Well, my dear #Heartie friends, we are a mere 5 DAYS away from seeing the one and only Jack Thornton sweep the beautiful Elizabeth Thatcher into his arms, and give her the reunion kiss of a lifetime! Can we wait? Well, we gotta, right? While I cannot WAIT to see it, that will mean Christmas is over, and that just makes me sad. December 26th is the saddest day on my calendar. I’m kind of into Christmas, if you couldn’t tell! But at least there will be the Season 5 premiere to look forward to. THAT is worth saying goodbye to the Christmas season for a while.

So! Today’s #WonderWednesday is Erin Krakow’s 2014 Christmas movie A Cookie Cutter Christmas. This is actually the first thing I saw Erin in, as I hadn’t discovered WCTH yet. (SAD day for me! I call those The Dark Days!) The first and foremost thing I noticed that I had completely forgotten is how many stars from our wonderful series are a part of it; a lot more than I remembered! Of course there’s Erin as the teacher Christie Reynolds, but there’s also Genea Charpentier (Laura Campbell) as her student Lily Thompson, and Jill Morrison (Carla Noonan the pregnant mother from Season 1) as Ali. But I think the best surprise and cutest coincidence is Gracyn Shinyei (Emily Montgomery) as young Christie. Isn’t that cool!

I find it adorable that Erin plays a teacher who can’t bake, then learns how. Where have we heard THAT before? She certainly has a knack for portraying non-culinary educators. And then, there’s shepherd’s pie in the mix too! I do admit, the one thing that bothers me is the feud between Christie and Penny Miller. I guess it’s possible for two grown women to hold onto a petty grudge that long, and to act that childish, but I’d prefer not to witness it. Why would you want to act like that in front of a guy you really like?! I start cringing every time the two of them are on screen together.  So we won’t dwell on that!

Let’s move to David Haydn-Jones. He plays James Thompson, Lily’s father, and Christie’s love interest. HE has a knack for playing a philanthropist in Christmas movies. In this movie, he’s the head of a donation center for the needy. In another movie called Dear Santa, his character owns and runs a soup kitchen. I wonder if that’s something he does in his own time. And instead of just trying to be nice to Penny and saying he’ll go out with her, he comes right out and says he is seeing someone. I like straightforward behavior in a man!

I also want to give a shout-out to the late Alan Thicke, who played the famous chef judge of the cookie contest; not of the WCTH variety, but a fabulous actor. It was about this time last year that he passed away from a ruptured aorta. Such a sad loss to the acting world, but movies like this help us remember him fondly.

One thing I want to point out that I liked was the first attempt at a kiss. While I’m not a huge fan of throwing the kiss in at the end when a prior attempt has been made, they did something different this time. The camera takes an angle in between their two faces, and you see the “distraction” from in between them. Way to shake up an old tactic, and make it new.

The other aspect I loved was the character of Lily. I love that when the “drama” enters the scene, and James thinks Christie stole his recipe, Lily tells him how it is, plain as day. She tells him flat out to give her another chance because HER teacher would never cheat. But the best thing about her is that she breaks up their first kiss just so she can hug them both. The laugh Erin gives there is so genuine, it makes me wonder again if it was improv.

I must say that I learned a few baking tips from this film. That’ll come in handy for my holiday baking! And speaking of which, I need to get back to it. Farewell for now! Join me again on Friday for the first #FlashbackFriday.

Hey, everybody! I’m Sharleen, today’s #MeetYouMonday Heartie! Here’s a little bit about me. It’s short, and to the point; I didn’t have to do a lot of typing, and you don’t have to do a lot of reading. So here it goes:

I am originally from the Rockies but now live in Texas. My family includes a wonderful husband and 4 kids that keep me hopping!

I love reading, photography, sewing, teaching my kids piano and math, and I love to watch period pieces, like…hmm…When Calls the Heart, of course!

How did I find WCTH? Funny story, that! My mother-in-law introduced me to it, and I feel bad that I went into it thinking I wouldn’t like it, because boy was I wrong!! Such a great show, and thanks to Kami, for keeping me addicted. 🙂

My favorite is Season 1 Episode 12. I love beginnings more than middles or ends. So while I am enjoying all of the seasons, this episode is my favorite. I love the artwork gift from Jack for Elizabeth, the kiss, and that Rosemary is staying in town. Ha!

My favorite charater: I’m going with the masses. Jack. He just radiates goodness and he is easy on the eyes!

