Hellooooooooo, Hearties! WOW! That was something last night, wasn’t it!? I didn’t watch last night, but I woke up super early to watch it recorded, and it was fantastic! I’m having my premiere party TONIGHT, (reminder if you want to come,) so I’ll post pictures on Wednesday.

Let me start with our “pre-show” entertainment. I saw that this morning too. If you missed it, several members of the adult cast were gathered at Lori Loughlin‘s home for a party. Daniel Lissing (Jack) and Paul Greene (Carson) started a Facebook Live broadcast about 30 minutes before the premiere. They promoted Paul’s online auction: Art for ALS, answered a few fan questions, and even played and sang a couple duets together! I especially thought it was great that Dan was so involved with the broadcast, since Jack wasn’t in this episode. Erin (Elizabeth), Lori, (Abigail), Jack (Bill), and Ben (Hickam) all made appearances. By the way, the auction is happening the whole week, and there looks to be some really amazing items up for grabs. So check it out! httpss://one.bidpal.net/heartforals/browse/all

Photo Credit: Daniel Lissing
Left to Right: Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow

Speaking of which, I know we were all disappointed that we didn’t see our hero in red serge. I expected him to not come home in the first episode, but I was still a little sad.  But I must say, SMOOTH MOVE to whoever put together that Season 5 preview. We got lots of glimpses of our favorite serge jacket, as well as the man wearing it. We got our Jack fix! And as a bonus, we know the same actor who played Elizabeth’s father is returning. Hooray! I love it when they can pull that off!

Speaking of serge, here’s a charming piece of trivia. Remember the TV and movie series I mentioned not long ago, Signed Sealed Delivered? Well, Doctor Lou Bellmore with the miracle tonic plays an equally quirky character NAMED Serge in that show. Yet another reason to look into SSD, if you haven’t already. And I thought he added the perfect element: conflict without downright evil, and the perfect opportunity for Dr. Shepherd to solidify his credentials as a true doctor who deserves to be there.

Another actor Easter egg is for anyone who is a fan of Lori’s TV movie series Garage Sale Mystery. Kevin O’Grady played the lawyer, Archie Reed, who defended Henry Gowen. But he ALSO plays the police detective Lori’s character (Jen) always works with. How many smiles were they hiding between “Cut!”

While I’m talking about Gowen, I’m going to be the devil’s advocate, and confess that I wanted the judge to stick it to him. By no means do I want the character to be behind bars the whole season, and YES I DO believe in forgiveness and redemption. But I also believe in consequences for actions, and I just would have liked to see Henry not get off so easy. But who knows what’s coming, right? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Did anyone else notice that the character of Elizabeth took a serious backseat in this episode? The story still flowed perfectly, I just found it interesting. My thought is that things are about to be ALL about Jack and Elizabeth with the wedding, so just like after Jack left, other characters get a chance to shine.

And speaking of shining, I saved the best for last! Who else is of the opinion that Kavan Smith COMPLETELY STOLE THE SHOW?! He was FABULOUS! Every moment he was on screen seemed to be acting perfection. And you all know I’m picky about that! I really loved that he was seen with actors he doesn’t usually have scenes with, so it mixed it up. That gave great flavor to the episode, and a different kind of chemistry. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen just him and Paul Greene together before! They played off each other beautifully! And between him Kavan and the writers/director, Lee was BRILLIANT; especially since “sheriffing” isn’t his thing. I don’t know what I liked better: Lee taking the sheriff assignment as a joke, Lee saying Hickam is as much a deputy as he is a sheriff, or his interaction with Rosemary when she finds out locking those two up is all part of his master plan.

 All in all, I am one VERY happy Hooked Heartie! I can’t wait to see what next week will bring. See you Wednesday!

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