Happy Friyay! And happy birthday to Lori tomorrow! In honor of that, I give you an Abigail #FlashbackFriday. The hardest part was picking one out of SO many amazing Abigail moments! But I finally settled on going all the way back to Season 1: “Honey!” This is one of the first, if not THE first sage and wise motherly advice Abigail gives to Jack, and they really begin to connect.

I love how it starts: it’s a little thing, but I think it illustrative of Jack’s thoughtfulness. He calls out to “Mrs. Stanton” so he doesn’t startle her, then delivers his warning to lock the door and windows; but you know there’s more. Like any mother figure, she senses just that, and inquires. I thought it so funny when Jack complains, “Any advice on getting a woman to listen to me?” Classic moment watching Abigail try not to laugh, and politely asking if they’re talking about Elizabeth, even though she KNOWS they are.

She speaks very plainly and soundly. It’s good advice for any man: “…make sure you’re saying something important.” Being a man on a mission, Jack doesn’t quite take the hint. He just spouts off about Elizabeth hanging around Billy Hamilton. We all know he’s jealous, but at least he’s TRYING to be professional. He IS within his rights. Billy is “a man of low character,” and Jack was assigned to protect her. But Abigail knows that’s not the only reason, so she switches trains of thought.

As a result, we get the favorite line, those wise old words: “Well, they say you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Jack still balks at this idea, certain Abigail is trying to entice him to play some kind of game. And then, my personal favorite part: Abigail shushes Jack’s tirade, and stoically repeats, “Honey.” Then in true Jack fashion, he humbly mumbles, “Yes, ma’am.” Actually that’s how almost EVERYONE acts around Abigail. 😀

Here’s a little fun tidbit about this moment: there’s a deleted section of the scene. I saw it when I watched the trailer for the Season 1 premiere some months ago. Abigail straight out asks Jack if he’s attracted to Elizabeth. Jack gets testy, and protests, “Why does everyone keep saying that.” Abigail, with a twinkle in her eye, calmly responds, “Perhaps because you’re giving them cause.” I know they cut it for pacing and stretching out the story, but it was so perfect, I wish they would have included it. It further demonstrates Abigail’s wisdom, not to mention her wonderful woman’s intuition that Jack so desperately needs.

Well, Hearties, that about does it! Don’t forget to send Lori a very happy birthday wish tomorrow, and I’ll see you next week for more Hooked Heartie Magic. And for your laughing pleasure, I give you a picture of my daughter’s peanut butter and honey sandwich with flies all over it. 😀



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