Hello, friends! It’s Monday, and it’s time for #MondayMusings. I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why I would be doing that when there’s no new episode to discuss. Well, this week is special; it’s “When Hope Calls” week.

To recap logistics, the first two episodes come to light this Friday on Hallmark Movies Now, and there will be a tweet fest starting at 5:00 PST to commemorate the occasion. Then we’ll have a new episode every Friday all the way through October. I know several of you won’t be able to watch, and that’s okay. I, myself, am only subscribing to the app for 2 months so I can see Season 1, and hopefully I’ll have more of an opportunity next year.

But for now, I thought a Top Ten list might be fun. I was looking through old posts, and I haven’t done one of them in a looooong time! No time like the present to rectify the situation. 🙂 And I got help from some friends on excellent reasons to watch, namely Bobbi, Debi, and Lili. Thanks, ladies!

So here are, in no particular order, ten top reasons to tune in and watch When Hope Calls (WHC).

Let’s face it, 9-10 months out of the year, we’re agonizing about the separation from Hope Valley. It’s ridiculous how much we salivate when we get wind that filming has begun, right? Well, now, we have a wonderful place to escape when we’re not in Hope Valley. My friend Lili brilliantly said it like this: “It’s kind of like we’re just going on a vacation from Hope Valley to visit our new friends Grace and Lillian in Brookfield.”

While we’re searching for something to view during the breaks, let’s be honest; we can’t find too many SHOWS we can watch as a family, or find one where the writers aren’t afraid to incorporate a higher power in the scripts. But now there’s going to be even more media out there that is appropriate. HURRAH!

My favorite part of the “more clean media” is what Debi so eloquently described as more “chaste romance”. I couldn’t have put it better myself! I was going to add this into the above reason, but seriously this subject deserves a reason all its own! (And the fact that this is #8 is proof that these are in no particular order 😀 ) I know that Jack and Elizabeth and their beautiful (sometimes head-butting) love story is what drew so many of into its spell. And we loved it even more because they weren’t rolling all over the ground, (except in the mine when he saved her life) eating each other’s faces off. So now we get even more beautiful (and probably feisty) love stories!

One of the only other reasons that has more pull than romance is watching the adorable faces of children, especially children who are looking to belong somewhere. We just want to shout, “I’ll take you home!” So now we get a whole new set of kiddos to love! And hopefully we’ll see some of the same loveable cherubs we met in “The Greatest Christmas Blessing”

Speaking of stories introduced at Christmas, I was so intrigued by Lillian and Grace’s past. Two sisters who grew up with completely different experiences, and are now coming back together after all these years? Not to mention the fact that they’re setting up shop in Lillian’s old house, something that is completely foreign to Grace. That should make for some interesting interactions!

The set brings me to my next reason: the beautiful background. If you saw the preview special, you saw how gorgeous the surrounding land is! Bobbi is particularly excited that “a ranch is part of the set.” Then there’s the town! It was built FROM SCRATCH for this very series! So it’s fresh and new, and ready to share its inner secrets. The town has yet to receive the modern convenience of a telephone, but Moutie Gabriel Clark gets his own office! LA dee DAH!

Being a spin-off, we already know we’ll be viewing some very familiar faces in Brookfield. Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, and Kevin McGarry have already made very public announcements/appearances, and I think it will be so much fun to see how the worlds of Hope Valley and Brookfield intertwine. WCTH is our favorite show, so how can we not be excited for something that has the same feeling, the same vibe? We can’t .

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that we love the work of a few particular writers/creators/producers. When we hear the names Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr., we are instantly prone to loving it. A smile just magically appears on our faces at the mention of them, doesn’t it? So when we hear these same names in connection with something new, our immediate instinct is to assume we will be seeing some fabulous plots unfold.

Debi described this as “set in a more simple time”. Isn’t it the truth? 1916 was a time of great hardship in the convenience and medical departments, and let’s face it, corsets are NO picnic. But so much of that time period is so much easier, so much simpler, so much more defined. Plus the hair and wardrobe promise to be stunning!

One of them is in UNIFORM too! THAT’S stunning! Now if you’re a male Heartie, this won’t have the same kind of appeal, of course. But seeing as how most of us are women, we can thoroughly enjoy looking at some gorgeous eye candy! But if you’re a married lady, remember to take it easy on the amount of drool you allow to drip onto your chin. (Okay, the women are gorgeous too. There, I said it. 🙂 )


So, did I include your reasons for watching, or do you have one I didn’t mention? Either way, I’d love to hear about it. So please remember to like, share, retweet, and all that jazz, as well as give a little click on the ad to help us keep the blog going. And please do come back Wednesday, because I have a special surprise! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom! 

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