Hello, hello! Phew! We’ve made it to Friday! Did you ever think we would? This is a particular Friday for me. Not only are we celebrating Jaiven’s birthday this week, TODAY is someone’s special day: my little girl! Problem is, she’s not so little anymore. She turned 9 this morning! Hard to believe! But it’s super fun that we both still love When Calls the Heart, and now she’s getting old enough to enjoy it for more reasons than just spotting horses and identifying colors. 😀 Happy birthday, Kyrah girl!

As you know, for the Friday of a WCTH actor’s birthday week, we look at his or her favorite moment in the form of a #FlashbackFriday. Well, we’re lucky! We got TWO favorite moments, and some backstory to the filming. Plus, I get to add in my own thoughts. 😉 So here are Jaiven’s words first.

Q: What is your favorite Robert moment? Why?
A: Oh I have a few…I’d have to say the fainting scene was super fun! I’ve never done anything like that, so it’s really cool. Paul is alsoSUPER fun to work with. And the bear scene was great!

Q: What scene/episode challenged you the most, either in a good way or a hard way?
A: I’d definitely say the bear scene in Season 4 was the most challenging. I actually worked with the director, Peter, to really get into my emotions; to feel the scene, and what I was trying to get the audience to see from Robert. He felt bad about lying and tricking his friends…and teacher.

Poor Robert, getting completely crushed by his conscience. Frankly, I don’t know why Opal was ignoring Miss Thatcher in the first place. So out of character! But it gave lots of people a chance to do something good.

That’s what I really loved about this storyline. Here are my thoughts. Not only did one of the school kids get a chance in the spotlight as a focus of the episode, but it affected so many people around him. Robert himself learned the importance of telling the truth, and how one choice can involve so many people; not to mention how to look ahead to the future. Elizabeth got the chance to prove her philosophy to Jack about children coming to their teacher, and Jack took the opportunity to trust Elizabeth and her methods. Most of all, Bill seized the moment to reach out to a child; something he hadn’t done much of up to that point. He became a mentor figure the kids can now come to, someone they can trust. Plus, all the adults were able to enjoy a good laugh at Robert’s terror at the prospect of being arrested. So look at all the good you did with a lie, Robert!

Well, that wraps it up! Happy birthday again, Jaiven! Much love from the Hearties. And my love to you all! I’m off to my daughter’s birthday dinner. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Evening, all! We’ve got quite the treat for you today! As most of you know, a certain someone had a very special day on Friday. And he was kind enough to chat with me in honor of it. So without further ado, here is our very own Robert, aka Jaiven Natt, to celebrate his 15th birthday!

Hi, Jaiven! Happy birthday! Thanks for coming on the blog!
Jaiven: Thank YOU for this opportunity! It means a lot.

Okay! Let’s dive right in!

1. Where were you born? Do you still call the same city home?
I was born in Surrey, British Columbia.

2. Tell us about your family.
I live with my parents and my sister, Saija, who is 11, and little brother, Jextin. My family camps, and we do lots of family trips and get-togethers.

3. What is your absolute favorite place to go out to eat, and what dish would you get there?
Cactus Club 100%. I always get root beer and chicken strips and fries, extra Ketchup 😊

4. Did you do any historical research to prep to play Robert? Were you given lots of direction on his character, or given free rein? Somewhere in the middle?
Actually, I just went in and was myself.

5. How old were you when you first started WCTH?
I was nine years old when I booked When Calls the Heart.😁

6. Describe your first day on set.
Oh wow! My first day on set was pretty fun. I met Carter🎥😆 and Erin. I got to work with a stunt guy that helped us with our fight scene. Haha so fun, Cody and Robert meet and have a fight on my first day😂

7. Do you have any hidden talents the Hearties might not know about?
I am a dancer and football player. I love basketball also. But nothing crazy

8. What kind of fan interaction experiences have you had, especially from HFR? Any stories stand out?
My fan experience has been so cool! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have so many kind people support the show and Robert. I feel so lucky to have the positive energy from all the Heartie fans. I actually enjoy meeting all of them it’s so much fun.

