Happy Monday, Hearties! Wow, is it amazing or what how completely connected last night’s episode is to current events?
How could they have known? They couldn’t have, which makes the timing all the more “coincidental”. But we don’t believe in those, do we? 😉

THAT and more will all be in the Hallmarkies Podcast episode recap which will be accessible later this week. For now, you can enjoy some of your quiet time (i.e. cooped up time) by watching this podcast featuring the fourth episode of When Hope Calls: Lost and Found. Things are definitely getting…warm enough to make some cheeks flush. 😀



Before I sign off, I just want to make a couple announcements. Despite being semi-quarantined, this is a pretty big week! For one, we had a birthday yesterday! We don’t watch him on our screens very often, but I’m betting 90% of us or more own a creation of his. Yesterday was Elliott Wallach’s birthday, the creator and president of Edify Films. Because of him, we can snuggle under our Heartie blankets, wrap our hands around a Hope Valley mug filled with our favorite hot beverage, and occasionally take a swig from our When Calls the Heart water bottles while we watch DVD’s of our favorite show. And then so much more! So happy birthday, Elliott! The Hearties sure do appreciate you!

Next, there’s another birthday this week. This person we DO watch on our screens, but I still prefer to keep it a surprise. So stick around, and keep coming back Wednesday AND Friday! See ya then! It’s gonna be exciting! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hello, everyone! Well, things are getting tense aren’t they; and I’m not talking about in Hope Valley. Although, if you’ve seen the preview for this Sunday’s episode, talk about timing, huh?! Circumstances are quite scary in our world right now. In addition to providing a little escapism and lighthearted fun reading, may I offer a few words of hope. This is a saying we use often in my faith; it comes from some very wise words the Church received in January 1831: “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear”. All we can do is our best. So if we take the proper precautions, be smart about our interactions with others, gather provisions, and do everything possible to keep ourselves healthy, it’ll be okay. It definitely won’t be perfect, but we’ll be able to breathe better. In addition to preparing ourselves, all we can do is rely on a higher power. If you are a praying person, I’m sure you’re already doing so, but I encourage you to keep saying those prayers.

Alright, enough of that! Let’s get to the cake and ice cream of the post. It’s our very first #FaceOffFriday of the season! Since I missed last Friday, we have THREE episodes to tally. I will admit, I’m having a harder time determining whether interactions are positive or negative. They’re much less cut and dried this go-around. But with a little help, I managed. So…LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!




-1 Interrupting the conversation between Nathan and Elizabeth. Big no no!
+1 Complimented her on her teaching
+1 Got Elizabeth excited about more books
-1 Not behaving like “a little gentleman”
+1 Sharing about his mother and mutual love of books
+1 Taking an interest in her “hobby” of writing
+1 Offer to read her work
+1 Reminding her about offer
+1 He was very respectful of the fact that Jack drew the illustrations in the book
+1 He promised to be honest
+1 “I read 220 pages” Read it all and that was cute
+1 Complimented her writing
+1 Some people may say this should be -1, but writers need to be critiqued, and he did it nicely
-1 It’s okay to offer comments, but he pushed a little much
-1 Awkward encounter when he was with Henry
+1 Tried to apologize
+1 Cute banter – “Could you repeat that?”

+1 Elizabeth approached HIM to chat
-1 He didn’t really respond to her efforts
+1 Recovered from Lucas’s interruption with another compliment
-1 He wasn’t exactly behaving like a “little gentleman” either
-1 Foot in mouth for Lucas comment
+1 Elizabeth said she was happy he was staying
+1 Called her back when she was walking away
-1 Wouldn’t finish his sentence, and saying his “better judgment” was stopping him
+1 Saying Little Jack had an arm/waving to him when he left
+1 “What’s in your heart?”
+1 Using her words on her “You let me know when you figure it out”


+1 Giving credit to Elizabeth and her writing
-1 He walked away rather quickly, almost abruptly

+1 Teasing Elizabeth about amount of homework
-1 Acting very protective and paranoid at sleepover
+1 His awe at Elizabeth getting the girls’ attention
+1 Took the icing on the nose like a man
+1 “You saved my life tonight”
-1 “You think he’s a great guy” sarcasm
+1 Opened up about his past
+1 Morning chat and was straight forward about not talking to Allie yet
+1 Even in his anger, he remembered to say “Excuse me”


