Happy Monday, Hearties! Wow, is it amazing or what how completely connected last night’s episode is to current events?
How could they have known? They couldn’t have, which makes the timing all the more “coincidental”. But we don’t believe in those, do we? πŸ˜‰

THAT and more will all be in the Hallmarkies Podcast episode recap which will be accessible later this week. For now, you can enjoy some of your quiet time (i.e. cooped up time) by watching this podcast featuring the fourth episode of When Hope Calls: Lost and Found. Things are definitely getting…warm enough to make some cheeks flush. πŸ˜€



Before I sign off, I just want to make a couple announcements. Despite being semi-quarantined, this is a pretty big week! For one, we had a birthday yesterday! We don’t watch him on our screens very often, but I’m betting 90% of us or more own a creation of his. Yesterday was Elliott Wallach’s birthday, the creator and president of Edify Films. Because of him, we can snuggle under our Heartie blankets, wrap our hands around a Hope Valley mug filled with our favorite hot beverage, and occasionally take a swig from our When Calls the Heart water bottles while we watch DVD’s of our favorite show. And then so much more! So happy birthday, Elliott! The Hearties sure do appreciate you!

Next, there’s another birthday this week. This person we DO watch on our screens, but I still prefer to keep it a surprise. So stick around, and keep coming back Wednesday AND Friday! See ya then! It’s gonna be exciting! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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