I love being a Heartie! This show is filmed beautifully, is full of well-developed characters that are easy to love, and has so many good morals that it teaches. I love that this is a show that I can watch with my daughters, sisters, and mother-in-law, and friends. It is a great way to bond.

To wish you all a Merry Christmas, here’s a picture I drew of me and my family; so…MERRY CHRISTMAS!




Well my dear Hearties, we’ve arrived. Welcome to the final Christmas edition of #FanFictionFriday. This is the last “Kami’s vision” homecoming scenario you’ll read before we see the REAL one in TEN DAYS!!! Now if you’ve seen the promotional photos of the episode, keep in mind that I wrote these well before they were published; so the two won’t mesh. But I hope you still like it.

This story was my first attempt at a plot longer than a single page. I wanted Jack to be spotted by one of the school children from far away, and Harper’s sweet temperament and fresh-looking face wouldn’t leave my head. So let yourself be swept away to Hope Valley, and watch Jack and Elizabeth reunite in your head one more time.



Harper ambled his way through the icy grass, crunching his way to the pond. His right hand clutched his fishing rod, his left hand fingered the knife in his pocket. He hadn’t told his friends where he was going; how could he explain why he was going fishing in December? It was because Papa had taught him how to fish, and Christmas had been his favorite time of year.  To Harper, it made perfect sense to put the two together, but it might not to anyone else…so he kept it to himself. He wasn’t even expecting to catch anything; he just wanted to feel close to Papa for a little while.

Harper quietly recited the St. Francis Prayer to himself as he went through the motions of baiting his hook, smiling fondly as he remembered Papa teaching him that too.  He had just started trying to poke holes through the frozen water when something caught his eye.  Quite a distance away was a black horse carrying a rider with a long black coat and a very familiar wide-brimmed hat.  Harper squinted, then froze like the snow beneath him as he watched the rider dismount.  Was it really?  He shook his head; no, it couldn’t be.  Just when he made up his mind to go back to fishing, the rider took off his coat and hat, revealing a bright red serge jacket, and short brown hair.  It had to be!!!  It had to be Mountie Jack!!!  Harper jumped up, ready to be the first one to welcome him home.  Then he stopped himself.  “No,” Harper said aloud, “Miss Thatcher should be the first one to welcome him back.”  With his back turned, Mountie Jack hadn’t seen him yet!  Harper backed away as carefully as he could until he was sure Mountie Jack wasn’t turning around, then he took off running toward town; racing as fast as his legs would carry him.

Jack panted impatiently as he dismounted Sergeant to look at the horse’s left rear leg.  Then he groaned in frustration as he removed his coat and hat.  Sergeant had somehow cut himself pretty badly right on the hock; there was no way he could go on until Jack stopped the bleeding.  “It’s not your fault, boy,” Jack sighed as he patted Sergeant’s back and reached in his saddle bag for supplies.  He couldn’t help but think that if only his fellow Mountie whom he’d invited home for Christmas hadn’t needed to stop in Cape Fullerton first…he might have been able to leave Sergeant in his care; then he could have gotten home to Elizabeth that much sooner.  No sense in dwelling on that now, Jack scolded himself.  Just get it done.  Jack managed to stop the bleeding, then he wrapped up Sergeant’s leg.  “You’ll be all right, boy,” Jack soothed the horse.  “We’ll rest here for a bit, then we’ll go home.”  Home.  The word tasted like honey on his lips.  Honey, not vinegar, he laughed to himself; then a picture of Elizabeth’s enchanting smile appeared in his mind.  Oh, how his arms ached to wrap around his beautiful fiancée, and just hold her!  He could see the pond from where he stood; her row house was only a few minutes from there.  He was so close!  Jack donned his coat and hat again and began to pace, the minutes stretching into hours.

Harper burst into Abigail’s Café, and hastily looked it over, gasping for breath. 

Abigail scurried over to the boy.  “Harper, what’s wrong?!” 


“She’s at the mercantile,” Abigail replied, concerned.  “Is something the ma…” 

Harper turned, and bolted back outside; leaving nothing but a cold gust of wind, and Abigail’s confused face behind.

Elizabeth was having a rare, but pleasant conversation with Bill while she did her shopping.  He was asking for her Shepherd’s Pie recipe, of all things!  She was just telling him to add paprika instead of pepper, when the door was forcefully pushed open.  Elizabeth gasped, then breathed a little easier when she saw it was only Harper.  He was probably in a big hurry to buy some Christmas candy.  But he charged straight at her! 

