Hey, all! Long time, no see! 😉 For #FlashbackFriday today, I wanted to do something special. Let’s think back to this last episode. I’m sure that while watching the reception, it didn’t escape your notice that the father/daughter dance was…well, a little snappy, short-lived. It was the one thing I didn’t like about the episode. I understand WHY they did it – time constraints – it was just a little disappointing. I would have liked to see her dance with both men a little longer. That being said, and this might make me sound contradictory, I like the WAY they did it. Why, you ask? Because Jack used what I call his “signature line”, and he hasn’t said it in a VERY LONG TIME! As a matter of fact, it has not been uttered since the middle of Season 3. What is that line? It’s “May I?” He’s so polite, isn’t he? So here are the 8 times Jack uses his manners so adorably with these 2 simple words.
-Season 1 Episode 2: Cease & Desist. The first time Jack ever says it to Elizabeth. She is struggling to bring in the wooden boxes of books her father sent her.
-Season 1 Episode 8: Perils of the Soloist. Jack offers to help Elizabeth sew costumes for Founder’s Day
-Season 1 Episode 9: Change of Heart. This episode has 2 instances if you’re okay with fudging the rules a bit. They’re also the 2 most romantic instances! Jack asks “Your hand, may I have it?” when asking Elizabeth to dinner. It’s more than the two words, but the sentiment is the same. But we’re back to the pure form when Jack asks permission to pin the corsage on Elizabeth’s shoulder.
-Season 1 Episode 12: Prelude to a Kiss. This is when Jack is trying to change the subject and lighten the mood. He asks if he can turn her “squid” into a comet.
-Season 2 Episode 10: With All My Heart. This is my favorite happening of the signature phrase. I bet it’s yours too. Jack asks Elizabeth’s permission to examine her knee!
-Season 3 Episode 5: A Gentle Heart. Jack asks Elizabeth to dance after she’s “stood up” by Cody at the Kindness Week dance.
-Season 3 Episode 6: Forever in My Heart. This one isn’t to Elizabeth, but it’s full of compassion and friendliness. It’s to Edith, asking to see Roy’s picture in her locket.
-Season 5 Episode 6: My Heart is Yours. The one we just witnessed, when Jack requests the opportunity to dance with…his wife!

Well, that’s it. I hope the writers continue using this phrase. I find it simple, but poignant. And as I said, for a while, it was Jack’s signature line. I’m excited to see what will happen this next episode. I’ve watched some sneak peeks, and the episode looks very promising! It’s also good to see them not back down on storyline simply because Jack and Elizabeth are married now. I foresee lots of good drama in the future! See you Monday, when I’ll review that very episode!

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