WHOA! I needed a moment to catch my breath! I was almost as shaken as Lucas was when he got the phone call! SO many happenings, SO much adventure, and a plethora of emotions thrown in! I will admit that even after watching the episode twice, I’m still left with a deer-in-the-headlights gaping expression on my face, so I don’t have the usual opinions or commentary.

One thing is still certain: I’m still #TeamLucasNathan. 😀 I honestly can’t make up my mind. I am among the #Hearties who believe Elizabeth should be able to have love again…I just don’t know who. With Jack, it was easy. He was pretty much the only option, (and not a bad one at all!), then other “inappropriate choices” were introduced later. But it’s harder this time. There are pros to both, there are cons to both, and there is a different type of chemistry with both. Good thing I don’t have to make the choice, either as a character, or as a writer. I get to sit back, and watch the episodes unfold.

So for this one, let’s start with the obvious sweetness. I stopped counting how many references I saw to Baby Jack’s hand on Bill’s arm on Twitter this morning. I was a little busy mopping up the puddle of myself. 😉 So precious! And lovely choices of godparents! I know I’m happy to see Julie again, and I bet you are too! We’ll finally see interactions with Baby Jack and his Hamilton family. Now the thing to ponder is, just Julie, or will more family surprisingly show up? Because I watched that sneak peek; and although there was a very heartfelt conversation with Nathan and Elizabeth, and an absolutely adorable bonding with Nathan and Jack, I saw no Julie. And I’m 99% certain she’s in the finale. So what other surprises await us in the form of characters or storyline?

Question: I’m very curious about the difference between guardians and godparents. We don’t have typical christenings in my faith, it’s done differently. And we don’t typically appoint godparents in the traditional sense. So I’m very curious: What is the difference? Are they usually different people, or was that to include more characters? Any correct answers would be very appreciated. 😀

Michael Hickam…lots evolving there! He walks in wearing a sports coat, (or whatever they called it in 1915!), then calls his boss “Lee”. I never thought he’d be the one to be the deserter. He does have a point, he does need to look out for himself. I just never pictured him permanently joining Henry’s ranks while leaving Lee’s. Luckily, Jesse has Clara to remind him what things in life make him happy, including loyalty. That’s it! That’s Hickam’s dilemma! We need to find him a woman! What’s that line from “Pirates of the Caribbean”? “You need to find yourself a girl, mate!” That would set Mike straight!

On to the dramatic part of the story, the parts that were making fingernail indentations appear in all our hands. Great start with that shot of Nate riding away, then Amos Dickson appearing in the same frame. As I said, I can’t say much about this because it kept me on edge just watching. I do like them showing Lucas’ backstory, so we learn more about him; but I’m curious about what Jeanette really is to him. “Friend” isn’t cutting it.

And then, smart men, figuring out how to save Elizabeth, and get out of that pickle! You gotta be a very intelligent Mountie to get “burglary” and “hostage” from scattered papers, but he did! Then not only do they work together to apprehend the outlaws, but Lucas confides in Nate, even shakes his hand! Definitely was not expecting that!

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day! I’ll see you Wednesday for a very “discussion-worthy” post. Until then, this is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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