I’ve gone back and re-watched all the seasons before, but lately, it’s just been a favorite episode here and there. I forgot how much FUN it is to watch the whole series from start to finish. There is SO MUCH that I’d forgotten, or that I’d forgotten I wanted to watch again. And I’ve gotten so many ideas for this blog too! One thing I noticed in particular is how often Jack sticks his foot in his mouth, and how adorable he looks while doing it! Most of it happens in Season 1 too, right in front of Elizabeth; and he’s trying so hard to be authoritative, and make a good impression. Poor man! So here are my personal Top 6 “foot-eating” episodes from Seasons 1-3. I know it’s customary to do the Top 5, but what a cliché! And besides, there were too many good ones!

6) S3 E3: A Time to Speak. Here is this Mountie trying to do a good deed by taking the boys on their almost-cancelled camping trip, and the girls come marching in. Jack handles that pretty well, but then Elizabeth totally shows him up by singing songs with the girls instead of telling ghost stories like he did, and all the boys end up terrified in his tent. It only lasts a few moments, and he’s able to laugh at himself, but he definitely eats a little crow.

5) S1 E10: Love Comes First. This one doesn’t happen WITH Elizabeth, but it definitely involves her. Jack leaves to take his new assignment in Cape Fullerton. He pulls out his paper with Elizabeth’s picture marking his place in the book, and attempts to write her a letter. The way he tries to sound cheerful and casual, then throws it on the fire…Aww!!!

4) S2 E10: With All My Heart. I went back and forth on including this one since Jack doesn’t actually say much, but the panic in his face was too good to pass up. What am I talking about? “It’s the other knee.” He’s just put his hands all over forbidden territory, then finds out that X didn’t mark that spot; and he’s absolutely terrified! Perfect and classic moment, not to mention a favorite of all of ours.

3) S1 E11: Rules of Engagement. What is a surefire way to make a man stumble over his own tongue? Put his former fiancée directly in front of his current girlfriend with him in the middle. AWKWARD! And he loses his words lots of times in that episode. My two favorite are when Rosemary first arrives, and when he’s standing below Elizabeth’s window.

2) S3 E9: Hearts in Question. What could possibly be worse than being caught between two girlfriends? Being caught between your girlfriend and your mother! Then on top of that, tell them both they can’t cook. Salt and pepper, or ketchup and mustard with that foot, Jack?


And the #1 choice is…………….drum roll please……………………….

1) S1 E7: Second Chances. It was REALLY hard picking the order for the top 3, but I just HAD to pick this as the top choice. The biggest reason is he bumbles 3 different times in just this 1 episode. This is just after the scoundrel, Billy Hamilton, got caught. At first, he calls her spellbound, a fool, and desperate, all in 30 seconds, (not to mention he called her a goat in the episode before!) He loves baseball, right? That’s good, because 3 strikes and he’s OUT! He tries to make amends by asking her to dinner, but that doesn’t quite work out either, does it? He’s going to look like a cow with a jaw full of leather! Then if that wasn’t enough, he couldn’t pay Elizabeth a real compliment. Luckily, he was able to pick up the mess after that one.

Until Wednesday, everybody!

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