+1 He brought Elizabeth coffee or tea while she was writing
+1 Asking how writing is coming
+1 Encouraging her to show someone, and offering to read
+1 He backed off when Nathan approached
+1 Loved reading the chapters
+1 Conversing playfully about Luther Brant
-1 Assumed he was the character without reading everything first
+1 Adorable greeting to Little Jack
+1 Eating humble pie
+1 Inspiration for Elizabeth’s book

+1 Walking Elizabeth to church
+1 Humbly listening when Elizabeth asked “What if this time he’s telling the truth?”
+1 Asked about the writing
+1 Asking Elizabeth to watch Allie and saying Allie has an ease around Elizabeth
+1 Technically this isn’t an interaction, but it’s a point all the same. He talks to Allie about her “a lot”
+1 Telling Elizabeth of his father’s innocence
+1 Inspiration for Elizabeth’s book
+1 Telling Elizabeth thank you

And today’s totals come to……….
Lucas – 17, Nathan – 16

So, the handsome, charming restaurateur who loves to play cards inches ahead of the sweet, shy law enforcement officer. Well, the season is young, and with scores like this, it’s still anybody’s game. And now that you know the score, and there won’t be another match for at least one, and maybe two weeks, you can sit back, relax, and watch/listen to the recap of Family Matters. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even be surprised. 😉

This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Feliz Lunes! Translation: Happy Monday! At least that’s what one of my friends said to me because it was raining, and she loves rainy days. At the moment, I didn’t believe her, but it really is shaping up to be a lovely day. I’m not going to reveal any secrets, but I can tell you I’ve got some great surprises coming!

Apologies for not posting on Friday. I won’t bore you with personal stuff, but two things that did inhibit me were not feeling well, and accompanying my mother to a memorial service. But I’m here now, and that just means we’ll have 3 episodes to count up points this coming Friday! More content is always a good thing!

For today, we have more content too! TWO RECAP EPISODES! For your watching and/or listening pleasure, I present “When Hope Calls” Episode 3: Out of the Past, and “When Calls the Heart” S7E3: The Heart of a Father”.





So, see you Friday for #FaceOffFriday, for real this time. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hello, everyone! Long time no see! Well, I have a little surprise for you today. No, it’s not the recap of the latest episode of When Calls the Heart: Heart of a Father, but that WILL be coming on Friday. No, today, I’d like to take you back…in a way, at least.

It occured to me that when our other wonderful show “When Hope Calls” premiered, it was, of course, to a very limited audience. So now that it is appearing on Hallmark Channel, the WHOLE Heartie family can have the opportunity to watch it; which means, so many more Hearties can fully enjoy the thoughts and recaps of the episodes. So I present to you, the Hallmarkies Podcast recap of “When Hope Calls”, episodes 1 and 2. And as you know, there are two VERY special Hope Valley guests who arrive! Enjoy!

See you Friday for the E2 Heart of a Father recap, and our very first #FaceOffFriday of this season! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

And now, it’s Hump Day! Welcome! I hope this fun little post can be that perfect little bright spot or breather you need to break up the day. Since this is the last Wednesday of February, I thought we’d switch gears a bit – take a break from the mystery, and hold on to the last remnants of Valentine’s Day. And what better way to do so than remembering a total classic?! The blue ribbon goes to…”All Things Valentine”.

A fun thing about this one is the WCTH involvement. There are three actors, but guess what! They’re all men! I don’t know why I find this so amusing, maybe because it’s such a dominantly female program. The other interesting part is two of the men play total nasties on WCTH, and all three characters here have the most tender hearts you’ve ever seen. There’s Serge Houde (Judge Parker) and Daryl Shuttleworth (Inspector Houston) from Season 2, then Jeremy Guilbaut (Ray Wyatt) from Season 4. Serge plays the owner of the Mexican restaurant Avery and Brendan love to frequent, and we’ll talk about the other two later.

