Happy New Year, Hearties! Did you have a nice Christmas? I must, once again, apologize for my lack of posts. To quote Jessica Lowndes’s character, Layla, in December Bride: “I haven’t had a second to breathe.” Creatures have DEFINITELY been stirring in and out of the house throughout the entire holiday, and it ain’t over yet! So today will be the makeup for yesterday, and hopefully, (fingers crossed!) I will have another post for you tomorrow.

So…The Greatest Christmas Blessing! Wow! What a special! The best part for me is perfectly summed up in a tweet I saw from Papa Heartie, Brian Bird, himself: “Jack will never be forgotten in Hope Valley.” I actually counted the references to our dearly departed man in red serge, verbal and nonverbal. There were 8. In my mind, it was such a lovely balance. They didn’t ignore Jack’s existence, and let him slip into the Black Hole; but they didn’t harp on his absence, and keep us in tears the entire time. Here are my top 3 favorite Jack moments in ascending order:
3) In the very beginning, the first thing we see is an arrangement of photographs of Jack; some alone, some with Elizabeth. The camera pans across them very slowly until Elizabeth appears in the frame reading a story to the baby. It set the tone for the whole show!
2) When Abigail, Rosemary, Florence, and Molly are finished decorating the baby’s room, Elizabeth is overcome with emotion. She is able to talk enough to say that the room is only missing one thing. When she walks away, the women start fretting, wondering what they could have possibly overlooked. She returns with something at her side, but we don’t catch a glimpse until she’s set it down; it’s a picture of Daddy. :’( Then the room is declared perfect.
1) In Benson Hills, after Elizabeth has bought the pram and is waiting for Abigail and Rosemary to pick her up, she sees a father and daughter together. She starts talking to Jack, saying how much she misses him, and all the little things that left with him. Suddenly, the father says, “Take a walk with me?” Elizabeth gasps in surprise, then smiles contentedly. You can tell she received her answer.

Okay, can we talk about Erin for a moment? Lori insisted she needed to be nominated for an Emmy in the final episode of Season 5 because of her amazing performance as the grief-stricken widow. While I agree with that 100%, I think she needs a nomination for Christmas Blessing. She’s never been pregnant a day in her life, and she pulled it off like a pro! I’ve been pregnant 4 times, so I know! I realize the pregnant belly helped, but still! She had the waddle mastered like a champ, the fatigue down to a science, and the aching…well let’s just say I was reaching for my back a lot! And that scene with the pickles and Ned. 😀 I laughed so hard at Elizabeth’s vital decision about whether or not to take the extra jar. As for the birth, let’s leave the labor as is, shall we?

So, Jesse…he’s moving up in the ranks of Hope Valley men, isn’t he? Not only does he pick up the stranded orphans WHILE he’s out cutting down the town’s Wishing Tree, but he’s willing to subject himself to becoming a human puzzle just to go to a BALLET with Clara? What a guy! He used to be out for number 1 and no one else, but he’s really progressed into a wonderful human being. And his hair was amazing to boot! Keep that haircut, Aren! This Heartie is a super fan! But we can’t mention Jesse’s tux without talking about the other men of Hope Valley. In true WCTH fashion, they all pull together to help Jesse go to the big event without being embarrassed. Even though the pants were lent out a bit reluctantly, (poor Mike getting the dirty job of asking Bill!), the puzzle was eventually completed. And Clara! I’ve only got 3 words for her: OOH LA LA! Did she make that dress?

Speaking of Bill, didn’t he and Abigail make quite the team? Say what you like about the characters romantically, but they play off of each other so incredibly. One of the best parts is when Abigail is panicking about the availability of desserts for the Christmas Eve feast, and it is only heightened when Bill says his mother’s figgy pudding is all she needs. When she…”expresses concern”, he gives her such a slow glare, I was momentarily holding my breath.

Well, my extended family just rushed in, so sadly, I must depart before I’m through. If I don’t do Part 2 tomorrow, I promise…to do my best…to do it next week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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