Happy Anniversary, Hooked Heartie blog! It was one year ago today that I took a total leap in the dark, and started something I had no idea how to do! And several of you actually READ what I had to say! GASP! And so many of you have stuck with me as I’ve struggled, and tried to figure things out. Heck, I’m STILL figuring things out, and you’re still here! And you’re Hearties, and Postables, family, and friends and even cast and crew from both shows! I’ve even been granted an interview by some very special in the not-too-distant future that shall remain nameless for the time being. But trust me when I say, the prospect is very exciting! YAHOO! So today, I’m grateful for friends…in all shapes and forms! Long-time friends, new friends, older friends, younger friends, friends far and near, friends who are family, friends who are like family, friends I don’t know well, and friends I have yet to meet. I love you all, and if you’re reading this, you are definitely in my group of friends! And I love you all!

Now, let’s celebrate! I’ve got some fun things, as well as a big announcement 😀 Part 1: Something New. I want to expand the Hooked Heartie Guild! If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it’s the group you are a part of once you register on the page. But since it’s the anniversary, and you’re here reading this, you can have a special look at the Hooked Heartie Guild Oath and Handshake.


As an official member of the Hooked Hearties Guild, I vow I will:
Bake like Abigail,
Advise like Rosemary.
Play charades like Lee,
Enforce like Bill,
Stare like Henry,
Play like Cody,
Cuddle like Brownie,
Teach like Elizabeth,
Love like Jack!


1. Shake hands

2. Hold hands as if arm wrestling

3. Hook fingers around each other

4. Make a heart with opposing thumbs and forefingers

Now we’ll know each other wherever we go. And no, the oath does not need to be memorized; I don’t even know it by heart. Now for Part 2: Something Old(ish). In honor of this wonderful series we’ve all come to know and love, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Here are my picks for the funniest and most memorable lines in each season. I would love for all of you to comment some of your picks!
S1: -Your presence could sidetrack an army! -Jack
-You’re the one, you’re the only one! -Jack

S2: -It’s the other knee. -Elizabeth
-I love you, Elizabeth Thatcher! -Jack

S3: -Ma, you can’t cook either. -Jack
-Waking up next to the one you love every morning. -Jack

S4: -Fairest Katie, I deeply apologize for being an utter GOOSE! –“Murphy” with Rosemary’s voice
-Take a walk with me. -Jack’s written word, read by Elizabeth

S5: -What is that smell? It’s a root cellar; don’t ask! -Lee and Bill
-From chalk dust to eternity, I’m yours! -Elizabeth

Did you pick the same ones? Do you have other choices? Well, whatever the case, I hope those brought smiles to your beautiful faces. And if you need reminders about where any of them happened, I’d be happy to oblige!

Okay, Part 3: Announcements. First of all, my dear friend Sarah and I have started writing our book! That being said, we need time to actually write those words. 😀 As a result, I will be reducing posts from 3 times a week to 2 times a week. During the season, we’ll have #MondayMusings to talk about the new episodes, and #WonderWednesday to discuss other projects/events of cast and crew, or to be introduced to new Hearties. In the off-season, we’ll still have #WonderWednesday, then I’ll also post on Fridays for either #FlashbackFriday or #FanFictionFriday. I might even post sections of the book every once in a while. We could certainly use feedback!

The exception to this new arrangement will be special occasions, such as highlighting cast and crew for their birthdays, for example. And that brings me to the final announcement: next week will be Martin Cummins week. It’s his birthday! So all you Gowen fans, which Gowen moment would you like me to discuss for #FlashbackFriday? And I might have a thing or two up my sleeve. 😉

Well, everybody, thank YOU for making this anniversary possible! I didn’t buy or make myself a new dress the way Wilma Lawson did for her anniversary, and I didn’t take a ride in a fancy new car, but I can’t think of a better way to spend it than writing and hearing from you! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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