This one is a real winner, and a total gem! In this blogger’s opinion, it’s pretty close to everything a Valentine movie should be. It’s well-written, well-directed, and VERY well-acted; a sort of “You’ve Got Mail” reverse plot. They get along famously in person, but are at each other’s throats in text. They even own up to it at the end when Brendan comes to apologize for the biting remarks his alter – ego typed to Avery’s anonymous column. Avery declares, “I think you and I do better in person than in print.” But my personal favorite element is the gradual building of the chemistry. It was slow and steady, but not absent. Sam Page and Sarah Rafferty do a fabulous job of showing initial attraction, then letting the chemistry grow and develop, until by the end, they’re in love.



Brendan plays his part in this very craftily. Every time he asks her out, he brings up the “anti-Valentine club” since neither of them is a fan. (By the way, he does a complete 180 by the end saying it’s his favorite day because it brought them together.) When he asks if he can come to her place, he says the anti-Valentiners, “a misunderstood lot,” need to “commiserate”. Then when he asks her to dinner, he casually throws in that “the club needs a hangout.” The references increase in “severity” when he asks her out for Valentine’s Day, saying he doesn’t want to “get kicked out of the club”, finally leading up to the big one: he jokes that the club will be “disbanded” right before they almost kiss, (which doesn’t happen that time thanks to her dog!). It keeps it light and fun, gives him an avenue to express interest, and honestly, gives him a shield to hide behind until he’s ready to come out.

Oh, and just to make sure we’re straight arrow here, yes, Avery did her part in the assertive arena. Brendan says the one thing he likes about Valentine’s Day is the chocolate. Avery jumps on that, inviting him to come to a confectionary, and learn to make chocolate…and she almost kissed him first!

My other favorite part of this movie is the friends and family. My dad’s name was Darryl, but obviously spelled a little differently from the actor. Still, it just drew me further in, and made me enjoy the father/daughter scenes that much more; every daughter out there knows how important it feels to know your busy dad has taken an interest in something you love! That, and how special the moment is when you see how long he’s saved something you made for him eons ago. I still remember finding a letter I had written to my dad at age 11 among his things after he died. Knowing that it was that crucial to him, that feeling has never left me.

The nephew’s acting was stiff and pretty mechanical, but he was still young and cute enough that he could get away with it. And the innocent perspective his character gave Avery when things went awry made their relationship heartfelt. When she and Brendan are on the rocks, Avery tries sulking. But she decides instead to focus on a different kind of love, that of her family and friends; and she encourages her readers to do the same. But she goes shopping to buy presents for them, dresses herself to the nines, and goes to be with them. Now, this is Hallmark, so of course there’s a happy ending. But when her character didn’t know that, it didn’t keep her down.

Then, friends. Actually they’re Brendan’s friends. First, there’s his ex-girlfriend McKennna, played brilliantly by Kimberly Sustad, because she annoyed me like crazy! But then you have his best friend, Kit, (Jeremy), who has fallen for McKenna’s best friend, Pru. I always love it when there’s a romance with secondary characters. It feels like the protagonists are sharing the wealth. It was funny when Brendan questioned Kit on his motives for exercising and getting fit. Kit lists very logical reasons: “I wanna get in shape, lose the love handles, work the cardio, live a little longer.” But what is Brendan’s comeback? “Who is she?” Yeah, he’s no fool! But poor Kit is a scaredy cat, and he doesn’t really have a way of words. So, he keeps buying scones from Pru’s bakery instead of talking to her. The one time he DOES try to talk to her, she shoots down every compliment and conversation starter.



But Valentine’s Day is D-day, or should I say V-day, for Kit. He throws caution to the wind, and trips into the bakery that evening, carting a load of a box of chocolate, a bouquet of roses, a huge teddy bear, and a bunch of balloons, leaving Pru with no doubt of his feelings. Then with his arms crowded with “visuals” as he calls them, he says, “No pressure, but I was wondering if you’d like to go to dinner.” Even though I think showing up at her work in front of her customers with a larger-than-life display screams “pressure”, Pru decides to relieve Kit from his suffering, trust that his intentions are honorable, and go to dinner; but only after making him promise that he won’t break her heart.

And there you have it: a Hallmark Valentine classic! One that I think is a cut above the rest. So I hope you enjoyed this final discussion on love, (*smirk, snort*) everyone. This is it for this week, so I’ll see you on Monday! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Photo credit: hallmarkchannel.com