I know I missed Friday, but I do have a very good excuse: my daughter turned 6, and my son turned 2. Yes, it was on the same day, and in quarantine. But it was a good day, and thank you to all of you that sent them birthday wishes. It really did make their day!

I also realize it’s late, but I wanted to make sure I gave you a Monday post. So in the words of Lucas in last night’s episode, “I’ll be very quick.” Tonight, you get TWO podcasts: the recap of last week’s episode of When Calls The Heart, and the recap of last night’s When Hope Calls. Enjoy, and I WILL be back for a much-anticipated #FaceOffFriday. Enjoy!

This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Well, did you have a good weekend? It was pretty eventful after being so quiet. Two NEW movies, two new episodes! After such a stretch, we got Hallmark overload!

And did you notice that VERY special guest star who was visiting in Brookfield? More like he was on official business, but you know, tomato, tomahto. 🙂 It’s funny. When this episode of When Hope Calls dropped on Hallmark Movies Now back in September, Nathan’s demeanor and air of confidence was a sharp contrast to the meek behavior we’d seen from him in Hope Valley during Season 6 of When Calls the Heart. But after watching last night’s episode of WCTH, (and a few before that too,) that boldness and authoritative attitude fit right in.

So have fun listening to Rachel and me gab about Gabe! (See what I did there?) 😀 Not to mention we giggle about the gold. I’ll be back later this week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy Friday, #Hearties! It is Friday, right? I’m losing my sense of days here! I gotta say though, I am so glad everything was all set and ready to go for our series before this broke out. This is “the little show that could, but it’s been through enough! It’s high time it had a break.

But anyway, with time escaping me, I still remembered that it’s Friday so I can do round two of Season 7’s #FaceOffFriday. I tell you though, it is getting harder and harder to rate and score these men on their interactions with Elizabeth! In Season 6, they were so separate. Now they converse with each other so often, and Elizabeth has interchanges with them at the same time quite a bit. But once again, I’ve done my darndest. So…LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!



E4: SWEET AND SOUR (By the way, STILL can’t get over the timing of this episode!)


+1 Continually reading her chapters & returning them
+1 Trying to share excitement about character dynamics
+1 Very patient with constant interruptions
+1 Elizabeth got flustered and made sure she said goodbye
+1 Offer to help Nathan spread the word. (This was edgy since he did it to look good, but he saw it thru)
+1 Asking after Baby Jack’s health
+1 “You deserve nothing less.”


+1 Brought Allie to school to see Elizabeth
+1 Elizabeth got flustered and made sure she said goodbye
+1 Took her suggestion to warn elderly quickly and eagerly
+1 Accepted Lucas’s help even though he was clearly annoyed
+1 “Despite our mutual feelings for the town, I appreciate the help.” (I know Elizabeth isn’t here in this, but it’s all about her, he lays it all out on the table, and it was REALLY big of him!)
+1 Elizabeth called him back, obviously wants him to stay and chat
+1 Her excitement at Nathan helping Gowen and his admiration for her sticking by him.
+1 His compliment about her loyalty to her friends
+1 He doesn’t add a “but” even when she gives him the opportunity




+1 “Two of my favorite people”
+1 Marveling so sincerely about Jack’s growth
-1 Threw Nathan under the bus and let him embarrass himself in front of Elizabeth
+2 Wave to Elizabeth and he waved first
+1 Showing the magic trick
+1 Teaching Elizabeth the trick
+1 Playing darts with Elizabeth
+1 Elizabeth “admits” to having feelings for him
+1 Brought her flowers
+1 Told her to enjoy them and she deserved them


+1 Saying how much his horse likes Jack
+1 Shaking Jack’s hand
+1 Acknowledging her hard work
+1 Saying he’ll do something nice for her
+1 Small smile and gaze at Elizabeth
+1 Bigger smile when she smiles at him
+1 Wave
+1 Got Lucas away from Elizabeth (Honestly, I was going to dock him for lying, but he’s been so mousy that I admired him stepping up)
+1 Pulled the “show me” play
+1 Elizabeth “admits” to having feelings for him
+1 Brought her flowers


Lucas – 16, Nathan – 17

Lucas – 33, Nathan – 33.


Whoa! This is seriously eerie! That about sums up how I’m feeling at the present moment! I think they really are neck-in-neck. And funny thing, last time we did this, the scores were the exact same numbers, just switched. Boy! These people sure know how to keep us on the edge! I guess we’ll just have to wait a couple days and see who gets the advantage this time. And in the meantime, here are a couple things for you to enjoy. First, the recap of episode 5!