“Harper, what’s wrong?!” she inquired as the boy desperately tried to talk. 

Finally he puffed, “Mountie Jack…he’s back!!!” 

Elizabeth felt all the blood leave her face.  She hunched down to his level.  “Harper, are you absolutely sure?”  Harper nodded fervently.  “Where is he?” Elizabeth tried to keep her voice from quivering as her student caught his breath enough to speak. 

“Just beyond the pond, where the hills start.  I wanted you to be the first to welcome him home.” 

A laugh erupted from Elizabeth’s throat as tears spilled from her eyes.  She squeezed Harper tightly, then stood upright.  “Bill, could I borrow your horse?” 

Bill gave her a gruff, but endearing, “Go ahead.  Consider it an early Christmas present.”  Elizabeth pressed a kiss to his cheek, sprinted out the door, mounted Bill’s horse, and flew toward the pond; her heart pounding as wildly as the hooves.

“All right, my friend,” Jack said firmly as he took hold of the reins beside his mount.  “Time to go.”  Sergeant snorted at him, as if irritated.  “I promise to take it slow,” Jack grumbled good-naturedly.  He had led the horse along for about two minutes when a blur of a pink coat and long, curly hair appeared on the horizon.  Jack’s determined face broke into a delighted smile, and his heart leapt into his throat as the love of his life rode up to him, reined in the horse, and jumped down with practiced expertise. Then she suddenly looked uncertain, as if she didn’t know quite how to greet him after so many months apart.  Jack briefly wondered if somehow her feelings had changed, but then he saw the adoration in her eyes, the tears of relief on her face, and his ring adorning her finger. 

“You’re home!” she cried. 

He smiled broadly, and admitted, “This isn’t quite how I pictured it.  I was hoping to surprise you.” 

“Oh, you certainly did that!” her voice continued to quaver.  Then almost at the exact same moment, they both decided they couldn’t stay apart any longer. They darted toward one another, and met in an embrace of pure ecstasy. 

Elizabeth could hear Jack chuckle warmly near her ear, and a shiver rushed through her body.  How she had longed for the warm, tender, and protecting clasp of this man’s arms; this man whom she would marry.  She felt him press light kisses to her cheek and into her hair as if she were water to a dehydrated man, and she shivered again.  He stepped back and cradled her cheek in his hand, looking at her with such devotion she thought her heart would burst.  Then he smiled with mischief in his eyes, and said, “You look cold.  Let me keep you warm.”  And then he kissed her.  Elizabeth barely felt the ground under her feet.  All these months apart, she had let doubts of Jack’s constancy creep into her mind; all those thoughts vanished, and her heart swelled with joy.  Their kiss lengthened, their souls reconnecting.  She finally broke contact so she could gaze into his adoring hazel eyes with equal affection. 

“Merry Christmas, Constable Thornton,” she almost whispered. 

He kissed her forehead, then replied, “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Thornton…almost.”


Here you are on another fun-filled #WonderWednesday. Okay honestly, this might spur some tears because of the subject. We’ll be discussing my personal nomination for best Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film of 2017. The jury is still out on Hallmark Channel; I think we all know what it will be! And the nomination goes to: Home for Christmas Day. While the connection is, admittedly, a bit sketchy, (only one WCTH actor, and that’s Antony Konechny, who played Douglas Burke,) the story just spoke to me. It called to me, “Write about me, Kami! You must!” While we’re on the topic of Konechny, can we talk typecasting?!! A soldier leaving for war, and then reported dead? Where have we heard THAT before! But I gotta say, he is top-notch at playing “country boy turned soldier sporting a killer smile all the way”. And I love his name; I have a brother named Tyler.

Speaking of names, are there any 18-year-olds today named Betsy? I certainly haven’t met any; it strikes me as an older name. But there’s nothing “old” about that adorable actress who played her. She was perfect the whole way through! She played the outspoken and determined teenager to a T. I especially think she was great at the whole “high school girl freak out” thing. Those scenes were so sincere, it brought back lots of memories for me; I don’t know about you. since I’m talking about being perfect for a role, who else thinks it’s Catherine Bell’s destiny to play military roles? First, she’s a Marine in JAG, (which I loved!), then she’s an Army wife in DING DING! Army Wives. Now she’s played an Army widow. She definitely knows how to play the military! And fun fact for you: that picture of Catherine Bell holding a baby girl and laughing is her and her real daughter years ago during those long-lost JAG days.