9. What is your favorite non-WCTH role you’ve done?
I would say my favorite non-WCTH role would be Adam on X-Files. Because again I got to do something I’ve never done before. Wearing prosthetics was super challenging but fun at the same time. It was a little spooky. But I like to try new things as a actor.

10. When your filming schedule bleeds into the school year, how do YOU balance school with work?
I just try to stay on top of my work so after auditions come in, I’ll be home with my schoolwork. And even when I get a few auditions that are overlapping I just try to make sure I’m really good with my time management so I can balance them both.

11. We’ve seen you post pictures of you and the other young actors from WCTH, on and off set. You all seem to get along well. What do you like to do together when you’re not working? How have you passed the time on set when you have to sit and wait, alone or together?

When the cast kids are together on set we have so much fun. We play games, talk and do our school work together onset. But we also hang out and have so much fun offset also. We usually get together and watch When Calls the Heart when the new season comes out. I really consider them all my very close friends.

15. If you could play any character currently in existence, who would that be?
I can’t believe I still want to be Spider-Man but if I had the chance to play any character, that’s it. ** SpiderMan**

16. Who’s your favorite character on the show, besides Robert?
That is a hard one because I have a few. But I think the funniest character would definitely be Rosemary. Just watching her when she’s in character makes you laugh. She is so good at her role😊

17. Who would you love to work with someday?
Ryan Reynolds would be really cool.

18. What did you do for your birthday? Anything special?
It was my friend’s birthday also, so we celebrated at his house. I’m having my birthday party at the end of the month. It’s going to be fun … Pizza, football and a sleepover lots of school friends…

19. Anything else you’d like to share? Maybe any future projects you’re allowed to share, or things happening in your own life that are special to you?
I am just auditioning right now so fingers crossed and good vibes I book something🤞🏻 I am going to start basketball soon so that will be fun. 

And there you have it, Hearties! Come back Friday for the rest! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom! 

Hello Hearties! Welcome to our first #FlashbackFriday of the year! So sorry it’s taken me so long to get something new up; scheduling and kid conflicts, back to school, etc. I’m excited though. This idea just popped in my head, so I got a little giddy. Warning you now, this is not my typical kind of post, so brace yourselves.

We’re flashing back to several moments today. I was actually inspired to write this post after watching Home for Christmas, and seeing some of the interviews introducing Season 7. I really do have to say, while I still am not completely sold to #TeamNathan as of yet, he scored some MAJOR points in that lovely little film. There were lots of fabulous and heart-fluttering moments that really seemed to connect them. But Kevin McGarry said himself in an interview with ET that Nathan needs to “read a book” on how to talk to women. Admittedly, yeah, he’s right.

Then if you saw “When Hope Calls”, you know that Kevin made a guest appearance as the character of Nathan, and in more than one episode. So, what is the answer to the question in the title? The answer is…both. It was so funny to see such a stark contrast in the same man. I know there are two sides to every person, but I believe the difference in personality was so noticeable because it happened on different programs, and around different characters. Careful now! If you haven’t watched “When Hope Calls”, and you don’t like spoilers, I wouldn’t read any further until you have seen it. 🙂

In Brookfield, Constable Grant is akin to Superman. He speaks with authority and confidence concerning the train robber, he efficiently and carefully conducts a search of the sisters’ guest cottage to look for a suspect, and he very much acts like the more experienced Mountie with Gabe; although at the same time, he listens and collaborates creatively with Constable Kinslow to apprehend the thief. He has no qualms about putting his feet up on Gabe’s desk, or calling himself “the best tracker in the territory”, or reminding the younger man that he wired HIM for help. He even survived a dynamite blast, and regains consciousness just in time to save Gabriel’s life when the perpetrator is about to shoot. And there’s nothing timid about the way he handles the bearded man once he’s in custody, or how he tells Gabe he’s doing a very dangerous deed risking his life to get Sinclair arrested. The only time I saw him falter even a little bit was when he regrettably admitted he had lost the train thief three days prior.

