Welcome to Wonder Wednesday, wonderful women! Wow! Say THAT three times fast! 😊 Well, we have arrived at mid-week again. How were the last seven days for you? Have matters of all categories and concerns settled down in your area yet? I hope so, or I hope they do soon. Well, regardless of your current circumstances, take a break with me, and revisit some favorite moments with me.

Speaking of which, that brings me to my topic of today; the second audience pick of Wednesday. This one is brought to you by Caroline Richardson. Not only did she participate in my Twitter question, but she’s also a friend of mine, and my co-host for When Calls the Heart recaps on the Hallmarkies Podcast. So, she knows what the audience wants, and she knows how my WCTH brain works. 😉 Thank you, Caroline!

Oh, right! The actual topic! That might be something important to reveal about now, huh? 😀 Well, Caroline’s pick, (one of them at least,) was to divulge my favorite episode from each season. I admit, this was pretty easy for most of the seasons, but the last two…(wince) those were trickier. It was actually pretty difficult. So, come along with me on a journey through time, through many different situations, and with several different characters. Now the question is, can you guess my picks before I disclose them, and do you agree with me? I’m warning you now: because of who I am, this post is most likely to be filled with romance and romantic scenes. So, if that’s not why you watch WCTH, (cough, cough!) you should probably quit reading now before your eyes roll all the way to the back of your head. (But seriously, do any of you NOT like the show for the romance? I didn’t think so.)

First up! There were SO many good episodes in this season! The triumphs, the heartache, the snark! 😉 But alas, there can only be one top pick. I will say that I almost picked the finale; the first kiss is a moment to be celebrated with gusto! And Elizabeth’s emotion at the children’s love for her, and the love she has developed for them, all of it is truly moving. I went with another choice…although you might find it just as typical. Episode 9: Change of Heart. This is…(trumpet fanfare) the big date! Stereotypical? Maybe, but it took my breath away! Everything was planned down to the tiniest detail, and the lighting was perfect to boot! He even danced with her! Be still, my beating heart! When Jack said, “I feel that my efforts tonight may pale in comparison,” I guffawed at the absurdity! Who could top everything he so thoughtfully carried out??? And let’s not forget how all our hearts skipped several beats when Jack declared, “Please consider this an act of courtship,” and KISSED HER HAND! Drop the Mountie hat!

Full disclosure: this one IS stereotypical! Season 2 was not my favorite. I was very glad I could binge watch it, because I found it pretty tough to get through. I call this season “a necessary evil”. I understand the necessity for it, I really do. But I cringe a lot while watching. So, my favorite episode for this season is Episode 10: With All My Heart. Can you think of anything more heart-pounding than that Indiana Jones rescue, rolling her away? Maybe him lifting her like she weighed “no more than a dried leaf” (Sense and Sensibility). Sigh! Then, after that show of bravery, Jack can barely gather the courage to examine Elizabeth’s knee without his hands shaking. 😉 “It’s the other knee” has become a very common phrase in my home. But of course, the best part is the declaration of “I love you, Elizabeth Thatcher,” followed by that beautifully passionate kiss. This is why Season 2 was needed. That pronouncement would not have meant nearly as much without the experiences the two of them had to go through to get to that point.

This season is truly one of my favorites, at least when Jack is in the picture. I liked seeing our favorite couple in a settled, loving relationship without jealousy or misunderstanding barring the way. I was just upset that they didn’t say “I love you” more, especially when Jack rode off to a dangerous rescue mission. All that being said, you can understand my difficulty in choosing one episode. I like so many parts of all the episodes: watching Lee and Rosemary fall in love, meeting Edith and witnessing her reunion with Roy, seeing Jack’s mother for the first time, feeling Rosemary’s inner turmoil as she gives up her dream wedding…the list goes on and on. But I’m going to have to go with Episode 3: A Time to Speak. I just LOVE the campout! We meet several kids who become regulars, and it’s nice to see Elizabeth and Jack having a little casual fun after so many intense and serious exchanges. Put aside what we know about how the show turns out for a minute, and who doesn’t love hearing Jack talk about their future together, and seeing the first kiss of the season in such a romantic setting??? Moving away from romance, I really like Frank being redeemed. It’s what Hope Valley’s all about.

Do you even need to ask? I screamed so loud and jumped so high when Jack dropped to one knee that I woke my newborn son, and momentarily hurt my recovering body. Don’t worry, I recovered. But I don’t know how that proposal could have been better! Obviously, a LOT of thought and planning went into it, it was a surprise, Jack used nostalgic inside references in their relationship, it happened in front of the school he built for her, and there were CANDLES AND ROSE PETALS!!! What woman alive wouldn’t want the man she loves to propose to her in such a loving way?! The other thing I love, and this is just a personal opinion, is the way they say “I love you.” First of all, it had been FOREVER since they’d said it outright, and it was about time. The other thing is neither one said, “I love you, too.” I’ve always felt that sounds like an afterthought, a copycat sentiment. I know it’s not meant that way in most programs and movies, it’s just how I hear it. So, I really like that they just declared their love for each other, no afterthought present. By the way, that’s Episode 7: My Heart Will Go On, in case you’re wondering.

Once again, need you ask? Episode 6: My Heart is Yours. The wedding ALL the way! ‘Nuff said.

Okay, here’s the other part when it gets hard! Because now we’re contending with two men where Elizabeth is concerned, and because it became more of an ensemble show, all the characters become a bit more well-rounded. Therefore, IT’S HARD TO PICK!!! For now, at least, my favorite episode in this season is Episode 9: A Call From the Past. This episode had a ton of suspense in it, more than we’d seen for a while. We also get a chance to see Nathan really be a Mountie, and Lucas pounce like a tiger when Elizabeth is threatened. And I’m not going to lie, that hand brush in the library with Nathan and Elizabeth was a little steamy. But something I REALLY like is Nathan and Lucas have a very long and meaningful conversation, and develop a kind of mutual respect for each other, since their feelings for Elizabeth haven’t fully developed yet.

Episode 6: An Unexpected Gift. This might change tomorrow, but for now, I’ll stick with it. This episode is just bonkers…in a good way. I was pretty certain that neither man gave her the original bouquet, but it was hysterical seeing them compete with no need. On top of that, who can resist protective Bill trying to play investigator again, and figure out who’s paying Elizabeth so much attention. And that scene with the two of them in the café…laughed my head off at their sad attempt to talk in code. But the best parts were: 1) the fact that Rosemary gave her dear friend a bouquet of flowers because she was having a down day. So sweet! 2) It made me giggle (and I was tickled!) that both men stepped up to the plate, and took the initiative to give her flowers themselves.

Well, that’s it for now. Now you’ll have to tell me what YOU’RE favorite episodes are. I’ll see you on Friday. WARNING! I got a little inspired, so we’re taking a break from the Friendship series. See you then! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!

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