Now, let’s talk relationships. They did a super job establishing them. The writers and actors alike could have rushed through them, and cut to the chase of him shipping out. But they took the time to really make you love the characters so you took the journey with them. For example, Jane and Jackson being old friends and so comfortable with each other was so obvious; particularly when he came into the house she was showing, and started waving the muffin aroma toward the client in true Cliff Huxtable fashion. The other perfect “friend moment” was when it looked like Jackson was leaning in for a kiss. Then he bent right past her lips to her ear, and mischievously whispers, “It sounds like the solenoid switch.”

 A detail that makes movie and TV relationships really feel real, other than history, is the touching. I’m not talking about kissing, although if you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m always in for a good smooch! But kisses are an obvious choice for romantic connection. The little things they do in this movie like Tyler rubbing his hand up and down Betsy’s arm, and Jackson putting his hand to Jane’s head when he hugs and comforts her…Sigh! It’s just so sweet, and makes it so genuine

Okay, time for moments. This is chalk full of them! I’ll give you the highlights, i.e. my favorites.  First one is when Tyler races to the rink, completely panicked that he’d missed Betsy while trying to get someone to cover his duty for him. It’s fun to see a guy you’re totally crushing on completely out of breath because of you. And the lighted path they walked on was so magical! Moment #2: Jane apologizing to Tyler. She had enough guts not only to go to the base, but to not take no for an answer until she talked to him. Having had her own experience with the Army, she knows better than to leave unfinished business undone.  Moment #3: when they announce Tyler 8s dead at the concert. It’s timed perfectly, and breaks your heart into a million pieces. The performer in me says Betsy shouldn’t have left the stage when she has a solo, then I think, HELLO! HER BOYFRIEND WAS JUST ANNOUNCED DEAD! Who’s to say I wouldn’t have walked away. One other good thing about this is you can’t say it’s petty drama or a silly misunderstanding keeping the couple apart. It’s a very real situation. I’m big on that, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Moment #4: Jane’s “aha” moment that she’s been doing it all wrong. She’s so humble about it, and begs Jackson to forgive her, then tells Betsy what love really means.

Final moment: of course it’s the reunion. I thought my heart was going to thump out of my chest! Her shock, his quip about interrupting, his explanation, her finally getting the motivation to move, and that beautifully desperate hug that reunites them. PASS ME THE TISSUES!

Well, Heartie, that’s it for today. I hope to see you back on Friday for the final Christmas #FanFictionFriday.

Hi! I’m Tiffany Methot, I’m 28 years old and I love WCTH!!

I’m originally from Utah, but moved to Texas when I was 17. There is a bumper sticker that says, “I wasn’t born in texas, but I got here as fast as I could.” Truth. 

 I have been married for 7 years to an incredible man who recently became a chiropractor. We have three beautiful children, ages 5, 4 and 2 making our house messy and busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was a ballerina for a number of years, and still love to dance when I get the chance. My hobbies include crochet, trying new dessert recipes, binge watching my favorite shows, and trying new makeup tutorials in my spare time. I would love to be a makeup artist, motivational speaker, and a published author someday.


I heard about WCTH through other friends I had on facebook. They wouldn’t stop raving about it, and so, after some time, I decided to give it a try. I loved it! WCTH is so different than anything else out there, because it’s clean, and wholesome! I love how uplifting it is, and the morals that it teaches. I fell in love with hope valley, and all the things that it has to offer. I would love to visit there in real life, and try some of Abigail’s delicious cooking!! I have a feeling that Elizabeth and I would be good friends…

 My favorite episode is of course season 4 episode 7. The one with the proposal. It was the perfect proposal for Jack and Elizabeth. Very well acted, and beautifully set up. It gave me all the feels!! Just ask Kami. She knows. 


I love Erin Krakow/Elizabeth Thatcher. Her acting in the show is just so real and sincere. She believes what she is portraying, and her emotion never feels rushed or forced. Elizabeth is a powerhouse, but doesn’t realize it at first. I love how much she has come into her own throughout the series. She’s grown so much and it looks great on her!

Kami is a dear friend and we enjoy watching the show together, when we can. Can’t wait to see the Christmas special!!