But every superhero has some kind of weakness, and it appears that Nathan’s kryptonite is females in Hope Valley. It’s obvious that while he raises Allie with a firm hand, he has a total soft spot for his niece. He tries so hard to make things easier and enjoyable for her, that he almost comes off as nervous around her.

Where does the REAL nervousness appear? In a forcefield around Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton. It’s almost as if she pushes the “on” switch whenever she walks toward him, and the great Constable Grant is rendered useless. The man’s up for an inspector’s promotion, for heaven sake, but the only thing he can think to say is, “The founders would be proud.” Now I will acknowledge that there have only been two times we’ve gotten to see him be a “real” Mountie in Hope : 1) catching the stagecoach robbers, and 2) rescuing Lucas and Elizabeth from Amos Dixon. Good thing the kryptonite was defective at that point, or Elizabeth wouldn’t have lived through the experience! But that is one thing I hope changes in Season 7. We always see Nathan as serious, nervous, edgy, trying to look good in front of Elizabeth, or trying to get a laugh from Allie with bad jokes. I hope we see Nathan really use his ingenuity and shine at his job. There are so many dangers he can save Hope Valley from if given the chance.

So that’s my take on the two sides of our new Mountie. One more insight into Nathan’s head comes from the man himself. The video below was posted on Twitter by Super Channel Heart and Home, and it comes from HFR#5. Enjoy, and LAUGH!

One more thing before I sign off: don’t forget to wish Jaiven Natt a happy birthday today! He just keeps getting older somehow. And if you’re all good little readers, maybe I’ll have something special regarding our curly–topped teen next week. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy New Year, my dear friends! How are all the Hearties on this fine, fresh, first day of a new decade? Did you do something fun last night, and/or today? For photographic evidence of the Clements family shenanigans, scroll down to the bottom. 😉 We had snacks and sparklers, noisemakers and nail polish, and of course, our 2020 adornments! 😀 And both my girls even made it to midnight for the first time!

This morning, naturally, we watched the Rose Parade on Hallmark Channel, our jaws dropping at all the incredible detail on those magnificent floats. We’ll be like Jack and Elizabeth a little later today, and set our New Year’s resolutions.

Well, here we are! We’ve arrived at our final holiday post for the season. Sigh! It was lovely while it lasted, and as Elizabeth declared in “Home for Christmas”: “No one wants Christmas to end.” But if it was around all the time, it wouldn’t be special. I really struggled with which movie to review for the last Christmas movie we’d discuss. Four components helped me make the decision: 1. It’s #WisemanWednesday, and this film literally used the words, “wise man”. Logical decision. 😉 2. I know the director, so that kind of obligates me to talk about it. Only kidding, Maclain! 😛 3. This movie would be fresh in everyone’s minds today, because there was an encore presentation last night. Last, but CERTAINLY not least needs only two words: 4. Andrew. Walker. Am I right?

Andrew sure was a busy bee this season! Several actors were in multiple Christmas movies this year, but very few were the leads in each movie they were in! And there’s no doubt that he gave a flawless performance in both. There’s just one thing, and I’m taking an official poll, so either put your answer on the Twitter poll, or in comments here, or a comment on Facebook. A) Andrew Walker WITH facial hair in “Christmas on My Mind”, or B) Andrew Walker WITHOUT facial hair in “Merry Bright”? My vote? I’ll cast the first one. Definitely B! I’m a sucker for a clean shaven handsome face; there are few men I prefer with a beard. I definitely wasn’t feeling that huge mustache in WCTH Season 1.

