We’re baaaaack! Oh Hearties, can we believe it?! And I’ve already seen it 3 times! My 5-year-old woke up crying at 2:00 am, so I got her calmed down, then thought, “Ooh! Officially it’s Monday morning. Well, I’m awake!” And I watched it. Then I watched it a little later while I was working out, and then again with a friend who may or may not make it to my Heartie Party tonight. Yep, I’m having ANOTHER one. When the show returns with a 2-night event AND it’s Kavan Smith’s birthday on the same day??? That calls for celebration! We’re watching last night’s episode, then watching tonight’s all together. I’m excited! It’ll be my first time watching an episode LIVE that isn’t Christmas, and having a party during said episode! I’ll post pictures on Wednesday. Speaking of which, seeing as how we get 2 episodes this week, today is about last night’s, and Wednesday’s blog will be about tonight’s. A bit unusual, I know, but unconventional times…

Well, enough of the business talk. Let’s chat about the episode! What did you think?! I loved it! I usually ask people what their favorite parts are, but I, personally, can’t pick one! I was so impressed with how everything was handled. My friend Sarah and I were talking this morning, (gasp! Shocking, I know!) and we discussed how well humor is used when they introduce a sensitive topic. We’ve got Baby Jack’s first giggle, Rosemary’s shenanigans with the telephone, Jesse’s jealousy, (particularly the scene with Jesse and Henry!), Emily’s disgust with manure, Mountie Nathan’s introduction, even the stagecoach robbery had some humor woven into it.

Let’s start with the Mountie. I don’t know why, but I find it very interesting and very giggle – worthy sneaky that he arrived in town incognito. When Bill threw him and Jesse in jail, (did you see Jesse close the door on himself? 🙂 ) I was dying laughing when Bill said, “Leave the law and order to me.” Then in contrast, a very dramatic shot seeing him say, “I’m your new Mountie” from behind bars.

Elizabeth’s reactions and interactions with Nathan were fantastic! I knew they were going to happen, and I knew they were going to be fantastic, but her shock at the sight of him was chilling! It reminded me of the picture I saw in my head when I was writing my fan fiction story “A New Arrival” (under the category of #FanFictionFriday if you’re interested.) And I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of Elizabeth as I was in that scene when she introduced herself, and put him at ease. It took every ounce of her courage, I’m sure. You can tell because when she walked away, she had to do a very deep exhale.

Nathan, in turn, was very gentle with her, even if he came off as terse with others. He complimented Jack’s memory, he let Elizabeth correct him with the “excellent Mountie vs. excellent man” comment, and he gave her Jack’s pension very quickly. And did you catch this? Because I didn’t, even after 3 times. Bill had very astutely told him, “I come with the desk!”, and Nathan was actually working on the opposite side so as not to step on his toes. Good man! Now if only he had known Jack, that would have been even more perfect! But oh well. I still love it!

Who wanted to give Rosemary a big hug by the end of this episode? Busybody as always, pushing her nose into the budding romance of Carson and Faith, buying a telephone without discussing it with Lee first, (then constantly bothering him with it…). She redeems herself enough to soften Lee toward cutting the line, (“Rosemary’s the one connection I never want to cut”,) then completely melts his heart when she completely squished the rumors about the timid lovebirds. If you’ve seen Kavan’s movie “Love on the Menu”, I’d say he was challenging Nick: i.e. Nick kissed Maggie in front of the customers, and Lee kissed Rosemary in front of the TOWN!

Well, I have a party to prepare, so I better stop there, and go! See you Wednesday with my thoughts on tonight’s episode. Enjoy! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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