Okay, admit it: you sang the title, didn’t you? Welcome to the one and only #MerryChristmasMonday… at least for another 7 years or so. Well, the day has arrived. As I’m typing this, there are a mere 7 hours and 40 minutes until my premiere time! My mother-in-law, 3 of my sisters-in-law, my oldest daughter, even one brother-in-law, will all be gathered around the TV with our hot cocoa and our tissues. I’m going to see if I can convince my husband to watch too. That can be my Christmas present to make up for not getting me a Heartie ornament or cookbook.

So how was everyone’s Christmas? We had quite the flurry of activity over here. I was up before my kids! It totally was the pregnancy; wink, wink. Santa brought me this beautiful necklace. It was in my stocking. He must know me pretty well! Appropriate, isn’t it?


 My “kids” got me this beautiful scarf covered with heart emojis. They know me so well too! Actually, my daughter wrote me a beautiful letter as a Christmas present, and at the end, she wrote “you are a hordy”, (you are a Heartie)! But I am TOTALLY wearing this scarf when I watch tonight!

So how is it going to happen tonight? I know the pictures suggest it will happen a certain way. I admit, it doesn’t APPEAR to be as epic as I pictured, but looks can be deceiving. No matter how it happens, I know it will be beautiful. Obviously I can’t write about it now, but I’ll be posting reactions to the movie either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Well, Hearties, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a great time watching the movie; either tonight, or whenever you get to. May you feel the peace of the holiday season, even after today is over.

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