Speaking of which, let’s pinpoint the WCTH actors in this one. There are actually quite a few. There’s Andrew himself. Clayton James (Brad the fiancé,) is off and on as Kevin Townsend the blacksmith, the one Fiona likes. I hope they keep that up because I think they’re adorable! Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez (Ryan the art student) was that adorable boy, Adam, who Rosemary helped during the carnival at the end of S5. But my favorite other than Andrew is none other than Preston Vanderslice (Beau) was that sweet Mountie who took a message from Elizabeth to Jack back in S4.

Andrew and Ashley were cute together, but my absolute favorite couple to watch in this movie was Andrew and Preston as brothers! I couldn’t take my eyes off them; they played off each other so well, and were very easy with one another. I can’t pick the best of my two favorite parts involving them. It’s a toss-up between all their “family discount” banter, and Beau’s first interaction with Lucy. Zac informs her they broke up two years ago. Lucy looks to Beau as if for confirmation, and his confused but affirmative nod just made me crack up! Those are two actors I never tire of watching, and they were being guided by my favorite director. It’s a win-win-win! 😀

I had never seen Ashley Greene in a project before; I’m one of THOSE people that did not get aboard the Twilight train. This is also her first Hallmark movie. I think she did a good job. She and Andrew were well paired. You’d never know there’s an 8-year difference between them. The premise here was complicated at best! Can you imagine thinking you’re engaged to a guy you’ve been broken up with for two years, who’s dating someone you don’t really care for, and you’re engaged to a man who don’t remember at all! Try to keep all that straight after a head injury! Then poor Zac! The horrible position he’s in, trying to remain neutral when he’s obviously still in love with her! Awkward!

My favorite scene between the two of them has to be when Zac finally procures a Christmas tree with “the family discount”, i.e. taking without paying, and they decorate it together. Like “a wise man” told Lucy long ago, “finding the right tree should not be rushed.” The decorating isn’t rushed either. There’s lots of comfortable yet flirtatious touching, and plenty of playful banter. And to top it all off, Lucy puts Zac’s lost Christmas sweater under the tree with a big red bow.

There is one part that is unsurpassed, I’ll admit. The final kiss. Talk about heat! I’ve always thought Andrew was a great screen kisser, and that blocking was very moving. There’s something about a man rushing toward you ready to sweep you into his arms. It was a pretty amazing kiss! Well done, team!

So, we’ve officially arrived at New Year. Happy 2020, all! See you next week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy HAPPY Monday, everyone! At least, I hope it’s happy. Did you have to go to work today? I didn’t technically go to a job; but it’s just me here, housesitting my in-laws’ place with the four crazy kids while hubby’s working. But it’s good; we’ve just been both chilling and bustling around, trying to retain the feeling of merry and bright. 😉 No, that’s not the movie I’m reviewing, we’ve already done that. But we ARE talking about one of the earlier films of the season. It aired in November, and it stars a very prominent WCTH actor with whom many Hearties are infatuated. POstables will love him too from “From Paris With Love” where he played Joey the restaurant owner; that’s the first time I ever saw him. He’s also Mitch on “Heartland”, another big hit with many Hearties; and he’s even appeared as a very distinguished guest star on “When Hope Calls”. The ONE! The ONLY! KEVIN MCGARRY, starring in “Christmas Scavenger Hunt”.

This movie was not my favorite one of the lineup this year, but I thought it had it’s own special charm that was undeniable. I did appreciate the very different premise of the storyline; we’ve never had a holiday hunt before. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a scavenger hunt of this caliber in any of the films on Hallmark until now. So that was fun! This is just the kind of activity that I think would be perfect to bring in some Christmas cheer. And even though they called a clue “hard” when it was anything but, the clues as a whole were cute, and clever, and very well-worded. I was just surprised that so many people had the day off work so they could participate. 😀
Speaking of surprises, I had absolutely NO IDEA that Tom Arnold was going to star in this movie! It caught me completely off guard. I haven’t seen him in a Hallmark Christmas feature since “Moonlight and Mistletoe” in 2008, when he portrayed Candice Cameron Bure’s father, Nick. What a firecracker Carl was in this one though! First he assumes Belinda has broken up with Logan, so he gleefully blurts out: “You dumped him!” Then, when that idea doesn’t stick, dear old Dad becomes a sly dog by teaming up Dustin with Belinda, instead of the originally intended Susan Shultz. And Belinda wasn’t even intending to join; she was thrown into the lions’ den by her best friend, Faith. Those two HAD to be in cahoots! That’s the ONLY explanation as to why it was pulled off so seamlessly.