And secondly, check out this awesome shot I just happened to get because I randomly paused the TV at a lucky moment. Talk about neck-in-neck!


Okay, I’ll see you Monday! Stay healthy! Stay sane! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


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Hi, everybody! This is going to have to be a quick one, but I wanted to make sure you got your dose of When Hope Calls today. There really isn’t much to say that Amy and I didn’t chat about in the podcast. So enjoy! I hope it helps the cabin fever. Stay safe! Stay healthy! And don’t give up hope! 😉

AND! Don’t forget to come back on Friday for the second #FaceOffFriday of the season! It’s going to be quite the doozy! These Elizabeth and Lucas encounters, plus the Elizabeth and Nathan interactions are getting blurred, and it’s definitely much harder to define them. But I’ll do my darndest to award points fairly and objectively. See you on Friday! Until then, have a good week, okay?

This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Happy Friday! I bet I know what you’re thinking: “Kami, you PROMISED to deliver #FlashbackFriday!” I know, I know! Things did get busy yesterday, and I’m sorry. But in my defense, I’m only a day late. And besides, with posting one day late, I’m able to include the S7E4 recap with the blog! It was only released this morning. So there’s one good thing.

By the way, I confused someone with my use of episode numbers. So from now on, to dispel any puzzlement, I’m not going to include the Christmas movie in the numbers. It will be strictly the season run, starting with “A Moving Picture” being Episode 1. So hopefully that helps you wonderful readers and listeners follow along better.

So! Welcome to #FlashbackFriday. Since it is the end of Kevin McGarry’s birthday week, my Hooked Heartie tradition is to review his favorite moment of his character. I was lucky enough to be able to ask Kevin what his favorite Nathan moment is thus far. Given the fact that this is only Kevin’s second season on the show, there aren’t as many to choose from. Also, since Nathan’s story has only just started getting deeper, that narrows the field even more. So we’re not flashing back very far, but it’s such a great moment that I don’t think anyone is going to care.

Kevin’s favorite Nathan moment so far is when Nathan is forced to arrest his father at the barbecue in front of the whole town. There are two reasons Kevin mentioned for his choice: 1) The storyline was one he “could really sink [his] teeth into”. 2) That moment was such a powerful one for him to portray; it’s the kind of dramatic moment performers love to act out.



We already talked about this moment in the recap, but this is the perfect time to really delve into Nathan’s thoughts and reasons for his actions. First of all, what a performance! Kevin was fabulous this whole episode. As for this particular moment, can you imagine how much was racing through Nathan’s head? We all saw how angry he was when his father showed up in town, and the great lengths he took to keep Allie away. The Mountie instincts and past history were not exactly a formula for welcoming dear old Dad with open arms. He fought against every effort Archie made, and called him out on every excuse. Only after Allie’s sweet and insistent list of reasons she should meet her grandfather did he relent even the tiniest bit. And even then, Nathan was still hesitant, double checking if his father had TRULY quit. But he did invite Archie to sit with him and Allie at the town picnic, so he was VERY slowly warming up.

Then, just when the sun started breaking through, the thunderclouds roll in with a vengeance! Can you imagine Nathan’s rage? He let his guard down the tiniest bit, and according to Nathan’s feelings, he was betrayed! The fuming in his face is unmistakable. He’s trying to hold his emotions in and remain professional, but without much success. He’s seething as he stomps into the middle of the picnic, and slams Archie’s glass of lemonade down, then hauls him off. Not only is he angry because he thinks his father lied for the umpteenth time, but it pains him to know end that now Allie is involved. Then rub salt into that barely-healing wound when all this drama happens in front of the woman for whom Nathan is falling fast! His heart is broken, and he is livid. He’s on the verge of tears when he tells his father he wants so badly to believe him. And that’s why he’s also angry with himself, almost as much as he is with his father.



Kevin’s performance in this scene really is fantastic, and he pulled us as an audience down the path of discovery with him. Happy birthday week, Kevin! And everyone, we have something to look forward to amidst all the chaos and fear: a return to Hope Valley and Brookfield ! It’s almost worth being cooped up for, and those trips always make us feel better. So I’ll see you Monday for #MondayMusings on When Hope Calls! Then…Friday brings with it another #FaceOffFriday! Exciting!


Icing on the cake: here is the S7E4 recap I promised. Have a blast with it! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!



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