Happy Thursday, Hearties! Thanks for your patience yesterday! Time for The Wedding Part 2! Here’s where we get more of the show, as well as some behind-the-scenes trivia.

First thing I want to say is how glad I am that they addressed the black holes; especially Jack’s mother, and what happened between Tom and Julie. Obviously, Brooke Shields didn’t want to, or couldn’t, come back. They could have ignored her absence, but they didn’t. I think they knew “Where was Charlotte?” would be splashed all over social media. We Hearties are a force of nature, after all! 🙂

Tom and Julie were well handled too. I confess, I don’t know why Julie bothered going home, or why she arrived separately from their father, but I’m glad she was there. I’m glad Tom was there too. Jack has such a little family, we had to have SOMEONE from his side there! It was apparent that the former lovebirds hadn’t seen each other since Season 2, and that they’d both done a little growing up. I couldn’t get over Tom being in a suit! And how did he get that AMAZING job with the tire company? I had to laugh when Jack said he’d buy him a drink; then after one look at his wheels, decided Tom could buy him one! I was also very intrigued when Julie brought up her art show, and asked him to come. He all but agreed, albeit a little awkwardly. Is there a future for them after all? Are we being teased? Did Papa Heartie put the writers up to his old pot-stirring tricks? Who knows?! And WHY would Tom bring a date to the wedding when he’s been on the road? Even traveling from Hamilton seems like quite a long distance to bring someone who’s just a date. Silly Julie!

One more thing about Tom. I’ve heard several people speculate why there was no conversation/confrontation with him and Mr. Thatcher. I thought about that too, and then I noticed they carried that wood in together. Since this episode (sadly!) was only an hour long, I’m thinking that was a quick way to show a conversation happened previously, and them carrying wood together was a symbol that they were at least at peace with each other.

Which brings me to Daddy! My first thought was how gracious he was trying to be with his… less than affluent surroundings. But he WAS gracious! I just recently watched part of Season 2 with a friend, and the difference in attitude is overwhelming! I love how surprised he was with volunteers fixing the church, and then he jumped right in! He’s probably not the sort of man who’s used to manual labor. And then there’s Elizabeth’s home. I lost my father about 7 years ago, so that was an especially touching scene. He does survey her dwellings with a bit of a critical eye, but then follows up with, “You’re marrying a good man.” I can’t imagine how much that must have meant to her. But the best part about that scene: “I may be grown, but I will ALWAYS be your little girl!” Usually, grown children say the exact opposite: “I’m not a child anymore!” How refreshing to hear a bride reassure her father instead of expecting vice versa.   

Ordinarily, this would be the part where we would talk about the bride and groom; nope! Not happening! I’m saving them for last! We’re going to Bill. I think the funniest thing about his “predicament” is he looks more panicked about the rings not being at the ceremony than he does about being shot at by outlaws. He handles both situations with his savviness. He’s so smart, isn’t he? And at the same time that he’s upholding the law, he’s teaching that very green Mountie a thing or two about strategy. And that poor Mountie! It’s obvious he’s practically brand new, and yet he’s trying to act tough. This will be an adventure the character, and the actor, will always remember! Jack Wagner said on Home and Family that that one scene of having the windows shot out was a 15-hour day! When the guest host, Allie (spelling?), asked if he liked it, he instantly replied, “A guy with a gun and a horse…a dream come true for an actor!” Guess the long day was worth it!

Two more things I loved about Bill’s involvement. He tries so hard to be tough and gritty, but we all know he’s one big softy! How kind, and very thoughtful, of him to take care of the Mountie business for Jack. What’s also interesting is I almost expected Jack to get upset when he found out Bill did the assignment for him; he’s usually very protective of his work. That shows just how dedicated Jack is to this wedding, and how desperately he wants to marry Elizabeth. I also adored how Bill showed up smelling like the root cellar. Kavan and Daniel had fantastic reactions; especially Daniel because he had no lines. It was all non-verbal. That’s some of the best acting a performer can display.

Okay, okay! We can talk about the happy couple now! Where do we start?! Let’s start with the line that made all Heartie hearts go pitter-pat: “I wanted to kiss Miss Elizabeth Thatcher before she became Mrs. Jack Thornton.” The man can even make a name sound romantic! Compare that serenity to the complete trepidation on his face at the thought of only 14 hours until Elizabeth becomes his wife. He went from “not really” nervous, to “maybe a few” nerves, to “shaking in my boots” in a matter of seconds. Poor man!

But let’s talk about the crowning event: that beautiful wedding! The decorations alone were so elegant, that they would cover the fire damage.  And then, there’s that sweet blue pillow. I thought it was charming to make the ring pillow the “something blue”; not to mention Julie was in blue too. But, of course, Elizabeth’s exquisite dress stole the show! Hallmark Channel is actually giving away the dress in a sweepstakes. Wouldn’t that be some prize?!

Did you just want to faint at the sight of him seeing her? Daniel Lissing said on Home and Family that he purposefully didn’t look at Erin before the cameras rolled so he could have a more genuine reaction. Well, it worked! It was perfect! Once again, his eyes work magic! And their words! I’m sure you know by now that Daniel and Erin wrote the vows for their characters. They were flawless! What you may not know is that 10 minutes before the cameras rolled on the vows, Daniel got the call from his mother that his grandfather had passed away. And he still went on with the scene! But the emotion was so raw and genuine. Put that together with those beautiful words they wrote, and it was magical! “From chalk dust to eternity…I’m yours!”

Did you notice how Jack tightened his grip on Elizabeth’s hands when Frank pronounced them man and wife? He just got so excited! And that kiss! Ooooooh, that kiss!!! Filled with all the passion of a newly married man who’s been eager to marry his love, and his wedding ring plainly visible! And their foreheads briefly touched after they kissed too; one of their signature moves! It was pretty close to perfection!

Try not to swoon too much, everyone, there’s still more story to see. Much love, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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