Let me guess, you were chopping onions when that scene popped up too, right? Because I refuse to admit how much it affected me…oh, okay, you twisted my arm! I’ll say it! Oh my goodness! That was so beautiful! Was it in any spoilers, because I hadn’t seen it. I remember thinking, “Huh…they didn’t do ‘time with Jack’ this week.” Then when Bill told Elizabeth that Jack’s hard work in the Northern Territories was paying off, I thought that was how they were doing it this week. When Elizabeth told Baby Jack she had someone special for him to meet, (and I love that she called him “Smiley”,) I was completely clueless. My eyes were glued to the tube, wondering who on earth it could be. I think I even held my breath because when Sergeant came into the frame, I gasped, and didn’t have much air to take in. So we still got our time with Jack, and I sincerely hope we SO many more seasons so we can see little Jack become best friends with his daddy’s horse. And one more note: did you notice that the music playing in the background during her ride was the same cue from the Season 3 memory montage when Jack had pneumonia? I found that very poignant!

Quick little in-between observation I thought was so hilarious: when Florence, Ned, and Molly were clucking like chickens in the street, Florence called Lucas’s music “quite provocative” while simultaneously tugging down on her overcoat. The very mention of said tunes make her feel immodest. Such a perfect gesture loaded with subtext. I was reminded of Scarlett O’Hara saying of Rhett Butler, “He looks as if he knew what I look like without my shimmy.” Then all 4 present quickly look at Abigail, because, of course, it’s up to her to solve the issue. 😀

Carson and Faith: wow, that’s opening a can of worms, isn’t it? I can tell from the posts and comments I saw on the main page. First of all, I guess that crosses Dr. Shepherd off the list of Elizabeth’s potentials, unless the plot line takes a SEVERE turn! Personally, I was never actually gunning for #TeamInfirmary, but I thought they’d be cute if the story went that way. I saw lots of people saying they couldn’t feel the chemistry. No, they may not be electric like Jack and Elizabeth were, but it’s a totally different circumstance. He’s a widower, completely out of practice, and treading very carefully, even in the risk-taking. Faith has had her share of romantic disappointment in the past, and probably not wanting any repeats. They’re also both sweet, quiet, private people, and that’s exactly how I saw them play it out. Besides, give the man some credit. He surprised her with a picnic! Gotta count for something! And them playing out that chemistry gave us some really great scenes. We got poor Hickam caught in the middle of their fishing expedition (for clear communication). Not only was that a hilarious scene with Ben’s flawless facial expressions going back and forth, but it was also an awesomely rare time when we get the birthday twins onscreen together. The other is behind-the-scenes. If you saw this on social media, you’ll know what I mean. Paul made Martin Cummins (Gowen) jump out of his skin at his trailer on his birthday. Martin said of himself, “I have a very long memory.” So he hid behind the infirmary door, and scared Paul half to death while he was filming the scene where Carson asks Faith to take a risk. Classic prank war! 😀

I also saw some say the kiss was too soon. That’s interesting…I hadn’t really thought about it. When I did, here’s what I came up with: things were already turning that direction in Season 5, so it’s not brand new. They’re also a couple in the supporting cast, so there’s not going to be as much buildup. And with the protesters raising their signs that Elizabeth shouldn’t have a new love interest right away, we need SOME fresh romance. Plus, I think we should be happy things are moving quickly with a couple when so many others (who shall remain nameless ) have been dragged through molasses. 😉

I’ll end with Bill. Man, I lost my breath with him too, but for different reasons. I was so surprised when he body slammed that judge against his own bookshelf, but I guess I shouldn’t have been. That’s our Bill: Fighter for Justice and Protector of Hope Valley! Jack Wagner said on Home and Family that he checked with the actor to question him being alright with the shove, especially since he’s older. Apparently, to Jack’s pleasant surprise, he was all in, and very committed to making it a good scene.

Go from being the one in charge to the one the bullets are charging at! That whole interchange was so funny! I’m sure it was funny to Bill as a character, being shot at AFTER announcing his identity. But good for him for taking the time to restore Jeremiah’s confidence in his guiding abilities, especially when he’s in such a rush to catch the gun runners. Hey, those words ended up being instrumental in saving his life! I doubt Jeremiah would have stepped in otherwise. Best line of the episode that he said? “Come on, boys! It’s a long ride to jail!”

Well, I liked it. I hope you did too! Leave a comment, and tell me what you thought. I would truly love to read what you think. I hope this gave you something fun to read on this cloudy and rainy #MondayMusings (at least in Texas). Have a good one, and I’ll see you Wednesday for Part Two. “Of what”, you ask? Come find out! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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