Hello, hello, everyone! Thanks for your patience yesterday; the day just got away from me. So now we’re going to review The Mask Murder, for real! So let’s not stand on ceremony, let’s get to it! First step, as usual: the WCTH (and SSD) actors. We have the usual suspects: Lori Loughlin, Steve Bacic, Eva Bourne, Connor Stanhope, and now Kevin O’Grady. Then for this installment, we have Jeffrey Ballard (Danny the artist from SSD), Hannah Pederson (Francine the fellow teacher from WCTH,) and Mel Damski (WCTH) directed.

Second step: Reviewing. I want to start with Jason and Jenn’s relationship. Since they’ve been married for a while, and bringing them together isn’t the focus of series, their romance takes a backseat in the plot. But I love how they have cute little ways to keep their spark ignited. Their running joke of the silence being golden was so funny to me. I don’t get a lot of quiet time with 4 small children, and I keep thinking that that time will increase; but obviously grown kids can create havoc too, just a different sort. Then your heart just melts into a puddle when Jason says, “Silence is only golden if I spend it with you.” So adorable! The only statement that could possibly rival that one is Jason’s stereotypical husband remark: “Honey, can I go?” after declaring he doesn’t need Jenn’s permission to help Hannah with her charity project. And let’s not forget Jason’s other endearing comment about silence later in the movie: “Besides your laughter, my favorite sound.” Aww! In my opinion, that’s right up there with, “I know you’re there Elizabeth, I know your perfume.” It’s just so sweet seeing a stable marriage featured with both parties trying their hardest to keep the flame of romance lit.

Then there are the two brand new relationships featured: Hannah and Brett, and Dani and Drew. Do you think they did that on purpose? Jenn and Jason, Dani and Drew? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s cute no matter what. Anyway, I’m really glad they brought back the good Officer Brett Ryan; it makes for great continuity in the story, and Hannah needs a nice guy in her life. And let’s be honest, he’s just really handsome! Right, ladies? 😉

Then we have Dani and Drew. Nice to finally have one of her boyfriends stick for a change, and he’s a nice guy to boot! Wow, imagine that! Dani is seeing someone who is in more than one movie, does not turn out to be the murderer, and obviously adores her. Too bad he’s shorter than she is when wearing heels, but oh well. 😀 One thing I really like about them as a couple is how secure they are. They’re not afraid to take a stroll down memory lane, and revisit all those past times. On the other hand, they’re emotionally mature enough to not live in the past, thus preventing them from making a real connection in the present time.

The non-romantic chemistry ain’t too shabby either. I never get tired of watching Frank and Jenn quibbling about case details over pancakes, especially Frank mentioning his “dad bod”, and Jenn assuring him that he looks great, so he SHOULD have the pancakes. He has those signature lines like “Here we go”, “Should I even ask why you’re here?”, and “Is it safe to assume…” Then there’s Dani in her beautiful green coat trying to be the voice of reason; and when that doesn’t work, she says in her carefree tone, “Promise me you’ll be careful.”

I still can’t believe it was the ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend who committed the murder. Maybe it’s because I’m no good at figuring out mysteries, but I think they do a great job of keeping a person guessing until the very end. The confusion is definitely heightened when the innocent people are so confrontational. Did any Postables notice that the character of Grey seemed to be something of an artist in this series like his character in SSD? Maybe it’s a talent of his in real life?

Last thing I want to mention is something from the locker Jenn and Dani buy. When they look through their newly-purchased merchandise, the ladies find a crate of mason jars from the 1900’s. So THAT’S what happened to all the jars Jack used to propose! 😀

Third step: Saying good night. Thanks for coming again, everyone. And once again, thank you SO MUCH for your lovely and thoughtful birthday wishes. They really made my day. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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