Well Hearties, I don’t know about you, but I was VERY pleased with last night’s episode! Baby Jack, (mine, not Elizabeth’s) was up at 2:00 this morning, so I thought, “Why not?” I was going to be up anyway. And I loved it! Last week’s episode felt slightly stiff; I’d call it introductory, like they were dipping their toes in to test the uncharted waters. But this one felt like a classic WCTH episode, and included everything it should: an impeccable blend of storylines from the town and from the school, highlights on pretty much all the main characters, a new character in town to spice things up, and just the right amount of mystery and intrigue; not to mention a great cliffhanger to keep us craving more. And, there was a lovely little sprinkle of Elizabeth talking to Jack to keep his memory alive. There were also, in my opinion, more in-depth connections between characters. It was, in word, pretty much perfect.

I only had one complaint about the entire thing, and it’s very minor. It’s the “vegetable” of today’s post. I would have preferred that Timmy had said “bicycle” instead of “bike”, but that’s it! Speaking of Timmy, hasn’t he grown! Wow! Amazing what time does! His uncertainty in his abilities reminded me a lot of his struggle in Season 4, when he was scared to play the piano in front of everyone. But once again, Elizabeth worked her magic, and helped him succeed! Very cleverly too, I might add. You know, I think I’ve said this before, so forgive me if I repeat myself. As devastated as I am that we lost Jack, it does actually help the plot historically. If Jack was still alive, it would be harder for Elizabeth to keep her teaching career after Baby Jack was born, especially since Jack was a full-time Mountie. But now, she needs to keep working to support her son. Even if she does have a widow’s pension, she’ll need the money. So it fits, and we can keep having plots like this one.

Since I brought him up, I love our “time with Jack” that we’ve had at the beginning of each episode, even the Christmas special. They’re really doing a fabulous job to make sure Jack is not forgotten, and they’re really reflecting Elizabeth’s healing process. I love it when she says she could remember “the joy in your love” not just the “grief in your passing”. And of course, she’s making sure Baby Jack becomes “a man of honor and integrity, with the capacity for eternal love.” My favorite line of that sequence is “Here you are: part him, part me, all you!” That just about sums up children, doesn’t it?

There was a new title sequence! Oh my gosh! I was completely taken aback! But I liked it. New theme for new beginnings. Also, Abigail is much more attractive when she’s genuinely smiling, and given her matriarchal role in so many areas, I like her being introduced with her hair pinned up. That’s just me though. Now the question is, will it change further on the episode that introduces Mountie Nathan?

Okay, time for the new man! Goodness, he’s a slippery fish; pun intended! He kept us guessing the whole time, didn’t he? Elizabeth’s line rings very true: “I don’t know what to make of him. By the looks of it, neither do you.” Calling himself “a rogue and a scoundrel”, and suggesting “a tar and feathering is in order”; implying he doesn’t speak French to Rosemary, then speaking “impeccable” French to the mysterious female caller from New Orleans; insisting to Bill that his intentions in Hope Valley are “honorable”, but hiding guilty expressions in the shadows and secret money in the ice. Whew! What a roller coaster. And his introductions were all done very well. The first one with the coin and the scoundrel bit, then him basically handing Elizabeth a job on a platter with no knowledge of her, (and sticking his foot in his mouth in the process, then him balking at talk of San Francisco with Fiona, THEN the French with Rosemary. That’s a lot of introductions, and a lot of mystery! I honestly cannot wait to see more!

Speaking of foot in mouth, good for Carson acknowledging and rectifying the situation with Faith. His conversation with Lee was classic “married guy gives advice to guy who’s been single too long.” Lee’s reactions were flawless! His laughter at the “rookie mistakes”, beautiful! Then he shows just how much he knows by saying that “one of the perks of marriage” is getting to eat his wife’s leftovers. 😀

I’ll end with a quick note about Henry and Abigail, and Jesse and Clara. Believe it or not, I actually wish Henry HAD asked Abigail to dance, but his hesitation made for good drama. And Jesse, I think he’s got the Almanzo syndrome from Little House on the Prairie: his pride is hurt because his lady is earning money to help their life get started. He seemed okay with it by the end, but we’ll see…

Well, those are some of the Hooked Heartie’s reflections on last night’s episode. Of course I couldn’t do them all, but that was most of them. Hope you all don’t chew your nails into stubs waiting for the next one. Just remember, we’re in this together! Love to you all! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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