Good morning, #Hearties! I can say that phrase confidently this morning since I’m writing this at 7:40 in the morning my time, so I’m certain I’ll get it posted before the morning is officially over in any US time zone. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s hoping!

Can you believe it? This is the second to last recap and review of When Hope Calls for Season 1! So, what’s happening? Take a listen to Rachel and me discuss housewarming parties, family history baggage, budding romances, and drama queens. If for some reason the link doesn’t work, try copy and paste, or I’ll post it on Twitter and my Hooked Heartie Facebook page.


And now, the clues for the final mystery guest of October, to be revealed on Wednesday…and yes, you will hear things in his/her own words. This person was my second Skype interview.

1. This person toured with Mamma Mia for 6 years.
2. This person was once covered in honey and Rice Krispies, all in the name of the art of acting.
3. I’ll bet you $10 you’ve been saying this person’s name wrong all along.


For the last time this month, happy figuring! If you’d like to message me your guesses, I’d love to hear them. But I won’t answer until the post on Wednesday. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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