Happy Valentine’s Day, Hearties! And now, it’s just 10 days until When Calls the Heart Season 6 will air for the first time, (I consider the Christmas special a precursor or preview, even though it’s technically the first episode.) It’s pretty exciting!

Did you see Paul Greene’s video wishing all of us a Happy Valentine’s Day? I think this day must be the #Hearties favorite besides Christmas and premiere day. Paul was of the same opinion. He went through the whole process of saying how Hearties remind him of hearts, then that makes him think of love, and that leads to thoughts of Valentine’s Day. It was very sweet!

And another really sweet occurrence happened at the TCA; I caught the interview on ETOnline. Daniel Lissing, the man himself, gave his own personal thumbs up to Season 6. “I think it’s great for the show,” he said; “Miss Jack, but get on board!” he said. Aye, aye, Captain! Easier said than done, of course; but we better follow orders. 😉

Now, time to honor the day. First of all, I hope all of you feel loved, no matter your situation in life. Feel the #Hearties love!

Secondly, let’s review a real gem of the holiday: the movie All Things Valentine. It’s really adorable! I call it You’ve Got Mail in reverse. There are 3 WCTH graduates on it: Jeremy Guilbaut (Ray Wyatt) plays Brendan’s best friend, Kit. Avery’s dad is portrayed by Daryl Shuttleworth, who we know as Inspector Houston. And then there’s Serge Houde: the Season 2 judge in WCTH, and Roy the restaurant owner in this film.

I’ve got to say, this movie caught my attention immediately because of how tragic the beginning is. How would you feel if you walked up to the sight of your boyfriend kissing another woman, while holding an expensive gift watch and giant Valentine balloons? Pretty awful, isn’t it?! Then we see Avery at least a year later; she’s an anonymous relationship advice columnist called Consult the Coach, VERY anti-Valentine’s Day, and a bit reluctant to have received the assignment to write about the dreaded day. Then her dog gets a fever.

Enter Dr. Brendan Bains, fellow anti-Valentiner, recently dumped man, (after the woman asked advice from a certain columnist,) and veterinarian extraordinaire. He heals the doctor while doing a superb job of flirting with the owner. Here’s the funny part: he takes the handle “Bench the Coach” to make fun of the advice therein. He’d type out a snarky remark, then smile and knock on the door, never dreaming the woman he’s falling for is the same one he’s knocking in print. And they both soften their opinions about the day of love.

Just like in You’ve Got Mail, he finds out first, and unfortunately, so does the ex-girlfriend. She goes to Avery, and reveals everything. Later she admits that was a mistake (DUH!) because Brendan had every intention of telling her himself; she was just jealous, even though she knows she and Brendan aren’t right for each other. What I like best is Avery’s reaction. At first, she sulks and hides, but after a wonderful father/daughter talk, she says, “It’s time the coach started thinking about the team.” I thought that was very clever. She focuses on her family, and shops for them to give them an amazing holiday. Of course things get cleared up, and they make up, but that really helped put her in the right mindset.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll see you tomorrow with another installment of Crossed Wires. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!

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