Welcome back, and welcome to #WonderWednesday. Today, I thought would be “the opportune moment” to talk about Erin Krakow’s newest Hallmark Christmas movie “Engaging Father Christmas”, as its premiere just happened on Sunday. I always “wonder” what it’s like for her taking a modern role when she spends so much time in the 1900’s. Maybe one day, one of us will find out!

I have to confess something: I’m a Christmas enthusiast BIG TIME, but I’m also a Christmas purist. I usually have a very strict policy of: NO CHRISTMAS MOVIES BEFORE THANKSGIVING. I broke it for this movie! GASP! I know! But it was strictly for research purposes…for the blog…I know, I’ll keep telling myself that. Truthfully, I was really excited for this movie. I watched the first one, “Finding Father Christmas,” last year, and I wanted to see how the story continued.

BRIEF RECAP OF MOVIE #1 – CONTAINS SPOILERS! “Finding Father Christmas” stars Erin as Miranda Chester, daughter of an actress who died onstage during rehearsal for “The Christmas Carol”. Obviously that has soured the holiday significantly, especially because there’s no other family, and she’s never even known who her father is. When she’s given an old case of her mother’s things, she discovers a hidden panel with a picture of a small boy on Father Christmas’s lap. The only identifying label is a stamp: “Carlton Heath Photography”. So she packs a bag, and flies from Seattle to Boston a few days before Christmas, and finds her way to the very Christmasy Carlton Heath Inn. The owners are a sweet, local couple with a very handsome and VERY SINGLE son named Ian (played by WCTH Season 3 regular Niall Matter). Through a series of events and Ian’s help, Miranda uncovers the truth: her father was a famous actor who passed away a few years ago, and his very wealthy family still lives in town. After the shock of the revelation, they welcome her into the family, and Ian welcomes her into his heart. And as a side bonus, she learns to love Christmas too!

Which brings us to “Engaging Father Christmas”. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THIS MOVIE AND WCTH! By this time, Miranda and Ian have been dating for a year, so judging by the title, you can probably deduce what happens if you haven’t already seen it.  So let’s talk about it. First of all, watching those two play a couple, then seeing them play almost indifferent strangers on WCTH made me giggle. This coming from a girl who played a guy’s daughter in one play, then his mother in another. I still find it funny. The Hallmark circle is pretty small when you think about it, and sometimes it’s hard to keep everyone’s different relationships straight.

 I will admit that Niall doesn’t seem to have the same electricity with Erin that Daniel has, and I kept wanting him to go just a little deeper. But to be fair, Dan has had a LOT more time to develop said electricity. The character of Ian is just such a kind, understanding man. In fact, when the expected “drama” between the couple is supposed to ensue because he sees her with her ex-boyfriend, he calmly tells her that he expected him to try something. She’s so beautiful, how could he NOT think he’s missing out? And to top it off, he says the coveted line: “I love you” multiple times when we’re lucky if we hear it once in other movies. Can’t help but love the guy!

Let’s turn to the climax: the proposal. It was pretty spectacular! Horse-drawn carriage, path of lighted Christmas trees, gazebo with mistletoe, and a GORGEOUS diamond! They even added a little humor in there with her jumping the gun to say yes, and him saying, “Can I ask first?” One thing I will say: did her answer sound AWFULLY familiar? That’s because she said, “Yes, of course I will,” and in WCTH she said, “Of course I will, yes!” Willy Wonka comes to mind: “Strike that! Reverse it. Thank you.” And how many times is this actress going to get proposed to? Well, it’s Hallmark, so you never know!

Well my fellow Hooked Hearties, that about wraps up #WonderWednesday. Tune in on Friday for the first #FanFictionFriday, and have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving tomorrow! Ta ta for now!

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