Ooh, things are heating up in Hope Valley, aren’t they?! And the fire was lit by oil. This is going to be a big thing, I can tell. Is it still called civil war if it’s in a town? Because that’s what if feels like it’s working up to be. And Henry’s right at the heart of it. I haven’t entirely made up my mind about him. It’s true that he didn’t keep it a secret what he planned to do with the land he’d purchased, and everything seemed to be on the up and up. He even gave Robert’s father $5 more than originally offered in that pathetic attempt at “negotiations”. What WAS that man thinking, going up against Henry Gowen in price haggling? Anyway, it seemed honest enough, I’m just not sure he hasn’t regressed to his old scheming. And his words are still pretty cutthroat, especially when talking about Kurt Lawson. However, when I watched it a second time, (and it wasn’t 1:00 am,) I noticed that Henry DID pay Richard Wolf the $205, (I had thought he didn’t pay him at all!), he just isn’t going to pay him any more because he’s not drilling on Wolf’s land. So now who’s scheming and acting like a child?

Well, Jesse, for one. I saw a tweet from Aren Buchholz this morning that describes the character perfectly. It was a GIF of a toddler pouting with tears in his eyes. He captioned it, “Jesse this episode”. That does seem to be very fitting. He did take the deal, and Henry paid him for his land, fair and square. I can definitely see how he would be upset, and feel cheated. He lost out on a far greater amount of money. Luckily, Clara is not materialistic, and reminds him that they have enough money for their needs, and each other. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Let’s move to Rosemary. That poor dear! Before she got married, all she could say about children was that they’re “sticky”. Now her heart aches to be a mother. Pascale did a fabulous job with her performance of experiencing a loss she didn’t even know she felt. Thank goodness Carson was kind enough to give her a “healthy dose of communication” as a “recommendation as [her] physician and [her] friend.” But before she could do as the doctor ordered, she was trying so hard to be a supportive wife, and listen to Lee vent about his day, when she’s practically dying inside. Lee’s stress level must be at 11, because he’s usually such a wonderful listener, and supportive husband. It’s rare that he doesn’t sense and ease her distress. THAT is something that I’m REALLY looking forward to for next week!

So! Allie is exceptional at equations, is she? I loved her reaction to the class grumbling at math; she was downright excited about the subject. (And it was VERY cute that Anna piped up that she wanted to do the figuring for horses, reminding us of the debate.) I was also very impressed with how Elizabeth handles the whole scenario. She could have just been so impressed with Allie’s work, and let everything else slide. But she didn’t do that. She’s quick to compliment the girl, but she’s just as quick to remind her of the importance of following directions, and working as a team. She reminds a certain uncle of the same concept. It was a sweet moment when Elizabeth provided insight into a young lady’s mind about pushing people away. This was the first episode of Season 6 that Jack isn’t mentioned by name. But we still got our “time with Jack” in Elizabeth’s eyes and the background music at the mere mention of losing sooneone. She knows what it’s like to worry AND to lose someone, and I think her emotion and emphasis helped hit it home with Nathan. HIS eyes said as much.

Speaking of emotion, Carson’s telephone call, and Faith’s! Oh my goodness! I watched Home and Family with Paul Greene, so I had already seen his telephone scene. Debbie said it too, but I loved how the camera moved in on him as he spoke with Faith’s father. You could feel the importance of this connection, and how much it meant to him that he do this for the woman becoming more and more important to him! Andrea’s performance of the shock, the fear, the determination, the love, the relief, the sadness, the joy…all in one scene…she hit it out of the park! The moment was flawless! And Carson stayed by her side the entire time, being the strong and silent support and reassurance she needed to make it through such a difficult step. I truly do like what I see with them. We’re witnessing so many different aspects of their relationship, they’re becoming a very well rounded couple.

And then there’s that telephone! Specifically the person sitting in front of it for the first several times. My first thought was, “Don’t hire Florence as a telephone operator!” I felt very justified in my thinking when she blew up the switchboard with her tea, and when Lee said, “ Florence, you rang my office,” with a call for Rosemary. But Fiona, bless her heart, didn’t let her quit, and we saw so much deeper into Florence’s heart than just the town gossip. Toward the end, I couldn’t tell if Florence was more touched by Faith speaking to her father, or by the fact that she’d gotten everything right. 😉

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