, just put a big, soft, wet one right on her lips! 😀

There was the montage of making the Cavandish Egg, where there were two magical things being made. Don’t you agree? That egg, with the BEAUTIFUL butterfly and gold glitter was breathtaking! Fiona said in a Facebook LIVE interview that she actually got to make a butterfly, at least partially. And when I tweeted about the montage, she ANSWERED me, and said it was “so much fun to make”.

And I really loved how many times Erin had to keep her identity a secret. She never seemed to get a break. She caught herself very cleverly with the cough when she almost said her last name. But she had to think even more quickly on her feet when Carter showed up, and refused to take the hint that she was being clandestine. The only one she couldn’t talk her way out with was Bryan.

While I’m on Bryan, I’ve never seen Brendan Penny as a dad before, have you? It reminded me of the first time I saw Andrew Walker play a dad: different and unexpected, but completely genuine and heartwarming. And that little Sophia Reid-Gantzert is so enchanting! I thought she was very natural and authentic, and SO sweet! Bryan makes a cute little quip about her being a method actor because she’s staying around bunnies so much when she’s playing the Easter bunny in the pageant. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Sophia was really that way in life because that sunny personality was shining through so brightly. I actually tweeted “The actress playing Madison is just adorable!” I didn’t know her name. Literally two minutes later, I get a reply of, “Thank you Kami”. Such a pleasant surprise!

Well, I’m off to go make dinner. I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your week, and that there’s enough time in the day for you to get your work done. 😀 So “hop to it” because you’ll want some free time this Friday…wink, wink, nudge, nudge. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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