Let’s move to characterization. Kevin played a very confident, almost cocky-in-a-good-way character, which is so different from Nathan in Hope Valley, at least currently. Gotta especially love the little details like Dustin’s immense love for rivers of gravy, and his terror at admitting he’d gone out for one coffee with Belinda’s arch rival from high school before, in his words, “I came to my senses.” He also does a great job with not being angry with her when he finds out what’s going on with the mill. I was sure he was going to blow up at her, but he was so sweet and understanding! That’s how all reactions should be, right?

Kim Shaw portrayed the conflicted businesswoman very well. She had a job to do, but she still cared about the town, and her reaction to finding out about Dustin’s dad was right on point! You can see the change in her feelings without her saying a word once she knows the truth. You can also see her about to combust until she’s able to confide in Faith.

The funniest line from the movie, at least in an awkward sense…well, there’s two. One has to be when their music teacher very generously gives Belinda the snow globe that just happens to contain the word LOVE inside. The tension could be cut with a knife! The only words Dustin can manage to push out are, “Nice birds,” obviously trying to skirt around the gargantuan elephant in the room. The other is closer to the beginning when Belinda claims Dustin acted like a baby every time he lost a track meet. Then boom! Who’s hand appears on the counter? And Belinda’s reaction is PRICELESS! The shock, the embarrassment, and just a tinge of anger are perfectly combined when she accusingly asks, “What are you doing here?!” Of course there’s a very innocent and simple explanation of “the pipes”.

The funniest line as far as comic timing and delivery is another of Kevin’s. He just has great skills! It’s when Dustin, Belinda, and third wheel Logan are baking cookies, (which is the WRONG place for a silk tie in the first place!), and butter spatters on said tie. Logan says he’s going to try to wash it off, and Belinda is trying to assure him it’ll come out of the delicate fabric. The moment he’s out of earshot, Dustin whispers, “You know it’s BUTTER, right?”

That brings me to the chemistry. I think they had it! I’m a big sucker for history, so I couldn’t help but giggle when they talked about memory lane having “a few potholes”, including the hunt victories, and the yeti prank. They weren’t afraid to talk about the past, which some former couples can’t do. But they had no qualms about digging up the past. My favorite tidbit has to be that he’s the only one who has a nickname for her. Everyone, even her father, calls her “Belinda”. But even 10 years after the breakup, Dustin is still calling her “Bel”. It was endearing! And it made the moment of the kiss all the better! First he smiles when she says she still loves him, then totally interrupts her monologue by gently charging and laying a big one on her. Then what do we hear? “I missed you, Bel!” No, there was no mistletoe, but it was definitely worthy of it.

Let’s end by backing up a bit, to the big revelation as to why Dustin broke Bel’s heart. He did the noble, but incredibly stupid thing, not telling her his father lost his job. He “didn’t want to hold her back”, which I think is a ridiculous reason to not be honest with someone, but putting that aside… Did you hear what he said? He said, and I quote, “Take a walk with me.” I couldn’t believe it! I seriously wondered if it was done on purpose, as a kind of Easter egg to #Hearties, and giving us a hint about the show, or if it was pure coincidence. I guess time alone will tell.

Well, everyone, next time I talk to you, it’ll be next year! Be sure to tune in for my last #WisemanWednesday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!