Hey, Hearties! What’s shakin’? Good weekend? I have to be honest, this will probably be a short post. I had a doctor appointment today, and for a while, we thought I might have the baby today. That didn’t happen, but now there’s a possibility of having him next Monday. So if there’s no blog on Monday, you’ll know why! 😛 I also remembered that I didn’t post the answers for the Season 3-4 edition of Name That Line. So, I will have those for all of you on Wednesday.

Well, we have now witnessed an entire episode of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton! It was really sweet, wasn’t it; seeing them so comfortable, yet so in love. When he said, “Good morning, Mrs. Thornton!”, and when the children called her that, it threw me for a loop for a moment each time; I’m so used to “Miss Thatcher”. But of course I loved it! I also loved the recreation of the first date, and the petals on the stairs; if only they could have lasted longer! A little trivia on the stairs: that scene was filmed on Halloween, so there was a picture of a crew member in a Spider-Man costume laying out the petals! And can we talk about how PERFECT the character of Jack is??? “I know you’re there, Elizabeth. I know your perfume.” What man DOES that? The writers just keep making that Mountie look better and better! A woman HAD to have written that line!

And poor Rosemary! Jealous of the fresh and new romance between the newlyweds, trying to be gracious about it, attempting to rekindle the sparks with Lee, and getting ignorantly rejected. I’ll bet several, if not all, of us married and/or attached women have felt like that a time or two. Who, us??? 😉 And even though he was a little slow at first, I was proud of Lee, not only for recognizing the problem, but for taking action! Of course we know that Lee is not the kind of person to sit still! And Rosemary can drive now! She learned!

Did you notice the theme of notes in the episode? Jack and Elizabeth writing notes to each other, Rosemary writing a note to Lee, Lee hiding the tickets in that ruined note, and Laura and Bill solving the case of the mysterious love note to Florence. Who would have thought crusty, grumpy Florence would be loved for her laugh? That was a fabulous reminder for her, and us, to have a positive outlook on life; to look for the silver linings instead of the gray clouds. I think it also emphasizes the power of the written word: a lost art in today’s world. And Bill and Laura working together was so cute.

I was appreciative of the way Frank was handled. We’re all sad to see him go, obviously! But the executives, writers, etc. all recognized that the pastor was a big enough, (and well-loved,) character not to let him slip into the black hole unsung and unrecognized.

I know we were all a little (or a LOT!) surprised that Jack is leaving…AGAIN! Let’s not panic too much…at least not yet. Remember they could have given him some time to travel to Australia for mourning and burying his beloved grandfather. Do I know that’s the reason? No, I don’t. But it is very plausible, and I have every reason to believe he’ll be back on that horizon. And this is a very realistic storyline; Mounties get assignments, and have to go away. So even if Dan is wanting to spread his wings a little as an actor, this will allow him to do both. And maybe they’ll show a little of them honeymooning. 😉

Have a good night, everybody. Just remember what Brian Bird tells us: EGBOK! (Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.)

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